Teaching of The Holocaust history should be mandatory in Indian schools.

I would wager, 90% of Indians do not have a clue about the Holocaust  however, they may be familiar with the word “Hitler”. Hitler is often associated with a disciplinarian and in a country that is closer to an anarchy, this is sometimes perceived as a positive role model.   “Hitler” is not known  for what he really was..an antisemitic mass murderer but rather as an abstract notion of a strong leader.  I studied at a good Catholic school and yet, I was clueless about the Holocaust until I was close to 18 years old.  The first inkling of a people called “Jews” was during the reading of Shakespeare’s “The merchant of Venice”. The Shylock the Jew with a cartoon caricature of an evil man in black clothes with a crooked nose. Must be some small strange group in some strange part of the world I thought.   I slowly started learning about the Jews after I saw the movie “The Odessa File” ..but still I was no closer to finding out about the 6 million deaths of the Jews until much later in life after I left India. It was much later that I learned that there are Jews in India and India was one of the few places where Jews lived and were not persecuted.

What is the reason for such ignorance about the most horrific event in this world.  The Marxist influenced leaders of India want it that way. These Marxist influenced leadership, primarily the congress Party that has had a near total monopoly of power in India and the leftist “intellectuals” of India are sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause  and do not want Indians to have any sympathetic view towards Israel or Jews.  It’s understandable that India during the 40s was not favorable towards a country based on religion (Israel for Jews) since it opposed the idea of Pakistan as a country for Muslims. So the leadership of India was willing to throw Israel under the bus and voted against the formation of Israel in the UN. Please note, Turkey a modern secular Muslim country voted in favor of Israel in the UN.. But keeping the Indians ignorant of what happened to the Jews is unpardonable and this needs to be corrected.

There is a systematic history whitewashing going on in the west about the context for the Holocaust,  The Nazies and Hitler is often portrayed as Occult or some “Aryan” (Hinduism) influence with the Swastika symbol and what not (A recent program in “The History channel”). Associating the Nazies to Hinduism is often exciting for the Anti Hindu “secularists” of India.   The influence of Martin Luther and his antisemtic rhetoric has often been ignored in the west along with MArtin Luther being the impetus for Holocaust and the culture of antisemitism in Europe.

The Holocaust remains as a single most horrific historic epoch in recent times.. Holocaust denial, which its propagandists misrepresent as “historical revisionism,” has become one of the most important vehicles for contemporary anti-Semitism. It is the invention of a collection of long-time anti-Semites and apologists for Hitler. And India has its own version of this. And this needs to be mitigated in Indian schools ASAP with the formal teaching of this historical  epoch.

Martin Luther’s dirty little book:On the Jews and their liesA precursor to Nazism


Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust –  Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

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