The slow cooking of the Hindus in India


Over a period of time, the Admissions to MCC (Madras Christian College) and (Other similar Institutions) have slowly been squeezing out the Hindus to such a point, this cannot stand anymore. I am told MCC is almost 60-80% Christians only… I got nothing against Christians 3% of the population. But when a public funded  institution sitting on public land (in the alleged “secular” India goes from 30% in the 80s to 60-80% today, It’s nothing short of overt discrimination and institutional segregation. Not sure what these Sonia govt and the leftists have been thinking..This could lead to some happy place? if its 80%, might as well make it 100% using the same rationale.  The Christian Medical College, Vellore is 90% Christians.

In a “even the broken clock is right twice a day” way the Anglos when they left India left two things that were useful. The railways and then these educational institutions. Mind you , even when they ran these institutions it was not just for one religious group exclusively.

The Land that sits on is Public land, the teachers salary are paid by the UGC Commission..(tax payer) basically Hindus are paying the hangman to buy the rope to hang them so to speak. Imagine a similar situation in the US, where tax payer school for exclusively for Muslims (because they are a minority) and they are free to discriminate against Christians. Would it work here? Would this bizarre practice work in any other country? Why should this be acceptable in India? MCC has become a Christian Ghetto.
If you read the pdf I posted, this has been happening slowly over a period of time, and the anti Hindu leftist judges along with the anti Hindu congress party seem to have legislated these things.  (its not the job of these judges to pass laws)

Most bizarre wording of these commie leftists

Chief Justice S.R. Dass in Kerala Education Bill, “a sprinkling of that majority from the other States on the same footing as a sprinkling of non minority students would be permissible and would not deprive the institution of its essential character of being a minority institution, determined by reference to that State as a unit””
Thus a balance has to be kept between two objectives – preserving the right of the minorities to admit students of their own community and that of admitting “sprinkling of outsiders” in their institutions subject to the condition that the manner and number of such admissions should not be violative of the minority character of the institution.The emphatic point in the P.A. Inamdar (Supra) reasoning is that the minority educational institution is primarily for the benefit of minority. Sprinkling of the non-minority students in the student population of minority educational institution is expected to be only peripheral either for generating additional financial source or for cultural courtesy. Thus, a substantive section of student population in minority educational institution should belong to the minority.

Yes, Hindus in India can only expect to be just “Sprinkles” in these institutions. Hindus are now just condiments at all these schools and colleges. Since the Railways were built by the Anglo Brits, might as well make that a “minority” institution too and reserve 80% of those travel seats to “minorities” No other country has this kind of bizarre segregation and open discrimination such as this. .

Reading these various ruling over a period of time tells a story of these three things.

1) A cooking of the lobster….slowly squeezing the Hindus out over a period of time so as they would not know they are getting cooked.

2) These leftist judges were legislating from the bench… which they have no business to do in the first place.

3) Just because there is a minority (a number within an arbitrary geography) , we should now treat the minority as a persecuted class who needs to be compensated.. I am a minority here in the US, I must have been persecuted….Man I should claim my 3 acres and a mulehere in Texas I guess.

People,   India’s minorities are the following: The Sikhs, The Jains, The Zorastrians, the Parsies, the non converted tribals, the Jews.

Christians and Muslims are the two Golaiths of the world…they are not minorities anywhere! In India, Hindu’s have been persecuted by Muslims for 700 years and 300 years of Anglican tyranny and we also have a history of the Goa Inquisition. But somehow Hindus have to pay compensation of sort to Muslims and Christians by some bizarre logic. This is like Jews having  to pay to the Germans for being persecuted by the Germans cause some Germans living in Israel maybe a “minority”.  total insanity.

Most of us Hindus who were admitted in the 80s would not qualify today to be admitted to any of these “Christian named” schools. Remember, they just have Christian names…they are not funded by the Church anymore than Sri Ram college or BHU are funded by Hindus, exclusively for “Hindus”.


St. Stephen’s bends its constitution for the Church

quote “Teachers fear that the amendment, if passed, would destroy the “secular and intellectual” fabric of the Delhi University college. “This is being done to establish oligarchy of Christians who will run the institution as they like. The new constitution removes the system of checks and balances. The secular and intellectual interest of the institution is being compromised by vested interests who have already brought bad name to the college,” said a senior teacher, who has been a governing body member.”

“Now what is the legitimacy of the changes that are being brought? Moreover, the college is a government-funded institution and CNI does not even give 5% that they are supposed to give, so why is so much power being vested in them,” she asked.

Historian Ramachandra Guha, who is an alumnus of the college, took to Twitter to express his dismay at the move. “A once great college, open to all of India, all Indians, set to become even more of a Christian ghetto (sic),” he tweeted.

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