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A Nice Big Fat Hinju Gay Wedding!

The whole Anti Gay thingi has nothing to do with Dharmic people (Hindus, Jains , Sikhs, Buddhists). Sorry folks,. This is a non sequitur for us. But if you lived in India, you would not know that. The illiberal political left in India tries to portray the “evil Hindus” as anti LGBT bigots.

The reality is, Its the people from the Church and the Abrahamic folks around the world who are theologically anti Gay and only recently many good people from these faiths have evolved to be accepting.. But in India,  this was never a major issue but the illiberal political left tries to  pin this sin on the liberal Hindus when Hindus have traditionally not been violent towards gays and LGBT…..ever.  But the political left do taunt the Hindus..e.g. the movie “Fire” produced by that anti Hindu illiberal woman Deepa Mehta a Canadian citizen.  The outrage was not that the movie depicted two gay women…But this low brow woman Deepa named these two lesbian women in the story as Sita and Radha (Two religious Hindu icons).  This is like naming two  Gay characters in a movie Jesus and Mohammad to get a rise out it and then point the fingers to whoever that object as anti Gay bigots.

There are many Hindu priests who would be willing to officiate Gay weddings.. and some may not. The important thing to know here is, the ones who are  not willing to officiate gay weddings would not organize and conspire with other Hindu priests against Gays.

And don’t fall for the usual argument about “IF we allow relationship between two consenting adults” its a slipper slope to two consenting siblings asking for the rights to marry. It is a spurious argument cause  if one is not allowed to marry siblings there are plenty of other choices for the individual. Unlike gay folks who have no other choice, making it cruel and unjust to deny them the kind of relationship and love and marriage.

Here is a true story:

When the English novelist E.M.Forster who happened to be gay, worked for a Maharajah in India, suddenly  resigned from his  position to go back to England. He was so guilt ridden having had affairs with many gay men while living in the Palace of the Maharajah as his guest and  felt he had worn out his welcome in India.  The Maharajah of course  had tried  many times to introduce many single women to E.M.Forster the eligible bachelor .Forster, so guilt ridden about bringing Gay men to his quarters at the Palace,  confessed to the Maharajah of being gay and apologized to him and rendered his resignation. He wept this whole time…but the Maharajah was shocked and disappointed all right, Not that E.F,Forster way gay, but for the fact that Forster, his employee and good friend did not trust the Maharajah enough and to have kept this away from him while being anguished in guilt. . .Both wept together. The Maharajah then convinced him to stay and work for him anyway and  stated he had absolutely no issue with Forster being gay. The Maharajah later  went on to introduce other gay men to E.M.Forster the eligible bachelor.
E.M.Forster was so overwhelmed with this gesture from the Maharajah and the Hindu culture went on to write so many good things about Indian Hindu culture being so accommodating. .
Traditionally Hindus would not interfere with people who are gays and what not… The law in the books is an anachronistic Victorian law brought to India by the English. The far left in India want to keep their supporter (the Christian evangelicals and the Islamist happy and tries to portray this as an issue of  the “evil Hindus”. Yes there are some clueless Hindu idiots out there too but these outliers have no idea about Hinduism or the Hindu History in India either. These are exceptions to the rule. There are even  cross dressing and transsexual Deities in the Hindu Pantheons. So don’t listen to anti Hindus when they tell you how horrible Hindus are towards Gays.. Hinduism is not perfect, but anti Gay thingi is not one of them.  This  is an Abrahamic  problem..not a Hindu problem…for the most part.

 Lets look at some Hindu Gay Weddings…shall we? 

Meet Shannon and Seema.

The Story Behind The Lesbian Indian Wedding That Stole The Internet’s Heart


A month ago, we had a small wedding and invited our very close friends and family. Without our blessing our pictures went viral, and being a very private couple and part of a private culture, we were shocked and taken back that our small wedding had been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Nonetheless, as our wedding pictures spread, we received hundreds of amazing, supportive comments of hope, strength and courage that not only brightened our day, but gave us the strength to continue through this journey and further tell our story.

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Sameer Samudra and Amit Gokhale, an Indian gay couple,

Love Story of An Indian Gay Couple Who Finally Got Married.




Joe Singh and his partner Wesley Nolan solemnized their relationship at a ceremony where a Hindu priest officiated

Gay couples ‘marry’ with parents’ approval, hawan and priests




Stances of Faiths on LGBT Issues: Hinduism


Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions, and Hindus constitute a sixth of the world’s population today. Most Hindus live in India but there are about 1.5 million Hindus, both Indians and non-Indians, in the United States. As a result, homosexuality is a complex matter in Hinduism and depends heavily on cultural context and tradition.

Hinduism and Sexuality

“Same sex desire and even sexual activity have been represented and discussed in Indian literature for two millennia, often in a nonjudgmental and even celebratory manner,” according to Hindu scholar Ruth Vanita. For example, the erotic sculptures on ancient Hindu temples at Khajuraho and Konarak, and the sacred texts in Sanskrit constitute irrefutable evidence that a whole range of sexual behavior was known to ancient Hindus. The tradition of representing same-sex desire in literature and art continued in medieval Hinduism.

When Europeans arrived in India, they were shocked by Hinduism, which they termed idolatrous, and by the range of sexual practices, including same-sex relations, which they labeled licentious. British colonial rulers incorporated their homophobic prejudices – largely attributed to certain Christian teachings – into Indian education, law and politics.  As a result, homosexuality was made illegal in 1861, when British rulers codified a law prohibiting carnal or lustful intercourse “against the order of nature” with any man, woman, or animal – in other words, any sex that is not between a man and a woman with the aim of reproduction is outlawed. Thus, the marginal homophobic trend in pre-colonial India became dominant in modern India. Some Indian nationalists, including Hindus, internalized Victorian ideals of heterosexual monogamy and disowned indigenous traditions that contravened those ideals. Homosexuality remained a criminal offense in India until 2009 when New Delhi’s highest court deemed this colonial era law unconstitutional.

There is no evidence of anyone in India ever having been executed for same-sex relations.


Recent developments of Anti Gay culture perculating from the Bible Belt of the Americas into developing countries from Uganda to now South India.

Tamil Nadu IAS officer wants homosexuals killed

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Staff Report

According to various news reports, C.Umashankar- an IAS officer from Tamil Nadu, has his name prominently displayed in anti-gay posters put up by an evangelical Christian group in Kanyakumari. ‘Kill those who indulge in homosexuality’- the billboard announced, quoting a Biblical verse to support it. The board was displayed at a public square in Kanyakumari and was put up by the ‘Tamil Nadu Christian Progressive Federation’.

The same IAS officer had earlier grabbed attention for his baffling reaction to the Uttarakhand floods- when he made his fundamentalist Christian leanings clear by saying, “The countdown has started for huge disasters in the world. But of all nations India is going to suffer the worst of divine retribution for it is in India that idols are worshipped.”

For his association and activities with trouble-making Christian groups, Umashankar has already got a warning from the district administration.

With the help of the Southern Baptist Evangelicals, anti Gay hate is being spread in developing countries. In Uganda the christian country in Africa went on a crusade murdering gays in that country. The local Newspaper outed and published the names and addresses of  gays and the new found biblical morality screaming bigots  went looking for them and murdering them.  Google search for “C street” in Washington DC where the American evangelicals have influenced these evangelicals in third world countries.

Reference : C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy (Back Bay Readers’ Pick) Paperback – by Jeff Sharlet (Author)

Traditional Indian Christians have been model citizens in India. But in the last two decades there has been poisonous bigoted evangelical  christian culture that has been imported into India spoiling the good works done by traditional Dharmic Christians of India. The real tragedy is, no one seems to acknowledge the difference between these two “Jerkll and Hyde” duality of  Christian culture in India. Even the traditional Dharmic Christians of India don’t seem to want to address this evil, which I find  very strange and disheartening. Of course, there are also some idiotic Hindus in India who are clueless about their culture caught up in this anti gay farce too.

Tennessee Televangelist: God Commands Christians To Kill Gays



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