Why do Christians mock Scientology and Mormonism?

Yeah..whats up with these christians mocking and making fun of Scientology and the Mormon Church?  Its bizarre.

They use “reason” to explain why Scientology is a farce and how silly these Mormons are.  They ridicule the revelations of Joseph Smith.  They want every one to believe in the revelation of Jesus but not Joseph smith. As a third party unbiased witness, Why would I want to believe in one and not the other?

The vitriol in which the christians ridicule the Scientology and the Mormon church is very strange indeed.

The other day I saw these young men from the Mormon Church knock on my door.. I let them in and offered them water and we sat down to chat.,. I asked them how they were received in my neighborhood who are mostly  Southern Baptists.   They told me that Southern Baptists are the rudest folks..they slam the doors on these Mormon kids. Yeah thats right.. The evangelical christians don’t take kindly to evangelicals from other faiths.     I must confess, I have a soft corner for these Mormons..They have been persecuted by the evangelical Southern Bapitsts of America for a long time.. and you know what? These young men of the Mormon church openly proselytize..they don’t do this underground in stealth like Evangelical baptist  weasels. They put on this uniform and they even wear this name tag. Full disclosure. I can live with that.

It was an epiphany for me to realize, not all Christian denominations are the same. I have lived with the Lutherans and the Methodists and I know the Quakers are moral people…these Quakers are no different than the many Dharmic people of India.  Remember, it was the Quakers who have consistently lived a moral virtuous life..They have consistently  sided with righteousness.  They were the ones who fought against slavery..not the Southern Baptist evangelicals who fought tooth and nail FOR SLAVERY!  The Baptists used the Bible to justify and rationalize slavery. One important historical fact.. Not a single Founding father of the United States of America is a Baptist, let alone an Evangelical Baptist.  The Southern Baptists organization of the united states fought against the ratification of the American Constitution because the American founders refused to acknowledge Christianity and Jesus. Not a single word of Christianity nor Jesus is mentioned in either the declaration of independence nor on the American Constitution.

I usually ask my close African American friends of mine why they follow the Baptist denomination? The same group that enslaved them, that lynched them and worked so hard to keep the Jim Crowe laws in the US. Even today, the Bible belt, the home of the Southern Baptists and Pentecostal ministries are so segregated? There are the Black christian caste church and white christian caste church in the bible belt. Systematic segregation. Even after 350 years of living together and converting to christianity, Why white christian castes do not fraternize and marry black christian castes? I tell all my African American friends that they ought to quit christianity and convert to one of the Asian faiths. or at least to the Quaker christianity.

And they have the gall to criticize Scientology? WTF!

In America, I support the Scientology and the Mormons! At least these who are honest about their faiths!

Lets see how tolerant these christian evangelicals are to others evangelizing to them. ! HA HA HA!


And Finally Jesus vs Jesus! Total Lunacy! The BS we hear about “bringing the message of Jesus” to the unheard is such a farce. South America and Latin America is flooded with missionaries even though they are christians.  Cause there is a battle of flock stealing going on between Protestants and the Catholics.  It’s not about the message of Jesus at all.. It’s about predatory culture of christianity. It’s the establishment of religious supremacy not unlike racial supremacy.


We are all not born sinners…we are all born Divine! That’s the real good news people! 


The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying religiousicons and other symbols or monuments, usually with religious or political motives.)


6 thoughts on “Why do Christians mock Scientology and Mormonism?”

  1. The basic premise of this blog is bogus. Real Christians – those who really understand and follow Christ – do not mock anyone. As usual, Hindu apologists with an axe to grind falsely use atrocities committed by so-called Christians to attack Christianity. Those miscreants were actually violating Christ’s most basic teaching – love your neighbor as yourself. There are no adjectives to qualify the noun neighbor.

    1. No True Scotsman is a logical fallacy by which an individual attempts to avoid being associated with an unpleasant act by asserting that no true member of the group they belong to would do such a thing; this fallacy also applies to defining a term or criteria biased as to defend it from counterargument which can be identified as a biased, persuasive, or rhetorical definition. Instead of acknowledging that some members of a group have undesirable characteristics, the fallacy tries to redefine the group to exclude them. Sentences such as “all members of X have desirable trait Y” then become tautologies, because Y becomes a requirement of membership in X.

    2. What if I tell you, “True Hindus would not do what you accuse them of doing? True Hindus are the most wonderful human beings.. Those Hindus who are not good are not True Hindus.

      So Hinduism wins at the end as the best religion in the world.

      See how that works?

  2. It only works in your fantasy world.
    Most Hindus are wonderful human beings – tolerant and non-violent – in spite of what they have been taught by Hindu philosophers, who teach discrimination based on an accident of birth, even going so far as to call some of their coreligionists “untouchable”.
    On the other hand, because of what Christ taught, which even you cannot deny, those Christians committing atrocities are doing the opposite of what Christ taught.

    1. Christ (Bible) taught they would burn in hell for eternity if they don;t believe in him. Far worse situation than not being touched. Christ (Bible) taught that all of us are born sinners… WTF.. We are all born divine. That’s the real Hindu good news!

      One is innocent until prove guilty.. at least that is what is taught in civilized culture.

      I would wager all these billions of people who died under Christianity would rather be treated as “untouchables” and be alive.

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