The Christian Caste system

I am often told, how horrible the Hindu caste system is.. Oh the horror of humanity, screams the political left of India, which is then carried forth by the right wing Christian evangelicals of the west and the Political left of the west (Wendy Doniger, Martha Nassbaum et al) who use it to portray the “egalitarian” nature of Christianity.  All those poor souls of India who have been tyrannized by the upper caste Hindus now have an opportunity to  escape the cruelty of  Hinduism if only they would convert to Christianity. They would all be saved. This myth is again supported by the political left in India.  The social engineering of the  leftist govt of India even give out tax payer money for Inter caste marriages.  (there would be a revolution if the US govt social engineers using tax payer money for inter racial marriages).  Although the caste thingi is nothing to “Jim Crowe” about,  is it really that  evil?  I once saw a headline “The Dalit Holocaust” by some “Dalit Christian Foundation” run by racist white Christian evangelicals from Denver, Colorado. It was about 5 men who died in some fight with another village over some property.  The fact that these 5 men (in addition to others) who died happen to be Dalits was not germane to the conflict.    Such “blood libel” accusation against Hindus  is not uncommon these days. In the recent accusation against Hindus vandalizing Church (A common robbery in a church does not make “christian persecution”). In another incident the Vatican sent out an SOS accusing Hindus raping a nun in Calcutta (The rape was allegedly committed by Bangladesi Muslims, not Hindus).   It got me thinking.  Is Christianity such an “egalitarian” religion compared to Hinduism? …I wanted to list and compare the evils of both these religions. I wanted an honest audit of Christianity and Hinduism.. An historical comparison and a comparison as it is today.

The Hindu “caste”  social norm was recent phenomena (recent as in Hindu’s 5000 year history).  And for the most part it  is one of giving offense.. an insult.   It basically says,  due to my social lifestyle, I am better than you and feel superior to you  and hence you are not worthy of my touch.    I will not drink from the same glass or eat off of the same plate. If you, a “carcass eater”  visit my place of worship or my house, I will wash my house and my place of worship clean,  as it is not “Kosher”/”Halal” any more.   We will also maintain social endogamy of marrying within our own social group for you and I have totally different life style and different value system.

There is nothing violent in any of that.  It’s a self seclusion and “social boycott” of the “other” and nothing more.   It does not force or prevent the folks they are boycotting to do bigger and better things on their own. Although these things are not nice things to say or do. It is rude behavior but this behavior certainly does NOT get into the category of “Tyranny”.    In the last 1000 years in India, there was no such govt that used caste to tyrannize, and murder people of “low” caste. India was ruled for 700 years by  Islamists and 300 years of Anglicans followed by 65 years by the illiberal  Nehruvian left.  During the 700 years  of Islamic rule, Hindus were slaughtered, their place worship destroyed..their temples razed and Mosques built over them.  Millions of Hindus were forcefully converted to Islam.  (Islamic Iconoclasm of destroying others place of worship and forcefully converting others to Islam is well know.  Even today, the Islamists peasants of the middle east (The ISIS) behave like this.  If one visits India and travel from the North to the South, one would immediately notice the landscape of the south dotted with amazing Hindu temples and the northern India dotted with Mosques.  Denying that is as grotesque as denying the Holocaust ever happened.

The Hindus never really got to rule all over India in the last 1000 years.  Prior to the 1000 years, the Kings of India were  not even from the upper castes. The upper most castes were mainly poor pundits (Teachers and priests) who did not have direct control of military or weapons. These social norms although was  not great was never imposed as a political writ.

IF you think about it, its not illegal to do any of the “caste” things  mentioned so far in the United states. The Amish Christians not unlike the upper castes of India, maintain social endogamy..They only marry within their own social groups. They maintain and guard jealously their lifestyle.  They  believe their lifestyle is superior. But the important thing to note is. the harm is not in believing you and your life style is superior.. but to use your sense of superiority to exert dominion over others.  As long as you do not exert that dominion over others, it is your fundamental right to do so.  In that regard,  with a few outlier/exceptions, the upper caste of Hindus did not exert dominion over others by force. This important distinction is often conveniently forgotten by the Political left and the Evangelical Christians.


Now lets look at the alleged “egalitarian” culture of Christianity.

  • Crusades:  Bill Donahue of the American Catholic church  justifies the  crusades saying, Christians defending Europe from the desire of the Muslims to convert them was totally justified. The Europeans did not want to surrender to the Muslims and convert  instead the entire Europe resorted to violence which this Donahue fella totally justifies as self defense.

The first biological germ warfare was committed by Amherst against native Indians to wipe them out. He gave the native small-pox tainted blankets and he boasted about it.

Amherst to Bouquet, dated 16 July 1763, [128k] approves this plan in a postscript and suggests as well as “to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race.” (This postcript spans two pages.)


  • Doctrine of Discovery (Google search this…I can’t make this shit up. The Christian Church of Europe pretty much made a universal law that all lands of the world unless discovered by the Christians does not belong to the natives… It is the right of Christians to take any land and property belonging to non Christians.  The doctrine has been cited by the US Supreme Court as recently as 2005, in City of Sherrill, NY v. Oneida Nation: “Under the ‘doctrine of discovery…’ fee title (ownership) to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign-first the discovering European nation and later the original states and the United States.”
  • Slavery: The horrible cruelty of slavery  was justified with the Biblical scriptures and practiced the most in the Bible Belt of the Americas.

There is no place in the New Testament where Jesus objects to the practice of slavery. St. Paul even admonishes slaves to serve their masters well—and to serve their Christian masters especially well:

Slaves, be obedient to those who are your earthly masters, with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as to Christ….

 “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”- Judge Leon M. Bazile, January 6, 1959
  • The Holocaust:  Anger against the Jews for the Jews did not want to convert to Christianity got 6 million Jews gassed to death. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement which  was the impetus for the Holocaust. (Google for “Nazi Vatican Photos”)
 footprint BW shoes
Shoes piled high at Stuffhof
hitleratchurch HitlerWithFan
  • Blood Libel.   OMG! What evil! In Christian Europe, false stories were planted  about Jews.. How Jews have to kill little Christian boys and use their blood to make Matzah balls for Jewish  Passover. In India today, a lighter version of the blood libel accusation on Hindus has started showing up. Recently a Church in N.Delhi was robbed (The  motive was robbery) but a blood libel accusation was made and documented by the Catholic Church as Christian persecution by the “evil Hindus”. In another incident a Nun was raped in Calcutta. The Catholic church put out an SOS ululating the Hindus are now reaping christian nuns.. The rape was allegedly commited by  Bangla Desh Muslims not Hindus.

Remember the war cry to persecute Jews.. “They killed Jesus”. The recent Blood libel against Hindus to persecute Hindus… “They killed St. Thomas”  Blood Libel accusation against Hindus. According to common Christian tradition, ‘doubting’ Thomas, a practicing Jew, was killed by jealous Hindu priests of Kali.?


  • Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt.: Even today, the most segregated time in America is Sunday Morning. The Bible belt is full of White Christian Caste Church and Black Christian Caste Church. When a black preacher preaches in a white church the white congregation over a period time,  abandon that church.
  • Rwanda ethnic Cleansing: The Belgian Christians made up a false history for the Rwandans.. Not unlike the India “Aryan Invasion Theory”  mythology dividing the Indians into Aryans and Dravidians, the Tutsi and Hutu were divided. The Belgian Christians basically doctored a theory that the Tutsi were closer to Europeans because of their long neck and lean angular features. And we all saw what happened there.  BTW In the Genocide of Rwanda, many Church clergy were arrested for their active participation in the Genocide.
 Even after over 300 years of living as Christians, Majority of the whites and Blacks do not fraternize and inter marry. There are more Inter caste marriages among Hindus today than black christian caste and white christian caste marrying.
I can go on with more cases…like the Dutch Church being the impetus for  the South African white Christian Supremacy and for the Lost Generation of Australian Aboriginals where the Church instigated kidnapping the children from Australian Aboriginal parents.  I have not even touched on South American history. But you get the point?
australia 2
Horrors in Congo:
Belgium by reading the Bible before the hanging of a 07-year-old child in the congo Because her father Has not Produced enough wheat

More Christian atrocities

IF Evangelical Christians go around saying that Hindus need to get away from Hinduism and convert to Christianity to become “moral”,  Would it not be more appropriate to  say we need to save the Christians and it’s the Christian who have to get away from their Jealous murdering god.
If the Hindus were perfect would the Christians leave them alone?  I don’t think so. Cause they don’t leave the Buddhists (who have no castes) alone either.
S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple


And It’s time Christians convert out of this Heathen religion of Christianity and become more like the egalitarian Dharmic folks of Asia by converting to  one Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism or at least to one of the few moral sects of Christianity called Quakers who consistently have stood on the side of Dharma/Righteousness) or Amish Christians, these two non evangelical sects of Christianity. That tells us something..Believing in Jesus or worshiping a different deity than Hinduism  does not make people immoral. What makes them immoral and cruel is the desire to convert and seek one world religion. The concept of a jealous god is the most vile doctrine devised by man.
If you think that it would be impossible to improve upon the Ten Commandments as a statement of morality, you really owe it to yourself to read some other scriptures. Once again, we need look no further than the Jains: Mahavira, the Jain patriarch, surpassed the morality of the Bible with a single sentence: “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” Imagine how different our world might be if the Bible contained this as its central precept. Christians have abused, oppressed, enslaved, insulted, tormented, tortured, and killed people in the name of God for centuries, on the basis of a theologically defensible reading of the Bible. It is impossible to behave this way by adhering to the principles of Jainism. How, then, can you argue that the Bible provides the clearest statement of morality the world has ever seen? –  Sam Harris in his “Letter to a Christian Nation”.
The ongoing scam of the various evangelicals and the Church is to go to foreign countries, study that society and find flaws, big and small and then prescribe Christianity as a cure for those social ills…  Like Christianity has any credibility. Pfffft! I mean..come on!  Look at the horror of Christianity  I have listed.. There is plenty more where that came from.  Please  note..If you are wondering why I have not  mentioned any good things done by Christians, Its because the Evangelicals and the various Church  do not talk about the good things of Hindus either. They simply urinate on Hindus at every opportunity they get to for the growth of  Christianity ! 
Why did so many Christians do so much evil?

Romans 5:8  (Get out of jail card)

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  1. (in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).
  2. Christianity. A religious doctrine based on Jesus the Scapegoat . Christians are not accountable for the evil as long as they believe in Jesus.. Jesus the scapegoat has already paid the price for all the evils Christians can do.


 Welcome to the website.  Get to know Christianity.. READ THE BIBLE.

This website is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.  For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes.  The so called God of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This  God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children.  I have included references to the Biblical passages, so grab your Bible and follow along.

NOTE:  A given religion’s right to be left alone by outsiders should be reciprocal and contingent upon its responsibility to leave outsiders alone. – Rajiv Malhotra! 


Top 11 Most Evil Christians! Religious Indoctrination & Christian Terrorism!


Show me where Upper castes murder Dalits so systematically? Are the majority of Dalits in Indian Prisons? Dalits were not tied, dragged and put into cargo ships…they were not enslaved …and they were not lynched like Africans were lynched…. and incarcerated today in prison and shot for minor infraction daily on the streets.

Why is Jesus a White man with blonde Hair and blue eyes in the Middle east? Why is it , that dark skinned people are asked to worship a white man? Especially the kind of people who lynched them and hung them and killed them?  The building of Uncle Toms and Gunga Dins? What a bunch of tools?

Most Hebrew Israelites believe that “The white men” or Europeans are descendants of Israel’s twin brother Esau, also known as Edom.(Genesis 25:25). They also believe that The Most High, at the end of days has a stern punishment reserved for Esau’s children for enslaving the Hebrew Israelites.

So why are Dark skinned Indian Evangelicals Christians carrying the cross for the  Esau who lynched and enslaved dark skinned Africans  rather than  bat for the Hebrew Israelites.

“This saintly anarchist, who aroused the people of the abyss, the outcasts and “sinners,” the Chandala of Judaism, to rise in revolt against the established order of things—and in language which, if the Gospels are to be credited, would get him sent to Siberia today—this man was certainly a political criminal, at least in so far as it was possible to be one in so absurdly unpolitical a community. This is what brought him to the cross: the proof thereof is to be found in the inscription that was put upon the cross. He died for his own sins—there is not the slightest ground for believing, no matter how often it is asserted, that he died for the sins of others.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

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100 thoughts on “The Christian Caste system”

  1. What does your first sentence even mean? The atrocities were committed by Christians who did not understand Christianity, not “Christianity”.
    You seem to have your own selective version of Christianity. What “jealous God” are you talking about?
    What Christ taught as the most important tenet was to love your God and to love your neighbor as yourself.
    As a Christian I could care less about your being presumptuous or patronizing or even arrogant – in an Internet blog.
    I just ask that you understand the difference between the essence of Christ’s teachings and what those who call themselves Christians may do, and don’t confuse the two.

    1. Lol !! Its same thing here dear,,please do not confuse between Hinduism and what Hindus are doing !!
      There is no CASTE system followed in India in 21 st century,but,there is a CLASS system based on POOR and RICH !! A gift of western philosophy !!
      Christianity has so many sects and divisions that all sects have their separate church,grave yards are also separate !! Is it CASTEISM ???

      And anyway,God has to kill his own son for washing the sins of his own creation,who were born sinners !! What is this philosophy ???

      1. Caste system is based on your scriptures … and based on birth “According to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society are created by Me. And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the nondoer, being unchangeable”. (Gita 4:13)

        Separate Church, Separate Graveyards is not Caste system cause it is not a hierarchy.

        And regarding born sinners … you got it wrong … it is “Born of Sin” … means your parents perform an animalistic act hiding like a criminal in the four walls … of which you resulted as a by product. … Did you get the philosophy … Pagan?

        1. Hinduism is not of the “book”… Scriptures for Hindus is not “God given” notes BS like the silly Abrahamic faith nonsense. Go away fool.

        2. “means your parents perform an animalistic act hiding like a criminal in the four walls … of which you resulted as a by product. … Did you get the philosophy … Pagan?”

          So how were you born? Do you hate your parents because they performed coitus? Or did they do it in the open in the garden of Eden, Christian?

        3. You haters.Born from hate pit.
          Hindus scripture originally is Vedas.apart that, all books mahabharat,ramayan are histories of kings.
          And in Vedas there is human appointment ,duties according to their occupation and instinct,nt by birth.
          U ass hole, u even havent listened or read mahabharat, or ramayan.u sckr ..Lord Rama ate fruits from the hand of Sabri who was low caste..Karn was born of low caste but with his Karma being Kshatriya.
          Your bible says a lot about yr books and read Vedas..if u find any caste system that tells people to hate low caste I will change my religion thats a bet.
          U mthrfkr

    2. But everything that was done and is done and will be done is in the name of Christ and one god … Since the day one … Killing the so called infidels have been the way of life for Christians… Making money in the name of Christ is the norm …. Prostitution, Pedophile priests, Women are they treated better … no .. May be Jesus teach to love …. But what the author of the article wrote and rightly so is what is practiced… A protestant is not given a funeral to Catholic and vice versa … they do not let any Dalit Christian into the church … the malice is very deep… who can forget the destruction of gods created world based on this piece of this … …..
      … But then the best way to hide all these and call your self correct and moral is by calling others wrong, immoral … and the worst is the

    3. Every pastor talks about the ‘jealous god’ directly or indirectly. Christians are taught that other religions do not lead to God, is that not disrespecting other religions?

  2. MG -whatever yr logic. Nobody has got a right to convert others and this is the main issue which the christian church & evangelist have to acknowledge. let Hindus solve their own problems. For Christ sake leave us alone-we r capable of solving our own problems,it might take time,but eventually we will do it. please control yr zealous proselytization..

    1. Ramdas – you must have missed the fact that I, as a practicing Christian, strongly oppose coerced conversions by anyone.

      However, what “right” are you citing? Don’t people have the right to preach what they believe under freedom of speech? Others have the right to follow them, or not. In a free society individuals should be able to choose any religion they want to follow.

      Having said that, what was wrong over the centuries and still continues to some extent is using coercive tactics. The old Muslim invaders used the sword and Christians used other coercive tactics as they were said to have done in Goa with my own ancestors. Now there are laws in India against such tactics. This is why I have not opposed the ghar wapsi program as long as it is conducted within the law.

      1. as a practicing Christian, strongly oppose coerced conversions by anyone.

        This is not about you or me. This is about the world wide evangelical and the world wide Church and its open war on Hindus and Buddhists of Asia.

      2. Dear Marlo

        I’m not against Conversion, it ultimately will help to move from a bad ideology to a better one. But yes, I too am against “coercive tactics”.

        what’s wrong with Christian/Islamic conversion of Hindus/ Buddhists is that they bloody don’t know Hinduism or Buddhism. I don’t know if you are aware of either Buddhism or Hinduism.

        I have read Quran, bible, Gita and Buddha’s teachings. In my honest opinion Indian spirituality is far more superior to Abrahamic traditions. Christ is a great master, it would be a wise thing for christians to practice teachings of Christ rather than trying to change us heathens.

      3. Indian laws are x’tinize laws and it is heavily against Hindus. It is like Head you win and tail I loose. Got it ? Using devious means to convert to x’nity under the garb of so called free speech is not acceptable. Let me put it this way stop your White man’s burden and let us be heathen and kafir and it is non of x’tians or for that matter muslims problems. You are equally good at playing Takiya as a x’tians and you people are now thoroughly exposed. Keep your religions to your self.

    2. Yeah..this goes to this Paragraph in the main article.

      “The ongoing scam of the various evangelicals and the Church is to go to foreign countries, study that society and find flaws, big and small and then prescribe Christianity as a cure for those social ills… Like Christianity has any credibility. Pfffft! I mean..come on! Look at the horror of Christianity I have listed.. ”

      This does not mean majority of the Christians are bad.. They are not. Neither are Hindus… The majority of the people, Christians , Muslims Hindus, Sikhs etc etc are wonderful.

      The BS is in saying, that converting Hindus to Christianity makes them better. This is nonsense!

  3. The Holocaust has nothing to do with official Hindu doctrine – written 5,000 years ago, which condemns some Hindus by the accident of their birth, rewards others based on their birth, and designates some to be “untouchable”. The number of Hindus victimized by this far exceeds the number of victims of the Holocaust.

    1. BS.. Like I have explained.. If Hindus had done what Christians had done around the world like in the Americas, you know ethnic cleansing, There wouldn’t be many Dalits running around today for you to convert.

      1. There has been no ethnic cleansing in e US. There have been more Dalits victimized over 5,000 years than any other group of victims of religious intolerance, and it is continuing to this day.

        1. What dalit victimization? Some Hindu cleaned his “muriti” after some dalits visit? Oh the horror, the humanity! aahh.. get real!

          Christians insult non Christians far worse with damnation of hell and false god and what not too. Even today.

          How is calling someone “untouchable” any worse of an insult than going around saying people who do not worship Jesus are destined to burn in hell for eternity? Both are insults.


          1. @DC … Quote: What dalit victimization? Some Hindu cleaned his “muriti” after some dalits visit? Oh the horror, the humanity! aahh.. get real!

            Response: Dalit victimization interm of day to day insults, economic subjugation and misuse of dalit women by badwa brahmins to purify their souls … these are the victims of caste system … over a period of 5000 years this will far out weigh any other genocide.

            Quote: untouchable vs. going around saying people who do not worship Jesus are destined to burn in hell for eternity?
            Response: What GOD does to humans is not in Christians perview … The command of Christians is to love your neighbour as thyself … the command doesn’t mention if your neighbour is a Christian. … compare that with untouchability it is pervert, sick human behavior. … so get a life … eh?

          2. “ls … these are the victims of caste system … over a period of 5000 years this will far out weigh any other genocide.”?

            No. it will not.

            Like the Broken clock is right twice a day…the Bible has a few things like “Love” sprinkled …but for the most part..its terrible. That’s why most of the Christians who are good are social Christians..Christianity for Weddings and Funerals only.


        2. Where do you get your facts from?

          agastya, Valmiki Vyasa , the so revered indian sages are from lower castes.

          The so called Brahmins worship Rama/ Krishna who are Kshatriyas.

          Don’t you guys show Jesus as a white guy? though in real he was a middle eastern brown man?

          Majority of Hindu saints are Non-Brahmin, even brahmins have no problem with that.

          But I don’t think most christians would be happy to see Jesus as a black man in a black church.

    2. I have one answer to that Hitlar was X’tian and also do remember wiches were burned alive in thousands in Europe by this so called pious x’tians. It is our Itihas and we will own it unlike you. Hindusism is dynamic civilisation and it corrects itself so you should not worry about it. Taike care of your own people first before going to every country and civilise them. Evanjihadist are the worst kind of x’nity with so may arms like Johanas witness, pentacostal etc etc …go figure

    3. Mario, there exactly you are wrong.
      The Hindu Doctrine that you call (well, 5000 yrs ago word Hindu didn’t even exist), which is 5000 yrs old, did not (at that time) condemn some Hindus based on their birth. It was kind of a wrong practice that came into existence later.
      The author, in trying to put his point may have used language, not most appropriate – but many christians (and probably you – based on your assumptions / understanding) have so much wrong idea about Hinduism and then try to proclaim that its worthless or chirstianity is superior. The author has problem with that and so do i.

  4. Whatever is happening in the US Bible belt doesn’t change what is happening to some innocent Christians in India at the hands of fringe Hindu fanatics, which is what Julio Ribeiro was complaining about.

    1. Ofcourse. But Christians do reach out to Christians of the world.. Recently when a Christian nun was raped by some Bangladeshi Muslim, The Vatican put out an SOS screaming “Hindus are raping Christian nun in India”.

      So I am sorry I have to look at Christians from the world wide organization. Just like we would look at Walmart or McDonalds in India. Even if MD and WM are just few “minority” store.

      The push to culturally cleanse India and other countries like Korea are not coming from the innocent Indian Christians.. Its coming from world wide evangelical organization bigger than many corporations. But they do use many Indians as Sepoy. Many of the Indians used to be shot during the British Raj by fellow Indians under the command of the Brits. They were called Sepoy. The sepoys are well paid and kept fat and happy to do the bindings of their master. Even their arguments and terminology they use are familiar.

      1. if the Vatican blamed Hindus for something Muslims did then they were simply wrong
        What does that have to do with Christians being attacked by Hindu fanatics – like in Jabalpur recently?

        1. “What does that have to do with Christians being attacked by Hindu fanatics – like in Jabalpur recently?”

          They are collateral damage in the world wide Christian war declared on Hindus and Buddhists of Asia. The evangelicals welcome “brown” martyrs to the evangelical cause. They use these “martyrs” for collecting even more money to wager a bigger war on Hindus. This is their calculated gambit..a net gain for the spread of Christianity. This is nothing new..this strategy has been used the last 2000 years.

          Onward Christian soldiers an all. And you are playing the perfect role of Sepoy for these buggers.

          Fredrick Nietzsche talks about this strategy in his “Anti Christ”

    2. Almost all evangelical organizations in India are funded by foreign Church and evangelical organization. Yes mainly from the Bible Belt.

        1. Mahatma Gandhi said the following:

          Why Should I Change My Religion

          I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart.

          Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence? (Young India: April 23, 1931)

          Missionary Aim: Uprooting Hinduism

          My fear is that though Christian friends nowadays do not say or admit it that Hindu religion is untrue, they must harbour in their breast that Hinduism is an error and that Christianity, as they believe it, is the only true religion. So far as one can understand the present (Christian) effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from her very foundation and replace it by another faith. (Harijan: March 13,1937)

          Undermining People’s Faith

          The first distinction I would like to make between your missionary work and mine is that while I am strengthening the faith of people, you (missionaries) are undermining it. (Young India: November 8, 1927)

          Physician Heal Yourself

          Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other. India (Hindus) is in no need of conversion of this kind. Conversion in the sense of self-purification, self-realization is the crying need of the times. That however is never what is meant by proselytization. To those who would convert India (Hindus), might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: April 23, 1931)


          You do know there are plenty of “Christian” countries like Haiti, many African countries like Uganda, in Central America where they were all converted with a promise of so many things… Why not deliver on those promises first? Why fk with Hindus and Buddhists of Asia?

        2. Predators!


          One missionary interviewed by the Telegraph newspaper[13], who didn’t want his surname revealed, was candid about why he was in Banda Aceh (Indonesia):

          “I’m not here to do relief work,” said John. His calling was missionary work, he admitted. “They are looking for answers,” he said of the disaster victims, whom he described as particularly good candidates for conversion.

          “Now we are befriending them, giving them food aid, clothes and stuff. We need to make friends with them first rather than telling them the concept of salvation. Long term that’s where we are heading towards, to save their souls.”
          Sponsor A Missionary

          “This (disaster) is one of the greatest opportunities God has given us to share his love with people,” said K.P. Yohannan, president of the Texas-based Gospel for Asia.

          Their activity in the tsunami hit area of Tamil Nadu (India) have drawn sharp criticism from local officials. In Akkaraipettai, Gospel for Asia and Believers Church have set up an orphanage without the knowledge of the government, said Suriyakala, the district’s social welfare officer. 108 children, mainly Hindus have been taken to the orphanage and are told to recite Christian prayers six times a day. “As soon as we get up, we pray,” said a 13 year old Hindu child Rajavalli. The church officials claim “We did not take the children”, but recruited them from the relief camps. They also denied giving out Bibles in the relief camps and villages even though they were caught giving out Tamil-language Bibles to the refugees.[20]

          Christians Defy Law to Convert Muslims in Tsunami Aftermath

          Religious aid groups try to convert victims

        3. Mario, I can’t understand why Christians mix the medical profession and the healing consequence of caring and love with conversion. Isn’t that hypocritical and anti-Christ, an insult to the “son of God” who advocated love for others without a sense of moral superiority and hidden agendas?
          And, why are the evangelists who claim to have invented the secret code of love for humanity and want a monopoly over individual religious choice in every Asian country either blind to the failings of Christianity, or very angry and defensive whenever their dogmatic views are challenged?
          Places of worship are burgled in every country. Temples in India have their donation boxes burgled more than the average church or mosque. I request the evangelists not to politicise these incidents for short-term religious and monetary gains.
          May Christ, Jehovah, Allah and Krishna forgive religious fascism of all hues perpetrated by us on each other, and help us broaden our minds to true love and compassion transcending all religion and faith.

    3. “Whatever is happening in the US Bible belt doesn’t change what is happening to some innocent Christians in India”

      I would have agreed with you some 20-30 years ago. Indian Christians, particularly in the South who organized themselves under the group “Church of South India” or the Syrian Christians of Kerala or even the Catholics of India who simply went about running Schools would fall under the “minority” in India and were good citizens of India. In fact I would say they were model citizens. Most of them did not collude with the world wide Church and evangelical Institutions.

      But I am afraid that is no longer the case. There is now a larger world wide evangelical organizations who have started to use Indian Christians as Sepoys to fk with the Hindus. So there goes the “minority” out the window.

      We now have to fight back the world wide Evangelicals who are determined to do to Hindus what they tried to do to Jews.

      The evangelicals war on Hindus can no longer be ignored.

    4. Julio was right in complaining about it. But only if you all followed love thy neighbour (that you mentioned in comment here in this article) – it would be better if you complained with the same pain when Hindus are being butchered in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Or even how Rohingya are being troubled in Myanmar. Or does your neighbour only includes Christians?

    1. The thing about Muslims is, they actually do not war with Hindus in India.. for the most part.

      I feel bad for Indians Muslims.. some of them are blamed for that abomination of a country called Pakistan. That is unfortunate.

      I find the real problem in India today are the recent neo evangelicals and what they are doing. (different from the traditional Christians of India who never used to proseltize and mess with Hindus. They knew the social norms in India. God is one, we call him Allah, Jesus, Rama..). These new breed are working with American and other firangi evangelical organization who have decided to war with Hindus. There is an undeclared Christian war on Hindus going on in India.

        1. Nah..the Hindus are merely reacting to the onslaught by world wide Christian Evangelicals who have targeted Hindus in India.

          You should read the book “Post Hindu India”. They are allready talking about India without the Hindus, So yeah..many Hindus are going to react badly to this “good news”.

          The Christian Truth

        2. I would wager…if the Christians stop the aggressive proseltization and mass conversion that is going on in India and go back the peaceful Christian stand of the early 1980s… there would not be such religious tension.

          I hold the evangelicals solely responsible for this.

  5. The Bible doesn’t say what you say it does. The essence of Christ’s teaching is to a) love God, and b) love your neighbor as yourself.

    Hinduism condemns their own people by their accident of birth,

    1. Thats just marketing spiel you are giving me.

      See the main article…Horror done by Christians and the Church. I know of no other religion..not even Islam that has that kind of horrible history.

    2. Marlo

      See your own Hypocrisy, when you are defending christianity you choose the best part of it. Love and all that jazz.

      When condemning Hinduism, you pick the worst part of it.
      do read Gita/Upanishads and compare it with Bible. If you have any honesty left in you, do it.

      Oh btw Fredrick Nietzsche said this comparing the worst of Hindu scriptures Manusmriti and best of Christian scriptures Bible

      “Manu smriti is an incomparably spiritual and superior work to the Christian Bible.”

      1. @Lokesh

        Quote: When condemning Hinduism, you pick the worst part of it.
        do read Gita/Upanishads and compare it with Bible.

        Response: “According to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society are created by Me. And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the nondoer, being unchangeable. (Gita 4:13)”

  6. Whatever Mahatma Gandhi said was his personal opinion. He wasn’t considered “untouchable” and condemned because of the family he was born into.
    Instead of spewing hatred of Christians based on misrepresentations, you should try and be more like Gandhiji.

    1. “Whatever Mahatma Gandhi said was his personal opinion. “

      Similarly, Whatever the “mythological” Jesus said was his mythological personal opinion.

      Why are the evangelical Christians trying to spread that nonsense and waging a religious war across the globe? tell them to STFU and lets all live in peace. We are not going to surrender..if that’s what you are thinking.

    1. Totally agree with you here.
      The author of the book must go back to his/her meds. But then, the author has problem with the author and the type of ppl – not you.
      But you took it as if the author is totally on just Christianity (I mentioned that the author hasn’t used the best language).
      Same way, when many Hindus read the book – some of them may take it personally too.
      You know, where there is a village, there will be some bad ppl. And India is a BIG village – and that too majority Hindu.

  7. Christianity is defined based on what Christ taught and not on what some horrors that some misguided individuals did in His name. They were obviously not REAL Christians. Hinduism is defined by segregating their own coreligionists based on an accident of birth and demeaning some of them as “untouchable”. Based on your comments you are a REAL Hindu.

    1. Mario, You are such a cliche!

      We are onto you fellas! This is why its important the Hindu narratives comes from Hindus themselves…not from Anti Hindu Christians such as your self or the far left political left in India and the west who are equally anti Hindus to the core. The Internet has given us a voice who did not have one earlier! Although this blog pisses off anti Hindus such yourself.. We are not stopping.. HEAR ME ROAR, Anti Hindu Christians! 🙂


      “Any particular historical and/or social outworking of Christianity is interpreted in context, and distinguished from universal Christian theology. Hence, the feudal system in medieval Europe, which was widely justified via Christian theology and texts, is not used as a defining characteristic of Christianity or an interpretive key for its theology today. The same could be said for the system of slavery upon which ‘Christian’ America was built. In fact, as time moved on, Christian theology and biblical interpretation were later used to overturn these systems.

      Likewise, unjust social and economic structures in predominantly Christian countries today are not used as defining characteristics of Christianity or Christian theology. To give one more example, Christian theologians today have repudiated the anti-Judaism which was widely practiced in Christian societies for a long time and culminated in the Holocaust by arguing that anti-Judaism is not a part of ‘genuine’ Christianity as properly understood.

      Most Christians today (and most scholars of religion) would be scandalized if the feudal system, slavery, capitalist exploitation or anti-Judaism were used to define the essence of Christianity. They would understand these things to be historically and socially bound and not part of Christian universal ideals. In short, descriptions of Christianity in textbooks would distinguish the core or essence of Christian theology from specific social, historical and political contexts. However, Hinduism is not treated in the same way.”

      That is unfortunately the case. Let’s look at the example of caste again. When it comes to portraying Hinduism, scholars use ‘caste’ (itself a European construct) as a (and sometimes the) defining characteristic of Hinduism and Hindu theology/philosophy. As Ronald Inden has emphasized, caste has become an ‘essence’ in defining Hinduism and India. Little or no attempt is made to understand caste as a context-bound social structure apart from the more universal elements of Hindu thought.

      Also, textbooks often ignore attempts by Hindu reformers and thinkers to use Hindu theology itself to combat what many see as an unjust social system that has little to do with ‘genuine’ Hinduism. The sophisticated theological, historical and sociological interpretation given to Christianity (and other religions) is often denied to Hinduism. Instead, ‘caste’ is used as a club against Hinduism, in order to prove its backwardness when compared to other religions.


      In your research on the hardened, four-tier ‘caste system’, that is seen as essential to Indian society, what did you find to be the historical factors that gave shape to it?


      It does seem that the caste system, as understood today, was foisted on Indian society by its Western (Christian) oppressors, the British. A number of scholars have done work on this recently (see e.g., Dirks, Hobson and Kishwar). The British were frustrated in their attempts to understand and govern in the midst of the very diverse community-bound, self-governing sets of social customs and laws which existed in Indian society. The British wanted to find a ‘universal’ set of ‘Hindu’ laws and customs (like their own) that they could use to govern (read ‘subjugate’) India. Finding no simplistic universal laws similar to, say, the Ten Commandments, they established their idea of ‘Hindu Law’ based on their interpretation of the Manusmriti.


    2. “Hinduism is defined by segregating their own coreligionists ”
      are you naive? or intentionally being cruel?

      I bet you have not read Gita/ Upanishads the basic Hindu scriptures.

      Blaming hinduism for caste system is like blaming christianity for slavery. Christians still support slavery, but Did christ support is what matters isn’t it?

      So you should also read Gita/ Upanishads to see whether this was supported in basic Hindu scriptures of Gita/Upanishads/Brahmasutras

    3. Do you really want to play that game? Just compare religious texts? Fine. We can do that. Let’s compare the “religious” texts of Christianity (Bible is the only thing that comes to mind) with those of Hinduism. Oops…not one…seems like there are thousands of texts…Manusmriti being one of them. What’s Smrit?… Sruti?…what’s Bhagwad Gita?. How could that be? What…huh….Hindus don’t follow one book….what do they follow? I hope you see the issue here. Someone is picking one text as a very convenient way to malign the religion followed and practiced in so many different ways by so many people. Wait. How can one take what was done by people to characterize the teachings of religious texts (your point of not using what people did in the name of religion to malign christianity). But that’s exactly what is being done with Hinduism. I wonder what the motive is?..hmmm…

      As DC, Lokesh and the great Nietzsche has pointed out even if we just take the contents of Manusmriti itself (along with its flaws) and compare it to Bible (though it is not a fair comparison as Manusmriti is one tiny part of religious texts of Hinduism) your arguments of superior religious teachings fail miserably.

    4. Here you go again. If some horrible things are done by NOT REAL CHRISTIANS, on WHAT BASIS YOU ARE SAYING THAT HINDUISM IS DEFINED BY SEGREGATION?
      in Manusmriti, he describes division of work – he never mentioned one is superior or inferior based on birth.
      This hyprocracy is what inciting even more people.

  8. Your demeaning and mean-spirited comments about Dalits shows you to be a REAL Hindu. People like you have been mercilessly subjugating Dalits for 5,000 years because of the families they were born into – over which they had no control.

    1. “Your demeaning and mean-spirited comments “

      No Hindu prevented another Hindu from doing bigger and better things on their own. In fact Hindus were not in a power position to do that in the last 1000 years. The Hindus were the Victims Sir. Hindus themselves were tyrannized and subjugated by Islamist and Christians the and communists over the last 1000 years. You are a typical evangelical liar. You have lied for the mythology of Jesus the last 2000 years.,.it’s in your evangelical nature. Sir!..

      Calling someone else s God, a false God is mean spirited and demeaning y’all! And you Christians have been doing it for 2000 years, it has become a second nature for y’all, an ingrained bad habit.

      Did you read this?


    2. I am a person who is Dalit as per definition !! I have a normal life and I have more respect than many others in Indian socciety !! Nobody discriminate against me !! I have equal opportunities in all fields in India !!
      Christian people came to my family when I was a kid ,they offered financial help,they were ready togive me free education in convent school !! But we refused any free gifts !! Now I realized that they were super flush with Western Donations !!
      Now Govt of India stopped foreign donations to Indian NGOs and Christian missionaries !! I thank my govt for that !!
      It seems christians are more agitated because of this ban !!

      There was a time when I wanted to convert to christianity,but found that christian God was partial ,he discriminate between believers and non believers !!
      He said that I am a born sinner and he has to kill his own son for sins committed by his own creation !! So, I found him very incompetent in his deeds !!
      God said,you have to love your neighbour but asked to kill non believer,so I found him a LIAR !!

      It seems God could not control Devil ,it means he is not powerful enough !!
      So I decided to not to convert to christianity and continued devil worshipping !!

  9. Catholics have stopped coerced conversions years ago, yet the attack in Jabalpur by the Bajrang Dal terrorists was against a Catholic Conference.

    I oppose coerced conversions by anyone. That does not mean people should not preach their beliefs. It is up to others to join them or not.

    Where I draw the line is coercion of any kind.

    1. There are some rednecks who beat up or kill Sikhs thinking they are Muslims.. just like that some idiots in India who do this kind of stuff do not know the difference between Catholics or protestants or if they are a regular garden variety non converting Christians (Majority of Indians Christians fall under this group) or the bible thumping evangelical jerks Christians (an active destructive minority of Christians)

  10. You need to look up the meaning of “cliche”. I cannot be a cliche.

    You are still in denial of the attacks on Christians by Hindu fanatics. In the meantime they continue. Yesterday we had your fearless leader, Sadhvi Deva Thakur, calling (like Hitler) for the elimination of all future non-Hindua.

    Today, an attack on a Catholic Church in Agra. I doubt this one was by Muslims.

    Wake up and get your head out of your a,,. …er, the sand.

    1. Do you know who did this? Why are assuming its Hindus? IS this not a “blood libel” accusation? You do know that the Vatican Church has a long history of blood libel accusation against non Christians…right?

      I am thinking that Catholic fellow who screams on Indian TV that Christians are persecuted..may have orchestrated this himself. Since the Christian govt of Sonia lost the election the Evangelical Mafia of N.Delhi are pissed off that they are slowed down on their “Onward Christians solders” march to convert everyone in India. So they have used ther 2000 year old tactic of “persecution” blood libel accusation on the Hindus.


        ‘Jilted man vandalised Agra church’

        Haider, 24, a resident of Sultanpura locality, damaged the statues as he was angry after his girlfriend, a frequent visitor to the church, stopped seeing him, police claimed.
        According to police, Haider had fallen in love with a girl who used to work as a maid in the Pratappura locality where the church is located, about three months ago. Police said the girl used to meet him near the church.

    2. The history of the church as a whole AFTER 300 AD after Emperor Constantine and formation of the false state religion called the Roman Catholic church has been appalling. Violence was merged in and anyone who read or translated the Bible was put to death. After the christian roman empire lost it’s hold the British n others continued with colonisation n slave trade. Britain abolished it early but did not free the colonies. America took over the baton and took it to whole new levels of atrocities. In all this many of you forget that true believers the true bride of Christ was tortured by this established church for NOT conforming to the version of Christianity dictated by the dominant state church, for daring to translate the Bible, for daring to question authority and others like Galileo for doing science. So many were burned to death n tortured for so called heresy!!! When I say I am a christian I identify with those church fathers n mothers who presented a life different from a state sponsored religious one. I remember that they were persecuted n fed to the lions n burned alive for their faith, were totally nonviolent pacifists. It is understandable that Hindus feel insecure. The christian church converting has used dubious means inducements n so forth n yes ther are fakes with in who are there to make money in the name of the people they serve n so called souls they harvest. It is a business for many of them from which they derive HUGE profits. There are genuine belivers too who share Christ out of love for the neighbour . It is a reality we face today because of many who misrepresent God .

      About disrespecting others when one says their way is wrong, it is ONLY logical that the God described in the Bible and the God believed by Hindus or Muslims or Sikh are different truth claims in themselves!!! I don’t include Buddhism n Jainism as they are atheistic at their core. I believe ALL religions are the same in the fact that they ALL ask the very same questions but each gives very different answers!!! Truth claims are exclusive. Even your truth claim that contradictions should be ignored and all beliefs should be considered n believed equally is a truth claim. Imposing any one of these truth claims on anyone by force is criminal but if one happens to believe that one of these ways are true or none r true or ALL are true there is NO HARM sharing it. I realise what happens as conversion in India is manipulative even if coercion or force is not used for eg the prosperity gospel is a manipulation and a lie. What is the point preaching erroneous things? There cannot be true transformation in such cases n whether people say a prayer change their name or whatever else it will add to more trouble n not produce any personal change. However if a person genuinely shares their faith and another genuinely is drawn to Christ who is to stop them? Such people will obey their conscience even at the pain of death.

  11. The person responsible for the desecration of the church in Agra on Apr 16 is a rickshaw-puller named Haider Ali (22 yrs). He vandalised the church after the woman he loved apparently spurned him.

    Ali used to meet his woman friend every day near the church. Every saturday, after their outing, the woman, a domestic servant, would light a candle at the church and offer prayers. Ali insisted on marriage but she told him that the marriage was not possible as they belonged to different faiths. She then stopped meeting him. He then got drunk and vandalised the church.

    Ali is not a professional criminal but seemed to have committed the crime our of sheer frustration. He seemed to be feeling very guilty about what he did. He himself confessed that he was very sorry for his act. Ali was arrested on Friday.

    Do we expect now that those people who raised an uproar over this issue, took to marching the streets and flooding the blogs with utter repetitive nonsense, tender their apologies for their act.

    Now that it has turned out that the perpetrators in both the nun-raping and stone-throwing incidents belong to a particular religion, do these people have the guts to take a march, organise rallies, etc against that religion?

    Nope. They are with an agenda and they will look for the next false opportunity to create the next turbulence against the Hindus. After all these are the once who fish in troubled waters. Hinduism is their target because Hindus don’t retaliate, at least, UNTIL NOW.

  12. Dear DC, you are still very conservative and lenient in your evaluation of abrahamic ideology. I respect your choice, however, I would like to point out for historical accuracy that the “holy” Inquisition was brought to India (and to the Americas) by Portugal, and it was very active not only in Spain and Portugal, but even more so in Italy, It was also present and legally recognized wherever catholicism / popism had any following in Europe (France, etc); it was LEGALLY abolished only by Napoleon in early 1800s but the Vatican never disbanded it, it just changed its name.

  13. The English “class system” is just a rigid as the “caste system”. It is also worthy of notice that the Australian Aborigines were not even considered as human beings by the Christian Government of Her Majesty until the 1960’s – until then they were considered as part of the flora and fauna. All castes in India have always been considered as fully human!!

  14. Gentlemen please be mindful of the fact that the Hindu Law books were written by MEN not God. The laws of Christians and Muslims derive from GOD. No where in any Hindu book does it command the faithful to massacred and loot the infidels as per Bible and Koran. We Hindus are free to agree or disagree with our law-makers – Christians and Muslims have a problem!!!

  15. Christianity is speculative theology based upon 2 myths neither are original — Adam & Eve was a common myth in the Middle East and Jesus – based upon the Egyptian myth of Horus son of Ra. Hinduism is sound philosophy of Vedanta ILLUSTRATED through myths. The root of all evil in the world is speculative fascistic monotheism.

  16. A contrarian view of “caste”. There can be little doubt that “Caste” was never an Aryan (Brahmin) Construct. The Varna of a pupil was determined by the Acharya at the Pathashala until Ashoka destroyed the temples and the Guru Kulas and drove Brahmanism under ground, whereafter, professional attitudes, knowledge and skills passed from father to son. The two thousand five hundred years of Varna isolation has, naturally, translated into genetic characteristics. Caste was a non-Aryan system. For example the British East India Company’s Madras Army was formed from the levies of the Nawab of Arcot none of whom were even remotely Aryan. Reduced as the Empire grew, to the Madras Regiment, which refused to set sail and cross the Kala Pani for fear of “losing caste” and lost their order of precedence to the Punjab Regiment which still carries a sailing ship on its insignia. This is the same Regiment that together with the Pathans and the Sikhs blew the remnants of the Bengal Native Infantry from the cannons mouth and thereafter massacred their suriviving relatives as well as every Brahmin, man, woman and child that they could set hands on in the Bengal Presidency (which includes modern Bihar etc), and the United Provinces as part of British reprisals for the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. There can be little doubt that the British created and used “caste” as well as their distorted, misinterpreted and published versions of the Vedas, Smrithis and so on (In Aryan Brahmanism It is forbidden to write the Vedas, the Smrithis, the Samhithas, the Shastras and the Sukthas which live in the mouth of the adepts) as a weapon to destroy Brahmanism which they recognized as the soul of Hinduism to ultimately eradicate Hinduism for their political purposes. Hinduism is not a religion but a defunct nationality comprising myriad relgions united by Aryan (Brahmin) Law. In 1921, the British used their native non-Hindoo stooges to declare non Hindus to be Hindus to swamp the congregational temple welfare system. When this was resisted, in 1923, they confiscated Hindu commonwealth including temples, grazing and agricultural lands, irrigation tanks, educational institutions and so on to destroy Hinduism. In 1949 the British stooges who succeeded the British made the descendants of those who had been Hindu prior to 1921 into Third Class citizens. In 1959, the Indian Republic confiscated the religious freedom of these Hindus together with their common wealth.

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