What if The United States is legislated like India?

It’s a known fact that the United States of America is the oldest Democratic Republic and India is the largest Democratic Republic. But are these two even remotely close in it’s political character?

There are many from the political left in the US who love to cheer-lead and join with the political left of India.  The reason  these Indians call themselves “Liberals” from the political left is sufficient  justification to have a kinship from the political left of the US. It’s quite understandable.  After all, the Bible thumping folks of the west have a kinship oto the bible thumping folks from all around the world. Even the Jihadies of the Islamists seem to have a kinship of their kind from around the globe.

But let us take a look at what is going on in India and extrapolate it to  the US and see what it would be like here in the US if we were to follow India’s political left ideologies.

1) What if the US had one political ideology (the far left)  and it had reigned for 92% of the time since inception of this great country.  i.e. what if the far left has been in power for 92% of the time since the founding of this  republic? What would have  been the state of the US?

This is the state of affairs  in India. The far left anti Hindus have been in power for 92% of the time since India became a republic in 1947. Every system and agency of the govt of India is entrenched and fossilized with the political left. The Indian judiciary, the Indian Administrative Service and at every nook and corner, it’s filled with the sycophants  of the political left. Even the media are so entangled with the political left, the entire nation is entrenched with the power of the political left.  The recent win of the BJP (The liberal and pluralistic party of India)  is a sliver of hope. A little sunshine in the darkness that is called the Indian left..

2) What if the political left dominated power in the US  and made  laws  that all funds collected from the various Church would have to be controlled by  this political  left govt of the US. i.e  All other non Christian religion have to be left alone under “religious freedom” but the “majority” Christians have to be closely monitored and controlled by the far left govt of the US. Their place of worship to be controlled and their money is to be taken over the US govt and the US govt decides how these money is to be utilized and dispensed with.  These officials of the US govt who dispense church money could be any Muslim, Hindus or atheists and they are free to use it for whatever “secular” reason they may wish with the church money.

In India. This is exactly what is happening. The Indian govt controls all the monies of the largest temples and some government bureaucrats  (They could be bible thumping evangelicals or Islamists and they  get to decide how this Hindu temple money is utilized.

3) What if the anti Christian “Secular” govt of the US  uses the above  mentioned temple (church in the US) collected money and other tax payer money  for sending “minority” Muslims to go to Haj travel (Travel to Mecca) for their holy pilgrimage but the same privilege was denied to other citizens of the The United  States?

This is what is happening  in India. Tax payer money and Hindu temples money are  used to  send  so called “minorities” to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Christians on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to get State aid


4) What if the anti Christian govt of the US uses tax payer money for social engineering and to fund Inter racial marriages? What if the US govt says, that they would pay $10,000 for every Asian American or African American or White American  who marries  an African American or White American or Asian American?  Imagine that happening.

Whelp! That is what is happening in India. The far leftists govt of India has been using tax payer money for such social engineering and meddling in such personal matters of its citizen instead of building public toilets and sanitation facilities  for the public.

5) What if the Anti Christian Wahhabi Islamists from the ME use vast amount of oil money to convert Christians into rabid Wahhabi Islamist and turn them against other Americans and become enemies of the nation to wage a religious war in the name of their “only true God”?  And what if the “secular” govt of the US encourages and colludes with such foreign agencies under “secularism”?

Yet again, this is what has been happening in India the last 65 years. The Indian far leftists govt has colluded with foreign agencies to freely operate and turn Indians against other Indians and have converted Indians to be come anti Indians. under the guise of “secularism”.

6) What if the President of the United States goes to Church on Sunday and was called a right wing Christian nut job who is out to murder Muslims and Hindu “minorities” of the US because he is a practicing Christian?

This is what has been happening. For the first time, India has elected a Hindu who wears his religion on this sleeve. And every time this Hindu Prime Minister  visits a Hindu temple (for his own personal belief), the far left presstitudes of India scream that he is an anti “minority” Prime Minister who is tyrannizing people of other faiths. The illiberal political left in India have become so anti Hindu during its total monopoly of power, they have been batting for the  evangelical church and Islamists from around the world, a regular garden variety Hindu getting elected in India  have made them go total loco and frenzy with anti Hindu hate.

7) What if Free speech is bestowed on “minorities” (non Christians) in the US however this liberty is denied to the majority Christians of the US?

When an Islamic “artist” M.F.Hussain painted nude pictures of Hindu deities the Indian leftist Judiciary ruled in his favor under free speech in spite of silly anti free speech laws in India protecting the “sensibilities” of its citizen. However Hindus are denied free speech to mock others religion in India.  Recently the Catholic church filed a case and arrested a young man because he mocked the Catholic church. Forget about drawing pictures of Mohammad.

India’ leftist govt has ruined the political system in India because they have had a total monopoly of power. They have ruined any semblance of sanity in Indian governance.   There is a reason why only American born citizens can be the head of the United States. India has no such checks and balances. In India, an anti Hindu,, foreign born uneducated woman who is culturally against the Dharmic culture of India was elected to the most powerful position  of the country. Electing this anti Hindu family as the head of the country India  is as bizarre as electing the most anti Christian Wahhabi Islamic family from the middle east as the head of the United States of America  under the Trojan horse of “secularism”.

Fortunately we now have someone who is an Indian in every sense of the word after the trauma India has been  been through. (India was  bankrupt in 1991. India in 1991 was what Greece is today. Unable to pay its debts)

We all must make sure three things happen for the sake of Humanity.

1) Make sure the US never becomes like India as it is currently. Which would mean we need to be vigilant here to make sure the political left here are closely watched and never given absolute control for a lengthy period of time.

2) We need to support the BJP (the liberal pluralistic party of India)  who is in power  for now. We need to encourage them to roll back these  draconian Indian  laws and make India into a pluralistic free country. We need to help India become more like the free US . Not the other way around.

3) We need to make sure that tyrannical far left do not ever come back to power in India or in the US for that matter.


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