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The Left and “Je suis Charlie!”: No you’re not

Hindus did not resort to violence when Wendy Doniger insults Hindus.   Hindus did not resort to violence when M.F. Hussain the Muslim painted nude pictures of Hindu deities.  Hindus did not resort to violence when PK the movie insulted Hindus 8 out of 10 times in the movie.

Yet when Hindus use their right of free speech to opine their outrage at these insults, or when they seek the protection of the court using their legal recourse (as all good citizens are expected to do rather than take law into their own hands),  they are called fascists  by the political  left of the world. The fact that the Hindus use only their right of free speech  to voice their outrage instead of guns does not impress the political  left.

So why are the Hindus not cheer lead by the political left of the world for not resorting to violence and called fascists anyway? The left laments, if only the Muslims would use free speech to fight back instead of using violence, the world would be a happy place.  Like that has happened for the Hindus,  The Muslim world probably realize that’s not going to happen for them either.

I suspect, radical Muslims know the unfairness of the political left..so they resort to violence instead when the political left insults them!

Ultimately, those mass murdering Islamists are responsible for their murdering ways and its important to acknowledge that the political left is a contributing factor.



“In 1998, DDB, a leading advertising company, apologized and paid thousands of dollars in compensation when Catholics sued them for making a VW Golf ad that mocked Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Why? Because the French Catholic community was offended.”

That’s very nice they are sensitive to the Catholics feelings…They go out of their way to be nice to them.

“In 2008, Charlie Hebdo fired its famous cartoonists, Siné, on charges of “anti-Semitism.” Siné had merely suggested that President Sarkozy’s son Jean was going to convert to Judaism to marry the heiress of a prosperous appliance chain. And what happened in 2013 when the French Muslims sued Charlie Hebdo for publishing a cover page with the headline, “The Koran is shit – it doesn’t stop bullets?” They were dubbed “Islamists” and given a lecture on free speech.”