The Minority Report!

One of the often heard cliche  is “Minority”.  Minority persecution!  We need to defend the “Minority” at all cost,  I am lambasted every day by the political left in the media.    A knee jerk reaction to  defend the “minority” from the evil “majority”.    Yes…there is this association of the “minority” being the perpetual victim and the “majority” the perpetual victimizer.  I am an ethnic Indian Tamil Hindu in the middle of the caste totem pole and who is also  an American.    But what am I, really?  Am I a minority? or I am I  part of the evil Majority? I never could tell. I really don’t know how to play the minority victim hood. I always feel I am going to be stealing from the truly deserving “minority” from somewhere.  At the same time I also see many individuals from the Goliath predatory majority shamelessly playing the victim hood and minority game who I believe deserve a kick in the ass.

Growing up a liberal person, I always had the natural instinct to defend the minority against the tyranny of the majority. I still believe that’s  a good moral value to have  and we need to instill those values  in our  children.

Tyranny of the majority.  Political philosophers from Thomas Paine to Thomas Jefferson have taken great pains to  protect the minority from the wrath of the majority.  One of the pitfalls of democracy is the fear of the tyranny of the majority. These political philosophers have often lambasted “Democracy” as a viable political system of governance.  That’s why the word “Democracy” does not appear even once in the American Constitution or  its declaration of independence.   The American political system  is “A Republic”.  Its not a Democracy. Democracy in its simplest form is “two wolves and a chicken deciding whats for dinner”.  Democracy is nothing but a lynch mob.

Ref: 1c. What Is a Democracy?


The minority of South Africa.: The Numerically small minority of South Africa were the white Christians with the support of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) of Europe tyrannized the majority Black South Africans.

The minority Islamist Mughals were the minority while being the   minority of India numerically,  tyrannized and ruled the sub continent majority Hindus  for over 700 years.

The minority Brits ruled the world for a while. And so they ruled the majority Hindu India and other colonies of the world.

The Minority Brahamins of India had a narrative that put down the majority of Hindus and Indians as lower caste and insulted them.

A terrorist with a  gun in a  Cafe in Australia held lot more people hostage is a minority (numerically).

The white christian  Nazis were a minority in this world.

The point is,  A minority with a gun could tyrannize   the majority who are without the Gun. The Gun being the  “Power” of some sorts. It need not be just the power of the physical gun. It would also be Political power.  Could the western Christians with the financial and political  power hold such an  asymmetrical power over non Christians?

In a democracy, could the majority for whatever  sense of persecution of the past punish the children  for the perceived injustice and sins  committed by their parents?  Could the Black Africans  of the United States, no matter  their justified reason to be angry for the past injustice  take a machete and kill the current  children for the sins of their parents?   Could the lower caste Hindus who may have been insulted  take up arms or any other measure to punish then children for the sins of their parents?  If  that is true, should the Hindus take up arms to punish the children of the Mughals and Christians who tyrannized them for over 700 years and 300 years? (Yes.The Islamic Mughals tyrannized the Hindus for  over 700 years and the Anglicans tyrannized the Hindus for over 300 years).

In today’s’ world..The upper Castes and particularly the upper caste Brahmins  are minority in the world, in India and in Tamilnadu India. Yet they are vilified and tyrannized for the perceived injustices of their parents. I mean, it s not like the Brahmins lynched  or enslaved others.. No.. They just insulted others by not drinking from the same cup or eat   from the same plate. Nothing more.

Now lets look at the numerically large group who claim to be a minority.. The Muslims and Christians are the  two largest religious group in the world.  Could the evangelical Christians and the Vatican  send their Representative to a small Island of natives and claim to be a minority? These two claiming a minority position anywhere in the world is  like The Walmart and Mac Donald’s by sending their minions to a smaller  not so powerful countries to claim a minority position and steal from govt largess that was intended for the real minorities   It’s  disingenuous and  capricious.

Whelp! That is what is happening in places like India and many countries of Asia. The Worlds two largest predatory organizations, the Islamists and evangelicals are playing the victimization game in many parts of Asia while they use the world wide organization and monies to predate on minorities of the world to ethnically  and culturally cleanse smaller religious cultural groups of the world for their zeal for their bizarre one world religion while claiming they are a “minority”. It is simply offensive to put it mildly.

The Hindu “Majority” (in India only)  never ever persecuted the world majority Muslims. The world minority Hindus or the Sikhs or the Buddhists  never ever persecuted the world majority Christians.  It was the other way around. Yet today, in India these two worlds Goliath seem to play the victim persecution game.

So, being a liberal, it takes a lot of musings to determine who the good guys and who the bad guys are in this world!  As a liberal, I need to be extremely careful who I support. for there is a high risk I may inadvertently  bat for the bad guys.


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