Persecution of Hindus and Dharmic folks around the world


Being a Hindu American (Not very religious though),  more importantly being an American, I have learned to stand up to bullies a tad better and simply speak up and not be bashful about discussing issues that need to be confronted. The Indian way was maybe to shut up and put up with it..but Its not the American way.   So that’s my excuse to speak up.

Growing up with the influence of the Hindu Folklore  of the Mahabharata albeit from the Amar Chitra Comics, while at the same time reading the American folklore of the American frontiersmen  (Louis L’Amour) , I was ingrained from a young age to stand up to bullies. I  saw   how the Hindu values and the American values coincided so well.  The lecture given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna to do his duty  and stand for righteousness (Dharma) no matter the consequences, and those same values embodied in every Louis L’Amour Novel depicting the values and morals of the Frontiersmen to stand and fight for what is right and to fight for the underdog  has always been etched in my mind. They had no quittin in them.

The Jews were persecuted and made to feel guilty for their faith for over 2000 years culminating in the Holocaust for they refused to convert.  Do not let that happen to you or your children. Teach your children well.

We all need to stand up to bullies such as this..

 Hindu temple leaders unite to denounce recent vandalism


KENT, Wash. — Leaders of several local Hindu temples gathered Sunday to denounce recent acts of vandalism in Kent and Bothell.

Someone smashed several windows at a Kent Hindu Temple sometime between 8 P.M. Thursday and 8 A.M. Friday and printed the word “Fear” on an outside wall. It was the second time a temple in the Puger Sound area was hit by vandals in less than a month.

In a community with so much tradition and so much pride, seeing the vandalism hurts, leaders said.

“(The) Hindu community overall is a very tolerant community and very peaceful and very loving,” said temple board member Jugal Thakor. “People’s hearts are broken that the windows are broken.”

Eight windows were smashed in Kent. The damage was still clearly visible on the outside of Kent Hindu Temple, which is located at 25748 101st Avenue Southeast. But it couldn’t stop the joy happening inside as one man and one woman became husband and wife.

“We are hurt internally. At the same time, we want to keep moving. These things do happen, and we want to keep going,” said temple board member Kul Garg.


Another temple attack in US spreads concern among Hindus


Loved this little Sikh kid stand so bravely against the cowards and bullies.

Shocking Video – Sikh boy bullied by racists on school bus


Another brave soul.. Sarah ( aka Saraswathi..OMG what a  charming young woman, standing up to the two bullies.. Her Parents brought her up so well! They should be so proud.

Converting an Indian to christianity – don’t let the devil win?



Persecution of Hindus in Russia. In the whole of Russia there was just one Hindu Temple. Even that temple was demolished and the Hindus beaten to pulp organized by the Russian Orthodox church klan and its “dear leader” Bartholomew.



Even in India, Hindus are systematically made to feel ashamed of their faith.  One way this is being done is by falsely equating western progress to Christianity. Like the Church had anything to do with development of democratic institutions and  science & technology of the West.

 Japan has progressed and quite westernized without giving up their culture and heritage. India could develop and progress without giving up their own rich culture and heritage.

11-Year-old Girl Punished in School for Wearing ‘Tilak’ on Her Birthday

From Patheos: Farce or Dialogue – Who Should be Discussing Proselytism & Pluralism?


Je suis Sriram

City Police arrest Bengaluru based former telecom executive for criticizing the Catholic Church! 

Fr William Menezes, public relations officer of Mangaluru Catholic Diocese had lodged complaint with Mangaluru City Police against Sriram based on his comments on Facebook. The complaint alleged that the comments questioned the basic tenets of Christianity. The comments, Fr William said were also an affront to the Indian Constitution which upheld secularism and also created a situation of creating a rift between two communities and causing law and order problem.

A case was registered against Sriram in Mangaluru South police station under section 66 of IT Act and sections 153A, 153B and 295A of IPC, commissioner of police S Murugan said. Incidentally, Catholic Sabha, Mangaluru Pradesh, taking offence to what it described were derogatory references and writings about Christianity, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Mother Teresa in social media platforms, writings and speeches, had sought arrests of those involved.

Japanese Christian arrested for oil vandalism at shrines and temples in Nara, Kyoto and Chiba
Posted on June 1, 2015

The 52-year-old leader of a fringe Christian group in Japan has been arrested in connection with vandalism at shrines and temples in Nara, Kyoto and Chiba.

In late March the man allegedly poured or sprinkled an oil-like liquid on the premises of Katori Shrine in Katori City, Chiba Prefecture. The act was caught on security cameras. Chiba police have linked this to similar incidents in Kyoto and Nara.

The man lives in America but his group is based in Tokyo, according to media reports. He formed the group — unnamed in press articles — in 2013 in Tokyo, where he is from. In summer of the same year he apparently told believers at gatherings that they should “cleanse” heresy through the use of oil. “We will cleanse Japan’s temples and shrines with oil, and free the souls [kokoro] of the Japanese of these old customs,” he is allegedly to have said. His group is reported to have over 100 believers in Tokyo and Osaka


North Carolina: Hindu temple sign hit with over 60 shotgun blasts

A sign board for a planned Hindu temple in the US state of North Carolina was fired at, leaving more than 60 holes, that prompted authorities to probe the incident.

The incident, which has shocked the Indian community, happened sometime between noon July 4 and about 1 pm last Saturday, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said in a report.

The Sheriff’s office is investigating the incident in which someone fired a shotgun at a sign for a planned Hindu temple, leaving more than 60 holes in the sign, it said.

A deputy found empty shell casings near the sign that were consistent with bird shot being fired two to three times from a shotgun, Winston-Salem Journal quoted Chief Deputy Brad Stanley of the Sheriff’s Office as saying.

Air Force Dental Technician Fired For Being A ‘Hindu Witch’ 

A dental technician working for the U.S. Air Force was fired after her devout Christian colleagues accused her of practicing witchcraft, bringing demons into the office, and engaging in the “satanic” practice of yoga.

The Air Force Times reports Deborah Schoenfeld was fired after her co-workers at the Epes Dental Clinic at Fort Meade, Maryland, harassed her over her Hindu faith, claiming she was satanic for wanting to practice yoga and meditating, and referring to her as a “Hindu witch.”

The Air Force Times also reports two of Schoenfeld’s former co-workers have confirmed her account of the workplace harassment she was subjected to by her devout Christian colleagues.

Video : Christian Police Officers Desecrate Temple in Kanyakumari

Blood libel accusation against Hindus.

Quote “According to common Christian tradition, ‘doubting’ Thomas, a practicing Jew, was killed by jealous Hindu priests of Kali. (Or a peacock hunter.)”


The picture looks quite similar to the one where “Jews killed Jesus” kind of “blood libel”… They once went after the Jews… now their hate has been redirected against Hindus.

The Christians perpetual persecution complex used to persecute others.  Interestingly this bloke has published this in the Jewish weekly Haaretz  like the Jews don’t know the Machiavellian nature of these blokes. Note the “Thomas the practicing Jew”,, Yeah..St. Thomas the Jew Ha Ha!,. not unlike how they killed the Jews for killing Jesus the Jew.

A good rejoinder by Dr Koenraad Elst

Dr. Koenraad Elst – The confabulated murder of Saint Thomas
So your source is “common Christian tradition”? Fortunately, we are past the stage where we believe a story just because “tradition” says so. Therefore, we don’t believe the blood libel against the Jewish people anymore, eventhough for centuries it has been supported by “common Christian tradition”. Likewise, we don’t believe the lood libel against the “priests of Kali” either. Nothing of this legend is proven. The only written source for it is already some 50 years younger than this Thomas’s suppose martyrdom: the apocryphal “Acts of Thomas”. There, he is presented as coming to “India”, then a very large term (when Columbus landed in what he thought was Zipangu/Japan, he called the natives “Indians”, meaning Asians), in a part that was desert-like and where the people had Persian names. This describes Afghanistan or western Pakistan well, but not the lush and rich tropical landscape of South India. When he has committed several crimes against society, the king asks him to leave, and only when he refuses this diplomatic solution does the king have him executed. I first learned about the hollow mythical nature of the Saint Thomas story while studying in Leuven Catholic University, from a Jesuit Professor of Comparative Religion, Frank de Graeve. Not exactly a “fanatical Hindu” source. More recently, Pope Benedict XIV publicly declared that St Thomas had come to Western India, and that from there, after an unspecified amount of time, Christianity (not Thomas) reached South India. I am aware that Indian Christians have raised hell against this scholarly assessment, and have pressured the Vatican into removing this statement from its website. But that is not going to alter the verdict of scholarly historiography: there is no evidence at all to support this story. And when Christians did reach the coastal area of South India, probably as 4th-century refugees from the Persian empire that had turned hostile after the Christianization of its Roman rival, they were welcomed rather more cordially than any treatment given by Christians to Pagans. Far from being “murdered by the priests of Kali”, they were given hospitality and integrated into Hindu society, without any questions asked about the contents of their religion. Hindus have extended their hospitality more recently to Parsis, Armenians and Tibetan Buddhists; and more anciently to the Jews. That glorious record is the target of gross injustice in the fictional story of Saint Thomas.

Hanuman temple destroyed and Idol Thrown on road in Bengal, No FIR registered
S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse


Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speaks about being the first Hindu American Member of Congress




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