India is a Country, not a Cause.

I loved this Blog entry… (A Link to June’s Blog entry. June is one of my favorite bloggers…if you have not read her blog, please visit and read her musings on  so many things..It will leave you in stitches)

My stomach churns when tourist types judge my life in India and try to induce guilt.  As an example – A friend and I went for dinner with some visitors from DK. One of them asked how we could morally eat at that expensive place when there is so much poverty around us. He added that we were lucky to be born privileged.  Many expats blog about how India makes them rethink with their own existentialism, with customary pictures of “Look! I played Holi with poor people in India”. Few are quick to judge Indians who live above the poverty line.

My dear bleeding hearts, especially the tourist kind, please remember India is a COUNTRY, not a cause.





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