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The Indian Presstitutes!

During the Watergate scandal, the Journalistic profession seemed to be an essential column supporting democratic republicanism the world over.  The public held newspapers and journalists in the highest esteem. Over the years,  studies show  that Journalists rank about the same as used car salespeople in the mind of the public. What about the Indian journalists? Where do they rank? I cannot remember a single incident of Indian journalists doing anything honorable..anywhere..ever!  The Indian journalists are not just  pathetic failures, They are part of the criminal illiberal political enterprise in India.

I can make cases after cases demonstrating the evilness of the Indian press, the media and the journalists in India. but let me talk about one important and horrible incident that  cries for  journalists to do their jobs, but the Indian presstitutes have conveniently kept quiet and in turn have participated in one of the greatest injustices in India.

There was a horrible incident that happened in Gujarat India  in 2002. .

The Godhra train burning was an incident that occurred on the morning of 27 February 2002, in which 59 people died in a fire inside the Sabarmati Express train near the Godhra railway station in the Indian state of Gujarat.[1] The victims were mainly Hindu pilgrims who were returning from the city of Ayodhya after a religious ceremony at the disputedBabri Masjid site.[2] The commission set up by the Government of Gujarat to investigate the train burning spent 6 years going over the details of the case, and concluded that the fire was arson committed by a mob of 1000-2000 people.[3] A commission appointed by the central government, whose appointment was later held to be unconstitutional, stated that the fire had been an accident.[4] A court convicted 31 Muslims for the incident and the conspiracy for the crime,[5]although the actual causes of the fire have yet to be proven conclusively.[6][7]

The event is widely perceived as the trigger for the violence that followed, which resulted in widespread loss of life, destruction of property and homelessness. Estimates of casualties range from the official figures of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus,[8] to upwards of 2000 casualties.[9] Some hold the view that the attack on the train was a “staged trigger” for premeditated rioting.[10][11]

This article is not particularly about the incident of burning of the train killing all those Hindu women and children nor is it about the aftermath of retaliation where many people from both Hindu and Muslims (More Muslims than Hindu) revenge attack.  This is about the role of the press in India and what they are guilty of.

Two things that happened.. First, Then govt of India (The anti Hindu Catholic congress govt appointed one of  their own  far leftist ex supreme court justice to investigate the cause of the train burning.  This Judge in his report (not a court hearing  with due process with evidence and cross examination..it was a one man’s findings) basically stated that the burning of the train was an accident due to women using cooking stove in the train and that  this happened exactly at the train station of a Muslim village and that  was not germane to the incident.  Interesting. It seemed far fetched..but hey, he was a a supreme court justice..  We ought to give benefit of the doubt to this “honorable” justice.

Second event was a more detailed court hearing with evidence and witness and cross examination..A detailed due process of the law. At the end of this due process the  court convicted 31 Muslims for the incident (for setting a train full of women and children on fire killing them all which started a riot) and the conspiracy for the crime.

Now, we have two Justices here with two verdict and one of them is telling a lie and conspired against one religious group and either need to sentenced to death or at least impeached and one is telling the truth.. But which one is the evil? .  The far left Supreme court justice appointed by the anti Hindu Sonia congress government  or the Justice who presided over a due process?  This Judge actually sentenced 31 “innocent” Muslim of India to prison for a mass murder they did not commit? or was the Supreme court ex Justice who in his anti Hindu attitude make up his story seeding into the minds of Indian Muslims a deep hatred and rationalization for their hatred against Hindus? Only one of the justices can be right. But which one?

Would this not be the most important investigative journalist opportunity for the Indian press and its journalists? or are they the presstitutes of the anti Hindu congress Party? Who actually knows which of the two Judges was the honest one? One was pure evil  to quietly smother this horrible event,  since they feel they are part of the anti Hindu “secular” team of India and they need to protect one of their own? or is it  the other one who was willing to throw 31 innocent citizens in prison.  In which case shouldn’t the press/media of India  be fighting for those “innocent” men incarcerated in Jail?

Are Indians so apathetic that they do not care to find out which one was right?  OR do they not care about India’s journalistic integrity?

IMO, India needs a revolution… not the kind of revolution to throw a government..but a revolution to enter the Bastille of the press, the Media (TV and Print)  and take them to the guillotine (metaphorically speaking)  for their role direct and indirect in constantly  creating disharmony among Indians on ethnic and religious lines and  in being a prime contributor and facilitator  to religious riots in India.  

I shall be documenting from time to time…the various evil committed by the Presstitudes of India here.. so please keep  checking back once in  a while.

Incident #1

Here is a glaring example of an alleged “journalist” who actually got physical against an individual in NYC during PM Modi’s visit to the US.  Remember folks, this is the US, the person who was assaulted by this Pressittude could have shot this guy in return on the basis of self defense.  The victim of this assault has a right to stand his ground in many states of the US. This presstitude is fortunate that he was not shot dead when he decided to assault someone who he disagreed with.


I was on a visit to India about 4 years ago and visited N.Delhi (I had lived in N.Delhi for about a year,  so I thought it would be good to visit old friends).  During this visit, my good friend took me to one of the uppity club in Lodhi Road where I met two interesting people (names withheld to protect my friend).,  One was a Bengali professor from  Delhi University and the other was a mother of one of the popular leftist TV channel of India whose  correspondent lived and worked  in New York.  During the course of the dinner I found both were batting for the Maoists and telling me that the Maoists movement was justified  (Maoists are leftist terrorists of India who kill people who own owned 5 acre of lands while accusing them of  being “Feudal land lords”) . Even the far left congress Prime Minister  Manmohan Singh has said That The Maoists are the greatest threat to India’s democracy. I can understand the Bengali woman professor (It meets all the criteria of a loser leftist stereotype)  but the correspondent  working for this TV channel living in NY?  OMG…these communists do not  go to communist countries…they travel and live in capitalistic societies while pissing on the hands that feeds them.

Here is another leftist woman from India who travel to the most successful society to pontificate about the virtues of socialism

Kshama Sawant: The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Incident #3 –

Ayodhia Verdict and the evil  mechanization of the Indian Prestitutdes.

The mainstream media in India is for the most part almost always Marxist leftist indoctrinated  losers. This lot cannot accept if the Hindus and the Muslims of India get along or if the Hindus and Christians get along. For this Marxist leftists (Indian media which is a big part of this junta), Hindus have to be defeated and humiliated and keep the tension going otherwise their own existence is in question. TOI, The Hindustan times, The Hindu, The Outlook NDTV etc are some the institutionalized leftists enterprise.   The Ayodhia case is an eye opener and its  documented much better here






Do you feel the writers were silent when you were targeted?

Taslima: Most writers were silent when my book was banned in West Bengal, when 5 fatwas were issued against me in India, when I was thrown out of West Bengal, when I was kept under house arrest in Delhi for months and was forced to leave India, when my mega serial for TV was banned. I have been struggling alone for the right to live here and for my freedom of expression. Not only they were silent, famous writers like Sunil Ganguly and Shankha Ghosh appealed to Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, the then CM of West Bengal, to ban my book.

Are writers guilty of double standards when it comes to dissent?

Taslima: Yes, I agree. Many writers are guilty of double standards when it comes to dissent.

You recently tweeted that there’s a problem with the way secularism has been practised in India …

Taslima: Yes. Most secular people are pro-Muslims and anti-Hindu. They protest against the acts of Hindu fundamentalists and defend the heinous acts of Muslim fundamentalists.

Do you feel the Indian PM should speak more empathetically when it comes to Muslims and violence against minorities in India?

Taslima: Politicians appease Muslims for votes in India. Muslims get so much favour that angers many Hindus. It is true that sometimes Muslims get tortured only because they are Muslims. But it happens to other religious community too. In Canning, a Hindu village in West Bengal, was burnt down by Muslim fanatics in 2013. If Muslims were brutally persecuted in India, they would have left India for neighbouring Muslim countries like Hindu minorities have been leaving Bangladesh and Pakistan since Partition.

The US government and the USCIRF

USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) is a watchdog organization in the US that allegedly monitors religious freedom across the world.  It  works closely with the US government.   It primarily monitors countries where Christian evangelicals are not given unfettered privileges and government support to convert people to Christianity  in those countries en mass and when these countries do not provide such support to the church and the predatory evangelical organizations,  it puts these countries on a black list.

It’s an organization that uses the Goliath US government’s institutional machinery for the purpose of cultural cleansing and imposing Christian supremacy around the world.   It’s members are primarily from the Christian evangelical organizations with  a single token member from Judaism and Islam respectively. There is not a single member from Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism in this organization. The fact that there are Hindus being persecuted around the world does not seem to matter for the USCIRF


USCIRF is an abomination to the principle and founding of the great republic called The United States of America.


For evangelical Christians, anyone or any organization that puts a hurdle in their quest for world domination and in their quest  for one world religion of  Christianity, must be a  persecutor of Christians. This is nothing new.  Christianity has spread around the world with this persecution complex for the last 2000 years. History is replete with the lessons that it was evangelicals who have tyrannized others around  the world while becoming the Goliath predator.

When Christians run around  Haiti, Congo and Papau New Guinea and try to convert the head hunters and cannibals during the 17th and 18th century, I can understand that they have improved the lot over there… But when they try to destroy the Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and other eastern culture, that is not progress… It’s regression. Taking them backward from a tolerant, pluralistic people into territorial predatory people. That is downright  evil!

Think about it. “Hindus say, all faiths lead one to God” compared to “My god is the only true god”.  Come on.. t’s common sense! The world needs more of “All faiths lead to God””. In fact, western countries are moving towards this enlightened view of pluralism, like its stated in this eloquent article “We are all Hindus Now” in NEWSWEEK By Lisa Miller. But developing countries are asked to go backwards!

As it is, third world countries/developing countries have gotten most of the things wrong, particularly their proclivity to become socialists. They need to be educated to become net wealth creators to bootstrap and develop. If you want to save people in the third world, please send economists to those countries and help them become self sufficient. Evangelize economics 101. Now that is Saving people! But in the case of spirituality and belief, they have it right.  Evil people in the west do not want these countries to develop economically but want to destroy what they have gotten right by spreading more poverty and cross planting. The Neo evangelicals in these developing countries are running around planting cross like a dog would pee all over to mark its territory.

The US is not a stranger to using its govt to spread Christianity around the world. After the invasion of Iraq, the evangelical hordes descended on Iraq  to convert the Iraqis to Christianity.

Here , the US Armed forces is used to evangelize and spread Christianity in Afghanistan. If this is not Christian crusade, then I don’t know what is. And you think the US Government would not do this in India?

The Christian Crusaders of the US Armed Forces!

Bloody shame.

The US could send secular folks to help developing countries.. like  Norman Borlaug who helped build India’s green revolution. Then there is W. Edwards Deming who helped Japan post WW II. What they don’t need are these Jesus freaks. India has enough superstitions of its own, It needs these Christian crazies like it needs a hole in its head!

Ref: Articles:

Anti Hindu Bias at USCIRF | Hindu American Foundation (HAF)
Indian Christians Reject USCIRF Report; Defends ‘Secular’ India

Good Lord: In China, Christian Fundamentalists Target Tibetans

Aggressive tactics persist, however. In a quiet Tibetan town three hours drive from Xining, one local describes seeing a missionary throw coins into the air. “This comes from Jesus,” he declared to the astonished crowd. The same Tibetan remembers with an incredulous laugh being told that Christianity brings cash. “All Buddhist countries are poor,” the missionary said. “If you believe in Jesus, you will be rich.”


Mr. Rajiv Malhotra talks about the “Atrocity literature” collected by the US govt to use it against another country at an opportune time.   IF you remember  during the first Iraq war against Saddam by US President Sr. Bush, all kinds of American Television came up with many shows on how horrible Saddam Hussein was… Never mind that Saddam was a very good friend of the US for a very long time  and as long as he was pliable the US did not do anything to him… Saddam gassed (WMD) the Kurds and committed horror against his own people about 10 years before the Iraq invasion and the US govt did not do anything to him or to save the Kurds.  The US media did not write heavily about this horror as and when this atrocity happened.  But 10 years later, when the US govt decided to invade Iraq, the alleged “free press” (Pfffft!) of the US, Readers Digest in particular had an article (10 years after it happened, but 2 weeks prior to the Iraq invasion) about the story of Saddam gassing  the Kurds using chemical weapons.


Christian evangelical admitting on American TV that the anti Hindu Catholic  congress party helps the church. He lies that the BJP govt built 68,000 and spreads Christian hatred against Hindus.

Advocating reforms at USCIRF





Christians are wonderful people!

So are Muslims,  Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Parsies, Voodoo worshipers  and Atheists. Human beings are wonderful for the most part.  The vast majority of people in this world are normal and charitable folks.  I’d say 80% of the people in this world, do no harm  for the most part.  That’s because, human beings are born divine.. Not born as sinners.  Yes,  we are all born with some selfish traits which are required for survival and that  is part of evolution. When a child is born, it’s not full of sin. Its full of innocence and curiosity.   It’s the responsibility of adults, starting with the child’s parents to bring them up well.   The child soaks up the environment it’s born in.  Garbage in, Garbage out.


The indoctrination of a jealous god is the last thing you want to pollute a child with. That is child abuse.

I love Christians… Christianity? Not so much!

If you read many of the religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran, they are horrible stuff. In an, even the broken clock is right twice a day kind of way, you may find some nuggets of wisdom here and there. But for the most part they are all rubbish. Human beings by nature are reasonable and tends to dust off the trash and imbibe the few morals from these writings.  In fact. the civic moral compass that we possess seem to aid in cherry picking what is good and what is wrong.  Unless one is a sociopath most of the folks tend to ignore the not so good parts of these “holy scriptures”. These sociopaths however tend to gravitate towards the evil  portions of these scriptures”.

I find Christians and Muslims who don’t seem so religious to be more moral than their cousins who tend to wear their religion on their sleeves.   Most Christians are social Christians…Christianity for weddings and funerals only.. These are the “good Christians”  we all come across.   The Born again types? Sheesh!  they gives me the creeps.     Which is in contrast to someone who is far more religious among the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs et. al.  A Buddhist or a Sikh “fundamentalist”  may tend to pray a lot more but are not harmful to society. I cannot say the same thing about the Christian or an Islamic “fundamentalist”.   A Hindu priest who is very devout do not go around abusing or preying on non believers either. I can attribute that to the “religious texts” of these faiths  alone. Yes, the Abrahamic religious texts are crude, unsophisticated and downright immoral.

Being a Christian does not make one any better than someone being a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Sikh or a Parsi or a Jew or a Voodoo believer. Its just another superstition.

But what about those non religious Atheists? Whelp! A spiritual atheists is also ok.. This is someone who muses about the things beyond our physical world and come to a logical conclusion that there there is no other power beyond us.. That is an honest position and he/she merely go away being moral using the civic moral compass. But then there is the political left and communists who are “fundamentalist” in their atheism.   These folks were the ones who once ran around (who continues to run around even now in India)  waving their little red book of absolute truth revealed to them by their Lord and Savior “Chairman Mao” or “Marx” who evangelize their “only revealed truth” and goes about converting people and nations into the ideology. In a bizarre way, the far left and the far right religious fanatics do find common grounds that way..to impose their beliefs on others and in the process commit evil.  This is why these two have found common cause in places like India. The evangelical church and communists are butt buddies in India.


The above image does not include the number of people killed by the  Abrahamic religions except for Hitler who followed Martin Luther ‘s antisemitic hatred towards Jews..the founder of protestant christianity.

IF you have not seen this you tube video where this one Christian woman Brigitte Gabriel seems to have a “one up” on this young Muslim woman.  She does make a great point.  But Ms Gabriel is obviously not self aware… the same point could be made of  Christians too.

It’ not about the irrelevant majority Christians. Its the radical Christians who are warring with Hindus and Buddhists of Asia.

This is not about the irrelevant peaceful majority Christians.. It’s about the radical Christians who have done such evil in this world and tend to continue to do evil in Africa and in Asia.

A child is not born a sinner: A Child is born with innocence and curiosity.




Religious Iconoclasm!

(iconoclasm (countable and uncountable, pluraliconoclasms

The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually with religious or political motives.)

Throughout history, Religious iconoclasm of destroying, usurping others religious iconography for the purpose of conversion and waging a religious war were committed by both Christianity and Islam (e.g. Hagia Sophia  in Istanbul, The Cordoba church in Spain, many temples including but not limited to Ayodia in India) .  But one would have thought that it was all part of history we read about in school and  today we all have matured and live in a  pluralistic and tolerant world with social norms of  decency.  Interestingly Muslims of the world with the exception of the Taliban’s destruction of the Bahamian Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, for the most part have given up on this vile practice,  particularly in India,. However, Christian evangelicals  still continue on this path through out this world and it has taken on a rabid and rapid pace in India. (Recent event in Malaysia where evangelicals hijacked the word “Allah” for the Christian god while emphatically stating the exclusivity of the Christian god which is supposedly superior  to all other “false gods” )

I am afraid this is not going to lead to some happy place.   This is going to rile up a lot of people and its eventually going to lead to religious riots. But I believe the evangelicals have  already taken  into account the potential riots and its cannon fodder casualties  into their calculus.. The Gora evangelicals could care less if two brown people kill one another..for these hateful blokes, it’s a net profit for Christianity. Every time  an innocent brown Christian dies in a riot, it’s a martyr for these “gora” Christians to use that to raise more money for funding more  religious wars in Africa, India and other third world countries.

Bottom line is they  still see these events as a net gain for the spread of Christianity.  We need a constitutional amendment to prevent evangelicals to do their deadly deeds


Besant Nagar, Chennai.










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As foretold “Ganeshji for Adoption” was only the beginning… 



The Saffron brigade?




Note: None of these photogrpahs are mine.. I linked this from various sources by Google search.

Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s patriotism and his message of patriotism to be the down trodden in India is very clear Conversion to non-Indic religions is undesirable and will be detrimental to the integrity of this nation and this country. The truth of this is borneout by facts – those areas where the majority Indian population has converted to the non- Indic religion, Islam had seceded from India( Pakistan and Bangladesh). In the north-east of India, most people were converted by missionaries to Christianity and therefore, they are also engaged in secessionist movements and insurgencies.

Christian Missionaries approached him to convert himself and his dalits to Christianity. They promised huge financial and other inducements . The Muslims also pleaded with him for conversion to Islam. In fact, the Nizam of Hyderabad offered him Rs. 75 mln if he and his flock converted to Islam.Dr. B.R.Ambedkar spurned the offers of Christins and Muslims . He said: if one converts to Christianity he ceases to be an Indian. The brotherhood in Islam is confined to the Believers; that is, only to Muslims. It cannot promote universal brother-hood. I will not convert to either of these religions . I will convert to one of the religions that are born here, in this country India. Of all the various Indic religions, Sanatan Dharma, Arya Samaj, Vaishnavism. Savaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Veerasevism, etc. Buddhism appeals to me most . It is all humanity embracing . It has no castes. I will therefore convert to Buddhism and advise all my Dalit brothers to convert to Buddhism and avoid conversion non-Indic religion.

This is not unique to India. This is also happening in other far east countries against Buddhists and other minority faiths of this world.

S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

WHY WOULD GOOD PEOPLE DO SUCH EVIL? They would if they were influenced by eviI!

God of Christianity exposed as evil

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 1)

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Pope Gregory the Great instructed Abbot Mellitus that:

“I have come to the conclusion that the temples of the idols in England should not on any account be destroyed. Augustine must smash the idols, but the temples themselves should be sprinkled with holy water, and altars set up in them in which relics are to be enclosed. For we ought to take advantage of well-built temples by purifying them from devil-worship and dedicating them to the service of the true God.”

Christians Mimic Islamists in Attacks on Nigerian Culture


The Christian Caste System.


List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples

Keeping Judaism Jewish


Today I discovered that at least one and most likely two very nice young couples are in reality, the worst kind of Jew scammers.

A few weeks ago, during the Kiddush after Shabbos services, I met two couples that are so young, I was surprised they were married.  They were dressed as Orthodox Jews right down to the tzitzit on the men (although the women’s heads were uncovered) but there was something, “off” about them. During our conversation I discovered that they were Christians that were looking to connect with and eventually convert to Judaism. I asked them if along their path they had ever been involved with any messianic “Jewish” organizations such as, Hope of Israel. They said no but they had been members of Bella Torah. I must have looked askance because they quickly disavowed the group. They said that they discovered it was phony Judaism and that was why they were here.

The following Tuesday I was at the JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) at Chabad and one of the couples was there as well. We spoke again and they were such a nice young couple that I let my guard down.

During Kiddush a week ago, my husband overheard the men making irreverent comments about what one of the Rabbis was saying. He later told me that he got a bad vibe from them, even thinking that they might be Jew Scammers.

It was the last JLI class last night and the placards with our full names on them were clearly visible. I copied down the names of the one couple that was there. The next morning I started my investigation. Sadly, I quickly found out that they were still active members of Bella Torah. I have written about Bella Torah and their connection to First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ). FFOZ is a Torah centric, educational clearing house for groups of messianic “Jews”. They teach them to do everything they can to be more like the Jews. It is a slightly different form of Messianic  “Judaism” as they tell the Jews they do not want to convert them, just study Torah together. This Torah however is not our Torah. They  then take their time bringing in the Jesus centered conversations.

Once I had gathered all my evidence, I called Chabad and spoke to one of the Rabbis. He asked me to send the information to him which I did. It was a very sad moment for me and for the Rabbi as well. He told me that Joseph Squiccharini had assured him that they had no intentions of trying to convert any Jews.

The first thing Joseph told me when I was introduced to him was that he was Jewish. When I commented that his name was very Italian sounding and asked if he might be Sephardic, he quickly backpedaled and said that his whole family was studying to become Jewish. When I met his wife moments later and asked how she was doing in conversion classes, she looked at me as if I had two heads. She emphatically stated that she, Joseph and her children were all Christian and had no intention of ever becoming Jewish. Joseph heard me talking to her and after giving his wife one of those “looks” said that they hadn’t started conversion classes yet but were hoping to in the near future. Rule one; like Doctor Who, Joseph lies. In fact, they all lie, all these Christians who devote their lives to make themselves seem Jewish to lure Jews into becoming Christian.

As I write this post I can feel my sadness turning to anger. How could I have allowed myself to be duped by these people? Every other time I have met one of these Jew Scammers the hairs on the back of my neck have literally stood up. Not this time. I was fooled by the obvious warmth of these four young people and ignored my own early suspicions. That will never happen again.

Here is my biggest fear; if I can be fooled, even for a short time, how many others will be as well. The evangelical Christians are spending millions, possibly billions of dollars to do one thing; get Jews to accept Jesus as their savior.They are fanatics and they will not be stopped. The only answer is to keep educating Jews, not only about the multitudes of Jew Scammers out there but about their own religion. Judaism is full of beauty and spirituality. It is there for you to learn. Judaism is our beautiful heritage and why any Jew would look for that light elsewhere is a question for which I have no answer.

The political ideology of Christianity to Dominate others.


Title: The Antichrist

Author: Frederick. W. Nietzsche (Online book that talks precisely about the reasoning behind this behavior. This is a book that is available online for free. If you want to understand the nature of this business, its worth a read)



“hate the sin and not the sinner” – St. Augustine.

A cautionary note.  I would say, Majority  of the Christians of this world are wonderful, generous and kind.  In today’s world you do not see these kinds of things from the vast majority of Christians, either in the west nor in India. But the small activist minority  of Christians with the financial backing of some powerful evangelical organizations of the world are involved in this unkind behavior with the fervor and zeal of the new convert.