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The Sick-ular Indoctrination of Indian children – Part II


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” – George Orwell.

Howard Zinn the famous historian wrote about how mainstream historians lie. And this is what he wrote.

Quote “One can lie about the past, or one can omit  facts which might lead to unacceptable conclusion…..

Outright lying or quiet omission takes the risk of discovery which, when made, might arouse the reader to rebel against the writer. To state the facts, however, and then to bury them in a mass of other information is to say to the reader with certain infectious calm: yes, mass murder took place, but it’s not that important — it should weigh very little in our final judgments; it should affect very little what we do in the world.

My argument cannot be against selection, simplification, emphasis, which are inevitable for both cartographers and historians. But the map maker’s distortion is a technical necessity for a common purpose shared by all people who need maps. The historian’s distortion is more than technical, it is ideological; it is released into a world of contending interests, where any chosen emphasis supports some kind of interest, whether economic or political or racial or national or sexual.

Furthermore, this ideological interest is not openly expressed in the way a mapmaker’s technical interest is obvious (“This is a Mercator projection for long-range navigation-for short range, you’d better use a different projection”). No, it is presented as if all readers of history had a common interest which historians serve to the best of their ability.

My point is not that we must, in telling history, accuse, judge, condemn “….” in absentia. It is too late for that; it would be a useless scholarly exercise in morality. But the easy acceptance of atrocities as a deplorable but necessary price to pay for progress….. that is still with us.One reason these atrocities are still with us is that we have learned to bury them in a mass of other facts, as radioactive wastes are buried in containers in the earth. We have learned to give them exactly the same proportion of attention that teachers and writers often give them in the most respectable of classrooms and textbooks. This learned sense of moral proportion, coming from the apparent objectivity of the scholar, is accepted more easily than when it comes from politicians at press conferences. It is therefor more deadly.

/quote. -Howard Zinn: The peoples history of the United States of America.

The ICSE History book for Indian children by Romila Thapar is so outrageous... it’s infuriating what these leftists  are indoctrinating Indian school children with.  I had written about my own experience when I was in school in this piece.  The “Sick-ular” Indoctrination of Indian children – Part 1 . But it has taken on a deadly turn today. Here is  Amit Thandani’s twitter posts that went viral. All he did was quote from the 6th standard “history books” taught to school children in India. The source was obviously from Ms. Thapar’s alleged “history”. 

History book You will die of shame:  Seeing anti India stuff.  Is it a Fiction book by Dan Brown? 

First page – a tribute to the writer of history, Romila Thapar. She’s a historian, yes.

Measurement of time in history – only one way, of our Lord Jesus Christ. Indians didn’t have time before, you

The bloody conquest of Islam across the Arab world is “unification” that produced writers, thinkers and

They managed to squeeze in Christian persecution here too, slaves punished cruelly for reading the Bible ?

 And don’t miss this sweet little nugget:

What is the real history of India? What are the corrections that needs to be made to the Romila Thapar’s distorted history? What are some of the key omissions?

Without writing an entire history of India in this blog, let me give you a 60,000 feet   history of India and the salient points that has been distorted by the leftist historians of India (Romila Thapar et al)  and the leftists of the world.

  1. Indian history goes back into antiquity to the Indus Valley civilization. This is more ancient than any civilization from the middle east.
  2. The peoples of India for the most part are from the Sub continent. They did not come from Europe. The only antiquity that makes sense is that  all of us may have originated in Africa. The entire Aryan Invasion Theory is nonsense that the white supremacists of Europe came up with to rationalize their Racist theories. This needs to be rejected. Even Harvard has changed their story today.  They have quietly gone from the “Invasion theory” to the Aryan “Migration theory”. But the political left in India insist that the North Indians of India are not aboriginal to India but rather invaders who killed and mutilated South Indians the true aboriginals of India.
  3. India, that stretched from what is known today as Afghanistan to the west, and  Burma to the east and Srilanka to the south and the Himalayas to the North. What united  India was the culture of Sanathana Dharma (today its known as the “Hindu religion”).  This culture goes back into antiquity of the Vedas.
  4. 300 BC was the time Alexander the Greek who came to India and saw the riches of Indian Mauryan empire. The Chola dynasty was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the history of southern India. The earliest dateable references to this Tamil dynasty are in inscriptions from the 3rd century BCE left by Asoka, of the Maurya Empire. As one of the Three Crowned Kings, the dynasty continued to govern over varying territory until the 13th century CE. The common culture from the North to the South (Today’s India) was the culture of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism and the offshoots Buddhism and Jainism).
  5. The ISIS and the Boko  Haram invaded and abused INDIA and the Hindus  For 700 YEARS. This is a fact.  About 1000 years ago, the Islamists the likes of ISIS you see today with their violent culture invaded and assaulted the Indian civilization and ruled India for about 700 years.  Prior to this awful violence, Persians who were persecuted by Islam sought refuge and were welcomed in India. You see, India was the country where persecuted people around the world went to.  These good folks are called “Parsies”. They have been model citizens of India. Some famous Parsies from India are a) Manek Shaw, the First 5 star General of India.  Zubin Mehta the famous conductor of the New York Philharmonic. Freddie Mercury of the Rock group “Queen” who gave the American national Sport anthem ” We will we will rock you”. If  one travels to North of India and the South of India, it is so obvious (by looking at the skyline of the rich temples in the south and the Mosques and Islamic structures in the Northern Indian skyline)  what the Islamists had done in India. List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples
  6. Ms Tapar’s most benign interpretation of Islamic terror in India for over 700 years is not just unfair, it actually  is persecution of Indian Hindus once again. What could be their motive?  I  can only guess, that they go, OK, we had a violent history.. .but why bring that up now… lets look at only the good things, ignore the bad part..and move on. That is like a family that has had a crime of incest that wants to move on but do not want to talk about it, they rather think of pleasant things and leave the bad parts behind (Denial)… But for the victims, it’s outrageous.. We cannot move on unless its discussed out in the open and confronted. And only then we can move on… Rewriting a false history for the family only enrages the victims. And that is cruelty that continues.     We have had the Nuremberg Trial (for the Holocaust),  The Truth commission for the South African apartheid, The truth commission for the leftist Pol Pot atrocities of Cambodia. These are necessary to move forward.  No such thing has been done for the 700 years of horrific tyranny by the Islamist against the native Dharmic people of India. On the other hand, when it comes to caste, the left does not want to leave it behind, Even after Hindus have acknowledged and are confronting it.. The left keeps on scratching the scab and keep opening the wounds again and again.
  7. 300 years of Anglican and British history in India. Although this was not as bad as the Islamic horrors, this was not all benign either . Some of the things that were distorted and used against the natives of India, was to find an obscure evil in some parts of India and then extrapolate that to all Hindus to justify the English rule in India. The famous Sati story is one of them. The practice of Sati was in some obscure part of Rajasthan by a small group.  Prior to the English invasion, Muslim armies when they invaded, raped and took over Hindu women as sex slaves by the Islamists.. so some Hindu women felt that it was better to self immolate than to be taken away by Muslims, This practice of Sati was a small irrelevant part of Indian history which the English used to advertise the justification for their tyrannical rule over Indians/Hindus. One other aspect was the nonsense about Kali worshipers and the Thug  culture of India. I have written about it here in this blog entry. THE “ANTI CHRIST” GODDESS KALI AND THE MADE UP “THUGS. Like, even the broken clock is right twice a day, there was some left over use the British invasion and their tyrannical  rule had on India. The English language, the railways and the schooling system.  But in Ms Thapar’s history, there is no mention, what the Hindus had given the world.. the Hindu numerals 1-9 and the the concept of zero. Where would the west be in science and technology with their  roman numerals I, II, XIIII etc eh?  No mention of the pluralistic culture of the Dharmic faiths of India. In its 5000 year history,  no Indians ethnically and culturally slaughtered one another over their “sub culture”…Ever! Many Americans are beginning to acknowledge the positive pluralistic influence of the Dharmic/Hindu culture.  We are all Hindus now – Lisa Miller – Newsweek. Naturally, there is No mention of the Hindu’s contribution to the world with their knowledge of Yoga.
  8. India is one of the  few places in the world Jews were not persecuted.  India has one of the oldest Jewish population (Today, many of them have moved on to Israel). No mention of this in Ms Thapar’s Indian history for this may put the Hindus in positive light and she can’t have that. Was there any mention of the Holocaust and the Christian persecution of  the Jews during WWII?TEACHING OF THE HOLOCAUST HISTORY SHOULD BE MANDATORY IN INDIAN SCHOOLS.
  9. Although traditional Indian Christians not unlike the Parsies, have been model citizens,  recent evangelical Christians have not been so nice.  They are on a predatory hunt to evangelize and culturally cleanse India. They have colluded with western Evangelical organizations to war with Asian faiths. To aid in this project, Ms Thapar has not only given the most benign interpretation of Christian history, she has also omitted to mention the Goa Inquisition in India.
  10. Inquisition in Goa, India (and in Spain):  The Christian priests went about one of the most horrific tyranny and torture on Indian people who believed differently from the dictates of the Church.
  11. Ms Thapar’s christian history in America is  distilled down to “persecution of Christians” cause black people were not allowed to read the Bible.  But who were the persecutor of the Africans in the Americas? What was the persecutors religion? What about the Holocaust of the Native population of the Americas? No mention of that either.  But do not worry peeps, I have them all listed here. Ms Thapar may want to read up on The Real Christian history!

Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History


Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; Born into a Parsi family from Gujarat, whose ancestors escaped from Persia and found safety in India to live and practice their faith of Zoroastrianism. Here he is, singing the American National Sports Anthem “We will We will Rock you”!

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The “Anti Christ” Goddess Kali and the made up “Thugs”

Have you watched the movie , “Indiana Jones and the  Temple of Doom” or the  movie “Gunga Din” (In 19th century India, three British soldiers and a native water bearer must stop a secret mass revival of the murderous Thuggee cult before it can rampage across the land.

Those stories are based on  the alleged history of the Hindu goddess Kali worshiping “Thugee cult” of Bengal. The English word “Thug” was derived from this. alleged “history”. You can google for this and get plenty of stories, almost always written by non Indians and non Hindus in particular. To summarize,  supposedly there  was a roving band of bandits who went about murdering, and committing the most heinous crimes of slitting the throats of  passerby and tourists  and robbing them. They were all allegedly  dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali who loved blood and human sacrifice.  The embellishment of this legend took a shape of its own during the Victorian England and it has kind of carried forward today by some idiots. There are “documented” cases of these stories by English soldiers and officers.

It went something like this.

For the members of Thuggee, murder was both a way of life and a religious duty. They believed their killings were a means of worshiping the Hindu goddess Kali, who was honored at each stage of the murder by a vast and complex system of rituals and superstitions. Thugs were guided to their victims by omens observed in nature, and once the deed was done, the graves and bodies were prepared according to strict ceremonies. A sacrificial rite would be conducted after the burial involving the consecration of sugar and of the sacred pickax, the tool the brotherhood believed was given to them by Kali to dig the graves of their prey. Thugs were certainly not above robbing their victims, but traditionally a portion of the spoils would be set aside for the goddess.

Is there any truth to this “Thugee” culture of India? How much of this really happened and how much of this is made up? And what was the motive for the English to make up such a bizarre story?

No one can prove that there were no gangs that roamed the streets to rob people.. India is a large country and I am sure like anywhere else there were robbers. IT would be impossible to prove there were no robbers. But this idea of linking this to the Hindu religion and the Hindu Goddess is what makes me sit up and take notice that its all made up and a lie. Especially the English had an ulterior motive to make this shit up

With these lines, the British officer, Captain James Paton, introduced the interviews he conducted with captured ‘Thugs’ at Lucknow in northern India in 1836, emphasising the spontaneity of the exchange and authenticity of the responses. The British believed the ‘Thugs’ to be a sect of prolific murderers who operated in secret along the highways of the subcontinent, guided by a deadly devotion to Hindu goddess-worship. Ostensibly, the purpose of Paton’s conversations was merely to demonstrate the ‘diabolical nature’ of the practice of ‘Thuggee’ and of the ‘Thugs’ themselves. Such revelations, however, implicitly provided justification for British rule in India, and the ability of colonial officers to penetrate the secrets of the Indian underworld was regarded as the finest validation of their complete knowledge of the land. From the 1830s onwards, colonial rule in India was in fact precipitated upon the gathering of information about its peoples and customs.3 For John Kaye, the in-house historian of the East India Company, the discovery and suppression of ‘Thuggee’ thus constituted indisputable proof that British rule in India had progressed from the non-intervention policies of a disinterested armchair administration:  Approvers and the Colonial Ethnography of Crime in nineteenth-century India1 Kim A. Wagner, Queen Mary, University of London (

Prof. Kim A.Wagner in his  book “Thuggee,  Banditry and the British in Early Nineteenth-Century India”  punches the holes to a large extend to this myth of the Thugee.

One of the  main witness to this alleged “Thuggee cult” is  a Muslim man by the name Ameer Ali who “confesses” to the British officers.  The Idea of Muslims worshiping  the Hindu Goddess  Kali is as real as a $3 bill. It may have gotten traction during the British Raj along with the stories of one Mrs. Mortimer who made up such stories to scare British children of the 18th century even though Mrs Mortimer never visited India.

Wagner continues.. “The tale of crime which forms the subject of the following pages is alas! almost all true; what there is of fiction has been supplied only to connect the events, and make the adventures of Ameer Ali as interesting as the nature of his horrible profession would permit me. I became acquainted with this person in 1832. He was one of the approvers or informers who were sent to the Nizam’s territories from Saugor, and whose appalling disclosures caused an excitement in the country which can never be forgotten.13 The historical Ameer Alee had actually been captured and taken on as an approver by the famous officer, William Henry Sleeman, who was in charge of the operations at Sagar that had been established in 1829.14 In the absence of circumstantial evidence, the colonial authorities relied extensively on captured ‘Thugs’ who were willing to provide information and testify against their accomplices in return for a pardon. In order to be granted a pardon and accepted as a ‘king’s evidence’ according to Regulation VI of 1796, the approver had first to make a full confession, which implicated himself in the crimes of which he had been accused.15 In subsequent depositions, the approvers would then denounce accomplices and later identify those individuals who were put on trial.16 Special legislation had been introduced to put an end to what was perceived as an unprecedented threat to colonial authority, and several thousand suspects were tried as ‘Thugs’ and either hanged or imprisoned on the basis of approver testimonies.17 The information derived from the approvers thus constituted the very backbone of colonial knowledge of ‘Thuggee’.  – Prof., Kim Wanger 

In the movie “Gunga Din”, most astute observers would notice the patriotic speech of the main villain before he jumps into a pit of snakes and “dies for HIS country”. During the British Raj there were many resisters who didn’t care for the white trash British rule and violently resisted, which of course pissed off the tyrants . And benefited them to tell  such stories to rationalize, to their homies  back home, about their rule in India.

Prof., Kim Wanger says the following

“British knowledge of the ‘Thugs’ was deeply entangled in the imperial project and characterised by the need to assert the authority and legitimise the expansion of the burgeoning colonial state of the East India Company. Invariably coloured by Orientalist tropes and stereotypes, the primary sources relating to ‘Thuggee’ are accordingly extremely dubious and the very existence of a social practice resembling that described by the British has been called into question by later historians. 6 Even when British officers like Paton recorded their conversations with ‘Thug’ informers, or approvers as they were called, the suspicion is still that the informants were merely responding to the questions and expectations of the colonial interlocutor. Rather than being untainted records of ‘truth’, these conversations elicited specific information that could easily be made to conform to the official narrative of ‘Thuggee’.7 An inquiry into the subject of ‘Thuggee’ is thus largely defined by the very procedures and institutions that produced such knowledge. Given the nature of the evidence, is it at all possible to examine the subject without, in one way or the other, simply reiterating the judgment of the colonial authorities?

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma. By: Ravi VarmaPublished: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc 2.0 UK, see

Of course the picture of Goddess Kali for an average christian westerner does not help matters and its fun to watch the usual Jesus freaks freaking out!

Kali’s third eye, the mark of the beast?  Christian crazies go nuts! 🙂

In this day and age in this “Internet decade” this evangelical creature has the audacity or stupidity to mix the Hindu deities with the ISIS, you can see how the Hindu Goddess can be mixed up with the Islamists thugs during the Victorian times.

That evil christian evangelical has no problem with this..naturally.


Kālī (/ˈkɑːli/; Sanskrit: काली & Bengali: কালী; IPA: [kɑːliː]), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: कालिका), is the Hindu goddessassociated with empowerment, or shakti. She is the fierce aspect of the goddess Durga.[1] The name of Kali means black, time, death, lord of death; she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction. Her earliest appearance is that of a destroyer principally of evil forces

  • Blood Libel.   Not that there aren’t any precedent for this.  In Christian Europe, false stories were planted  about Jews.. How Jews have to kill little christian boys and use their blood to make Matzah balls for Jewish  Passover.

Goddess Kaali makes an appearance on Empire State Building. But do you know why?

In choosing the image of Shiva Nataraja, the Indian government acknowledged the profound significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s dance for the cosmic dance of subatomic particles, which is observed and analyzed by CERN’s physicists. The parallel between Shiva’s dance and the dance of subatomic particles was first discussed by Fritjof Capra in an article titled “The Dance of Shiva: The Hindu View of Matter in the Light of Modern Physics,” published in Main Currents in Modern Thought in 1972. Shiva’s cosmic dance then became a central metaphor in Capra’s international bestseller The Tao of Physics, first published in 1975 and still in print in over 40 editions around the world.

Goddess Kali showcased on the Empire State

Then I learn of this.

Shiva’s Cosmic Dance at CERN



On June 18, 2004, an unusual new landmark was unveiled at CERN, the European Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva — a 2m tall statue of the Indian deity Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of Dance. The statue, symbolizing Shiva’s cosmic dance of creation and destruction, was given to CERN by the Indian government to celebrate the research center’s long association with India.


But I take schadenfreude delight in the fact that it annoys the hell out  of the Jesus freak nut jobs! Ha Ha!


Oppenheimer Quotes out of Hinduism’s Bhagavad Gita after the first Nuclear explosion



India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi  at the Kali Temple! Go Modiji!


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YOGA – International Day of Yoga!

Relaxation in forest at the Waterfall. Ardha Padmasana pose.

Relaxation in forest at the Waterfall. Ardha Padmasana pose.

yogaToday is the International Yoga Day!

Yoga’s root goes back to the ancient religion and culture of Hinduism all the way back to the  antiquity of Indian culture.

Almost every deity of the Hindu pantheon is shown in Yoga poses

3063577Shiva_Pashupati (1)


Since the time Yoga became popular in the  west, the  non Hindu religious conservatives and the political left  who cannot bring themselves to be pluralistic and tolerant are unable to digit the fact that Yoga is rooted in Hinduism.   These groups are trying to deal with their denial in different ways.

The honest bigoted Christians (ironically the evangelicals) are honest about it and acknowledge that Yoga is Hinduism and openly preach and discourage Christians from doing Yoga.

Few other dishonest bigoted Christians have tried to hijack and are trying to digest  Yoga by making their own version called Christian Yoga.  This is not unlike how they digested the “pagan” Solstice  or yule  tree and Santa Claus by hijacking them into a Christian Holiday.   The sun salutation is now renamed as “son salutation”.   Whelp!  I guess we have to give them props for being creative?

But the most vile group of people are the illiberal political left I call “The capitalist Hippies”, who out rightly lie for the sake of profit. These are the carpetbaggers of Western “Yogies”.  The Yoga Journal is part of this group. For this group, Hinduism means “caste and curry” and so have tried to seperate yoga from Hinduism and make a false history for Yoga.  Like writing articles saying Yoga predates Hinduism, like Hinduism even  has a specific date of origin.    Their motive is to appeal to the larger group of anti Hindu bigots of the world to sell more subscriptions.  There was even an article in “Yoga Journal” about how Yoga originated in Germany and how it went to India from Germany. This is as ridiculous as the Aryan Invasion theory”.  (e.g. THE “SICK-ULAR” INDOCTRINATION OF INDIAN CHILDREN – PART 1) 

The Controversy is discussed here in an Al Jazeera TV.


The question of who “owns” yoga has gained traction in recent years. In the United States, the Hindu America Foundation started a Take Back Yoga campaign. Shripad Yesso Naik, India’s yoga minister, told The Washington Post, “There is little doubt about yoga being an Indian art form. We’re trying to establish to the world that it’s ours.” Shankar stressed the importance of understanding the origins of yoga and its important texts, such as the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. He also worries about “inauthentic” yoga and informed me that the Indian government is considering starting a certification program and standardizing the requirements to be a yoga teacher.

I like this Yoga.  🙂



Steve Jobs’s Secret to Greatness: Yogananda

Yoga, a discipline from India that is so ancient in its roots that you can credit it only to unknown truth-seekers from some glorious past era, has an outer form that has seized our collective imagination: For 30 minutes every day, disconnect from the world, take your body through an array of yoga poses, breathe deeply, keep the mind focused, and presto! You will emerge relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready again to re-engage with the relentless pace of life.

By all accounts, yoga is one of modern civilization’s great movements. In the U.S. alone, more than 20 million people today are pursuing yoga–one of every 10 adults. This yoga revival is in direct response to an increased hunger for physical and mental well-being, and a growing suspicion that there’s more to the pursuit of happiness than the material accoutrements of modern civilization. A panoply of yoga instructors have arrived to offer their own twists to ancient poses. Western inventiveness has flourished in the bountiful soil of yoga; today, some instructors are even offering doga–yoga for your dog.

Yoga’s deeper purpose: Inner transformation.

But Jobs was on a quest for something altogether more powerful than stress-reduction, toning, and fitness. He was seeking the kind of inner transformation that many practitioners sense yoga is inviting them to embark on, but don’t know where it will take them or how to get there.

For this deeper dive, you can turn to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the authoritative and few-surviving ancient texts on yoga. Patanjali teaches that “yoga” means “union”–the dissolving of one’s individual self in the larger ocean of consciousness that pervades the universe–and that to help us achieve this union is yoga’s real purpose. Now you might think: “What is this ‘universal consciousness’ that Patanjali is talking about? And how can I ever get there?”

And that may be why Jobs, in his own quest for higher consciousness, turned to Yogananda.

About Yoga And Yogis

47 Islamic Nations also join in on International Yoga Day


Some  photos from around the world:






Woman doing stretching yoga exercises outdoors on the bridge
Woman doing stretching yoga exercises outdoors on the bridge
Mother and daughter doing yoga at city
Mother and daughter doing yoga at city
2015-06-28-1435530038-46304-yoga_15-thumb (1)2015-06-28-1435530125-3642576-yoga_17-thumb (1)
Woman doing stretching yoga exercises outdoors on the bridge
Woman doing stretching yoga exercises outdoors on the bridge
Young woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall, Rear view
Young woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall, Rear view
2015-06-28-1435529250-3400116-yoga_3-thumb (1)
Healthy family - mother and son doing exercises against blue sky
Healthy family – mother and son doing exercises against blue sky
Pacific Islander woman practicing yoga under wooden pier on beach
Pacific Islander woman practicing yoga under wooden pier on beach


yoga s1

Marilyn Monroe Was A Badass Yogi


1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) curls herself into a bow shape and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) curls herself into a bow shape and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)

Salamba Sarvangasana

1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)


1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) reaches to touch her toes. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) reaches to touch her toes. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)


circa 1956: American actor Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) sits on the grass with her legs outstretched, touching her toes. (Photo by Dave Cicero/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
circa 1956: American actor Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) sits on the grass with her legs outstretched, touching her toes. (Photo by Dave Cicero/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)


1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)

Salamba Sarvangasana

1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
1948: American film star Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) raises her legs in the air and assumes a yogic exercise position. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)

Our New Favorite Yogi Is Teaching Us All About Body Confidence

And then we have Angrier Yoga!

The Confidence Of Hindus

Quote: Rambachan advocates ‘self-critical humility’ as the appropriate approach for Hindus in this context; I say the days of being meek and mild are over.
In the context of Hinduphobia, this unlevel playing field on which we are forced to compete, this negative baggage that others saddle Hinduism with, developing a strong, positive Hindu identity founded on pride and confidence is absolutely necessary. Confidence counters bigotry and gives us the courage and conviction to stand up for ourselves, our tradition and our identity.Confidence is what allows us to define ourselves rather than letting others define us.
Confidence does not mean fundamentalism or fanaticism; it does not mean violence or the issuance of fatwas. It means that we will fight scholarship with scholarship (but we absolutely do not accept that the only valid scholarship is that which is produced by academic cartels in the Ivy League and other elite Western universities); we will fight bias in the media through media channels of our own; we will counter stereotypes in popular culture and art through new art forms of our own; we will proceed with gharwapsi programmes of our own so long as predatory proselytization continues unchecked and unimpeded.
We will not let our traditions of yoga and meditation be looted, distorted, digested and appropriated by the West and we will not concede sovereignty over the definition and depiction of our dharma to outside interests.
And then we have this evil.

World War II and the Mahabharata.

Of all the wars Americans have waged, the World War II is the one that is least controversial. There is an almost unanimous agreement on the virtue of this war against Nazi Germany  and the imperial militant Japan. The only exception to that is the particular event of using nuclear weapons in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Almost every moral precepts that we preach to one another was violated while waging this war against Hitler and his henchmen.  The allies (the “good guys”) killed brothers and sisters and fellow man. They told lies through and through. They stole, they massacred, they bombed the innocent (collateral) yet, in the bigger scheme of things, what the allies did was the right thing to do.  Almost every “wrong” mentioned here had a purpose for the larger moral purpose.. The larger moral purpose here is that evil cannot be allowed to reign supreme. These immoral acts of “killing”, “lying”, “spying”, etc were the cost to pay for the larger moral purpose of stopping a larger evil.  With the few exception of the idiotic “pacifists” there was a general consensus that the war should be fought.  Most reasonable people would agree that, in the absence of the WWII Hitler would have had the nuclear weapons and even if he did not possess the nuclear weapon , he would have continued to do more evil, Hitler and his Nazis managed to eradicate 6 million Jews by following Martin Luther’s fundamentalist wish to eradicate Jews for they refused to convert to Christianity.

Mahabharata (the Great Epic) and the  Bhagavad Gita (“Song of the lord”) 


Tell me,  Sanjaya, of the warriors’ deeds 

On that day when my sons faced the sons of Pandu

Eager to to battle on the field of Kuru,

On the field of Valor.

– The Bhagavad Gita

The story in the  Mahabharata (the Great Epic) and the  Bhagavad Gita (“Song of the lord”)  in it describes a story, a sophisticated  moral story with the background of war between brothers in the battleground Kuru  The lecture of Lord Krishna to the prince Arjuna on his obligation to fight the war. Arjuna was hesitating to kill in battle, while talking about immorality of taking another’s life. Yet Lord Krishna prompts him to wage the battle for greater good, for the moral duty a man has to prevent evil from winning.   Yes, the subtle discussion of killing, lying to win the war of righteousness is the story of the Mahabharata. Our moral obligation to help good over evil is what its about.   Many anti Hindus including the “pacifist” Wendy Doniger and Martha Nussbaum et al  (University of Chicago professors) talk about the evilness of the Gita.  They have taken the Gita out of context and say, Hinduism preaches violence . The sad irony is, Wendy Doniger , Martha Nussbaum et al  political leftist fanatics are Jewish. What did these “pacifists” expect  during Nazi reign?  Nazis to continue to gas more Jews and the allies to remain pacifist and not war against such evil?

If you are not familiar with the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita  I suggest Peter Brook’s play to get familiar (if you are interested.)

Point :  “Thou shall not kill”: Lord Krishna prompting Arjuna (Arjuna being the varna of Kshatriya/Marine. Semper fi ) to take up arms to fight even though Arjuna becomes a pacifist at the start of the battle.  The  context of this battle is, the battle at Kuru was a last resort.  After all reasonable negotiations had failed.  The battle was not the first option.  Now put this in the context of WW II and the D-Day. Imagine the doubt in a warrior’s heart and mind just at the time on D-Day. What is that soldiers duty? What is his Dharma (righteousness) at that time? What is his life worth? Why should he risk his life at that point in time? What about his Judaeo Christian obligation of “thou shall not kill”?  Lord Krishna’s lecture to Arjuna would have been perfect in the context of D-day and the soldier who is about to do his duty has a bout of “pacifist”  cowardice. Not to act at that point in time and context is evil. Allowing evil to survive is evil. To act to defeat evil is our foremost duty (Dharma aka Righteousness).  Even if it would kill us in the process. Our duty is to defeat evil. That is our primary duty (Dharma aka Righteousness).

Point : “Thou shall not bear false witness”: Anti Hindus often point to Lord Arjuna rationalizing lies and deception to win the battle to defeat the mightiest evil of his time.  Arjuna often questions Lord Krishna  about the immorality of telling lies and the immorality to deceive (even to his enemies). Yes, lies and deception are immoral and not right in absolute and isolation. But in certain context these are not evil. Lord Krishna lectures and prompts Arjuna to do the same. During WWII, deception and lies and false rumors were  used to defeat the enemy (to defeat evil). No reasonable person would consider that bad, compared to the alternate of losing to evil. The Mahabharata and the Gita are sophisticated philosophies of good vs evil, about morality and virtuousness. Its about doing our duty (Dharma aka Righteousness) and its  about the  constant moral battle that all of us have to wage in our hearts.  Its a moral precept, a guide of sort to put these things in context and judge for ourselves.. It expects us to be sophisticated in our thought and  actions. It asks of us to do our moral duty to be righteous (Dharma) and to do our duty no matter where the fruits of our labor may fall. Do the right thing.  “Doing the right thing” is not prescriptions to do certain things like “Thou shall not kill”, “thou shall not bear false witness”, “Thou shall not covet” etc. Such empty morality  without a context is not worth the stone its etched on.  These lessons are to do the right thing using our moral compass and in the context  in which we might be in at any time. It’s not about copy paste absolute rules  but to use our mind.

Point: Krishna persuades the hesitant Arjuna to kill Karna even when he knew all the misfortunes, misunderstandings and virtues of Karna. Here, Karna is a moral person. a good person fighting for the other side.  The context here is, although  karna is a moral person, he is now fighting on the side of evil. He is vulnerable at this time in the battle Taking him out at this vulnerable time is like shooting him in the back. Yet Lord Krishna prompts Arjuna to take him out. Karna is in possession of a WMD that can wipe out humanity. Karna is being prompted by evil to use the ultimate WMD.  Imagine an otherwise moral and  good person who has access to a nuclear weapon and happens to fight  for someone who is evil out of loyalty and who is  prompting Karna  to use the WMD to end all of humanity. In  this context, Lord Krishna is prompting Arjuna to take Karna out.  What about the immorality of shooting someone in the back while  a good moral man Karna  is vulnerable?.  Good and evil is not black and white at times… Yet we have to use our mind and heart to do the right thing, after taking into account all the small sins and morality and immorality and still do the right thing. This is the sophistication of the morality in the Mahabharata.

There are various such moral dilemma that one faces during the epic story of the Mahabharata.   This is a sophisticated thought process for all of us. Not some simpleton precepts like “thou shall not kill”, “thou shall not bear false witness”  which is meaningless in the sophisticated moral dilemma we face every day.

The Mahabharata and the Gita are not about the virtues of violence  or blood letting like the anti Hindus are telling others about Hinduism. It is a story that challenges us to exercise our own mind and to fight our own battle in our hearts and minds every day to do the “Right thing”. To Act but not to reflect on the fruit of the act.. To not act against evil while pontificating the virtues of pacifism  is not only cowardice, it’s downright evil.


The longer version of Peter Brooke’s Mahabharata: Part 1

Part 2

Oppenheimer Quotes out of Hinduism’s Bhagavad Gita after the first Nuclear explosion


”The Legend of Bagger Vance”’s Hindu parallels

Louis L’Amour’s “The Quick and the Dead” – Full movie available on You Tube. See the parallels of the values in this story is to the Mahabharata 

The morals and virtues in the Mahabharata are the same values of the American Frontiersmen. I don’t mean the christian values of people who robbed the Natives of their land in the Americas using the term “Manifest destiny” or The church’s “Doctrine of Discovery “.  I mean the values of ordinary western frontiersmen who traveled west and tried to make a home for themselves and in how they fought for  the underdogs and for righteousness.

IF you want to understand a people, you need to understand their folklore.  Folklore celebrates a peoples heroes, their values.  IF anyone wants to understand the people of India (Dharmic people)_, it would help to read and understand their folklore of the Mahabharata  and the Ramayana. And if anyone wants to understand the Americans, It helps to be familiar with their folklore. Louis L’Amour novels are one of the best way to become familiar with the American folklore. (There are other movies like “The wizard of Oz”, “Its a wonderful life”. I found Oz to be quite boring…but its fascinating to see why Americans at large keep this movie close their heart)

Growing up reading the Amar Chitra Comics  (Folkore of Hindu people) and the Louis L’ Amour novels (American folklore), I saw the uncanny  similarity of  Hindus morals and values were to the American western frontiersmen values. If you really think about it, the true nature of the American to stand up to bullies and to not to succumb to cowardice  is the true nature and values prescribed in the Mahabharata.

Louis L’Amour’s “The Quick and the Dead”

This is the story of a Pacifist navigating the world of outlaws and Krishna  like benefactor lecturing the pacifist to stand and fight for what is right  and in the process helps this pacifist grow into a real man.


Louis L’Amour Quotes:


“One may talk of peace only with those who are peaceful. To talk of peace with him who holds a drawn sword is foolish unless one is unarmed, then one must talk very fast, indeed.” -Kerbouchard

Book: The Walking Drum

Charlie Farnum and me we started east for the herd, riding together. When we were a few miles off we started to sing, and we sang a dozen songs before we shut up and left it to the coyotes. That Charlie Farnum had a better voice than me. For that matter, so did the coyotes.

Book: Galloway

I knew the dangers a coward can offer, for his fear will often drive him to kill more quickly than if he were a brave man. ~Mathurin Kerbouchard

Book: The Walking Drum

“Do not be afraid. A little fear can make one cautious. Too much fear can rob you of initiative. Respect fear, but use it for an incentive, do not let it bind you or tie you down.” ~Miss Nesselrode

Book: The Lonesome Gods

“What it all comes down to in the end is a matter of honor and simple decency. If a man doesn’t have that, he’s nothing, and never will be anything, no matter how many cows he owns.” ~Dal Traven

Book: The Shadow Riders

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.

Louis L’Amour


The US government and the USCIRF

USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) is a watchdog organization in the US that allegedly monitors religious freedom across the world.  It  works closely with the US government.   It primarily monitors countries where Christian evangelicals are not given unfettered privileges and government support to convert people to Christianity  in those countries en mass and when these countries do not provide such support to the church and the predatory evangelical organizations,  it puts these countries on a black list.

It’s an organization that uses the Goliath US government’s institutional machinery for the purpose of cultural cleansing and imposing Christian supremacy around the world.   It’s members are primarily from the Christian evangelical organizations with  a single token member from Judaism and Islam respectively. There is not a single member from Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism in this organization. The fact that there are Hindus being persecuted around the world does not seem to matter for the USCIRF


USCIRF is an abomination to the principle and founding of the great republic called The United States of America.


For evangelical Christians, anyone or any organization that puts a hurdle in their quest for world domination and in their quest  for one world religion of  Christianity, must be a  persecutor of Christians. This is nothing new.  Christianity has spread around the world with this persecution complex for the last 2000 years. History is replete with the lessons that it was evangelicals who have tyrannized others around  the world while becoming the Goliath predator.

When Christians run around  Haiti, Congo and Papau New Guinea and try to convert the head hunters and cannibals during the 17th and 18th century, I can understand that they have improved the lot over there… But when they try to destroy the Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and other eastern culture, that is not progress… It’s regression. Taking them backward from a tolerant, pluralistic people into territorial predatory people. That is downright  evil!

Think about it. “Hindus say, all faiths lead one to God” compared to “My god is the only true god”.  Come on.. t’s common sense! The world needs more of “All faiths lead to God””. In fact, western countries are moving towards this enlightened view of pluralism, like its stated in this eloquent article “We are all Hindus Now” in NEWSWEEK By Lisa Miller. But developing countries are asked to go backwards!

As it is, third world countries/developing countries have gotten most of the things wrong, particularly their proclivity to become socialists. They need to be educated to become net wealth creators to bootstrap and develop. If you want to save people in the third world, please send economists to those countries and help them become self sufficient. Evangelize economics 101. Now that is Saving people! But in the case of spirituality and belief, they have it right.  Evil people in the west do not want these countries to develop economically but want to destroy what they have gotten right by spreading more poverty and cross planting. The Neo evangelicals in these developing countries are running around planting cross like a dog would pee all over to mark its territory.

The US is not a stranger to using its govt to spread Christianity around the world. After the invasion of Iraq, the evangelical hordes descended on Iraq  to convert the Iraqis to Christianity.

Here , the US Armed forces is used to evangelize and spread Christianity in Afghanistan. If this is not Christian crusade, then I don’t know what is. And you think the US Government would not do this in India?

The Christian Crusaders of the US Armed Forces!

Bloody shame.

The US could send secular folks to help developing countries.. like  Norman Borlaug who helped build India’s green revolution. Then there is W. Edwards Deming who helped Japan post WW II. What they don’t need are these Jesus freaks. India has enough superstitions of its own, It needs these Christian crazies like it needs a hole in its head!

Ref: Articles:

Anti Hindu Bias at USCIRF | Hindu American Foundation (HAF)
Indian Christians Reject USCIRF Report; Defends ‘Secular’ India

Good Lord: In China, Christian Fundamentalists Target Tibetans

Aggressive tactics persist, however. In a quiet Tibetan town three hours drive from Xining, one local describes seeing a missionary throw coins into the air. “This comes from Jesus,” he declared to the astonished crowd. The same Tibetan remembers with an incredulous laugh being told that Christianity brings cash. “All Buddhist countries are poor,” the missionary said. “If you believe in Jesus, you will be rich.”


Mr. Rajiv Malhotra talks about the “Atrocity literature” collected by the US govt to use it against another country at an opportune time.   IF you remember  during the first Iraq war against Saddam by US President Sr. Bush, all kinds of American Television came up with many shows on how horrible Saddam Hussein was… Never mind that Saddam was a very good friend of the US for a very long time  and as long as he was pliable the US did not do anything to him… Saddam gassed (WMD) the Kurds and committed horror against his own people about 10 years before the Iraq invasion and the US govt did not do anything to him or to save the Kurds.  The US media did not write heavily about this horror as and when this atrocity happened.  But 10 years later, when the US govt decided to invade Iraq, the alleged “free press” (Pfffft!) of the US, Readers Digest in particular had an article (10 years after it happened, but 2 weeks prior to the Iraq invasion) about the story of Saddam gassing  the Kurds using chemical weapons.


Christian evangelical admitting on American TV that the anti Hindu Catholic  congress party helps the church. He lies that the BJP govt built 68,000 and spreads Christian hatred against Hindus.

Advocating reforms at USCIRF





Christians are wonderful people!

So are Muslims,  Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Parsies, Voodoo worshipers  and Atheists. Human beings are wonderful for the most part.  The vast majority of people in this world are normal and charitable folks.  I’d say 80% of the people in this world, do no harm  for the most part.  That’s because, human beings are born divine.. Not born as sinners.  Yes,  we are all born with some selfish traits which are required for survival and that  is part of evolution. When a child is born, it’s not full of sin. Its full of innocence and curiosity.   It’s the responsibility of adults, starting with the child’s parents to bring them up well.   The child soaks up the environment it’s born in.  Garbage in, Garbage out.


The indoctrination of a jealous god is the last thing you want to pollute a child with. That is child abuse.

I love Christians… Christianity? Not so much!

If you read many of the religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran, they are horrible stuff. In an, even the broken clock is right twice a day kind of way, you may find some nuggets of wisdom here and there. But for the most part they are all rubbish. Human beings by nature are reasonable and tends to dust off the trash and imbibe the few morals from these writings.  In fact. the civic moral compass that we possess seem to aid in cherry picking what is good and what is wrong.  Unless one is a sociopath most of the folks tend to ignore the not so good parts of these “holy scriptures”. These sociopaths however tend to gravitate towards the evil  portions of these scriptures”.

I find Christians and Muslims who don’t seem so religious to be more moral than their cousins who tend to wear their religion on their sleeves.   Most Christians are social Christians…Christianity for weddings and funerals only.. These are the “good Christians”  we all come across.   The Born again types? Sheesh!  they gives me the creeps.     Which is in contrast to someone who is far more religious among the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs et. al.  A Buddhist or a Sikh “fundamentalist”  may tend to pray a lot more but are not harmful to society. I cannot say the same thing about the Christian or an Islamic “fundamentalist”.   A Hindu priest who is very devout do not go around abusing or preying on non believers either. I can attribute that to the “religious texts” of these faiths  alone. Yes, the Abrahamic religious texts are crude, unsophisticated and downright immoral.

Being a Christian does not make one any better than someone being a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Sikh or a Parsi or a Jew or a Voodoo believer. Its just another superstition.

But what about those non religious Atheists? Whelp! A spiritual atheists is also ok.. This is someone who muses about the things beyond our physical world and come to a logical conclusion that there there is no other power beyond us.. That is an honest position and he/she merely go away being moral using the civic moral compass. But then there is the political left and communists who are “fundamentalist” in their atheism.   These folks were the ones who once ran around (who continues to run around even now in India)  waving their little red book of absolute truth revealed to them by their Lord and Savior “Chairman Mao” or “Marx” who evangelize their “only revealed truth” and goes about converting people and nations into the ideology. In a bizarre way, the far left and the far right religious fanatics do find common grounds that impose their beliefs on others and in the process commit evil.  This is why these two have found common cause in places like India. The evangelical church and communists are butt buddies in India.


The above image does not include the number of people killed by the  Abrahamic religions except for Hitler who followed Martin Luther ‘s antisemitic hatred towards Jews..the founder of protestant christianity.

IF you have not seen this you tube video where this one Christian woman Brigitte Gabriel seems to have a “one up” on this young Muslim woman.  She does make a great point.  But Ms Gabriel is obviously not self aware… the same point could be made of  Christians too.

It’ not about the irrelevant majority Christians. Its the radical Christians who are warring with Hindus and Buddhists of Asia.

This is not about the irrelevant peaceful majority Christians.. It’s about the radical Christians who have done such evil in this world and tend to continue to do evil in Africa and in Asia.

A child is not born a sinner: A Child is born with innocence and curiosity.




The Christian Caste system

I am often told, how horrible the Hindu caste system is.. Oh the horror of humanity, screams the political left of India, which is then carried forth by the right wing Christian evangelicals of the west and the Political left of the west (Wendy Doniger, Martha Nassbaum et al) who use it to portray the “egalitarian” nature of Christianity.  All those poor souls of India who have been tyrannized by the upper caste Hindus now have an opportunity to  escape the cruelty of  Hinduism if only they would convert to Christianity. They would all be saved. This myth is again supported by the political left in India.  The social engineering of the  leftist govt of India even give out tax payer money for Inter caste marriages.  (there would be a revolution if the US govt social engineers using tax payer money for inter racial marriages).  Although the caste thingi is nothing to “Jim Crowe” about,  is it really that  evil?  I once saw a headline “The Dalit Holocaust” by some “Dalit Christian Foundation” run by racist white Christian evangelicals from Denver, Colorado. It was about 5 men who died in some fight with another village over some property.  The fact that these 5 men (in addition to others) who died happen to be Dalits was not germane to the conflict.    Such “blood libel” accusation against Hindus  is not uncommon these days. In the recent accusation against Hindus vandalizing Church (A common robbery in a church does not make “christian persecution”). In another incident the Vatican sent out an SOS accusing Hindus raping a nun in Calcutta (The rape was allegedly committed by Bangladesi Muslims, not Hindus).   It got me thinking.  Is Christianity such an “egalitarian” religion compared to Hinduism? …I wanted to list and compare the evils of both these religions. I wanted an honest audit of Christianity and Hinduism.. An historical comparison and a comparison as it is today.

The Hindu “caste”  social norm was recent phenomena (recent as in Hindu’s 5000 year history).  And for the most part it  is one of giving offense.. an insult.   It basically says,  due to my social lifestyle, I am better than you and feel superior to you  and hence you are not worthy of my touch.    I will not drink from the same glass or eat off of the same plate. If you, a “carcass eater”  visit my place of worship or my house, I will wash my house and my place of worship clean,  as it is not “Kosher”/”Halal” any more.   We will also maintain social endogamy of marrying within our own social group for you and I have totally different life style and different value system.

There is nothing violent in any of that.  It’s a self seclusion and “social boycott” of the “other” and nothing more.   It does not force or prevent the folks they are boycotting to do bigger and better things on their own. Although these things are not nice things to say or do. It is rude behavior but this behavior certainly does NOT get into the category of “Tyranny”.    In the last 1000 years in India, there was no such govt that used caste to tyrannize, and murder people of “low” caste. India was ruled for 700 years by  Islamists and 300 years of Anglicans followed by 65 years by the illiberal  Nehruvian left.  During the 700 years  of Islamic rule, Hindus were slaughtered, their place worship destroyed..their temples razed and Mosques built over them.  Millions of Hindus were forcefully converted to Islam.  (Islamic Iconoclasm of destroying others place of worship and forcefully converting others to Islam is well know.  Even today, the Islamists peasants of the middle east (The ISIS) behave like this.  If one visits India and travel from the North to the South, one would immediately notice the landscape of the south dotted with amazing Hindu temples and the northern India dotted with Mosques.  Denying that is as grotesque as denying the Holocaust ever happened.

The Hindus never really got to rule all over India in the last 1000 years.  Prior to the 1000 years, the Kings of India were  not even from the upper castes. The upper most castes were mainly poor pundits (Teachers and priests) who did not have direct control of military or weapons. These social norms although was  not great was never imposed as a political writ.

IF you think about it, its not illegal to do any of the “caste” things  mentioned so far in the United states. The Amish Christians not unlike the upper castes of India, maintain social endogamy..They only marry within their own social groups. They maintain and guard jealously their lifestyle.  They  believe their lifestyle is superior. But the important thing to note is. the harm is not in believing you and your life style is superior.. but to use your sense of superiority to exert dominion over others.  As long as you do not exert that dominion over others, it is your fundamental right to do so.  In that regard,  with a few outlier/exceptions, the upper caste of Hindus did not exert dominion over others by force. This important distinction is often conveniently forgotten by the Political left and the Evangelical Christians.


Now lets look at the alleged “egalitarian” culture of Christianity.

  • Crusades:  Bill Donahue of the American Catholic church  justifies the  crusades saying, Christians defending Europe from the desire of the Muslims to convert them was totally justified. The Europeans did not want to surrender to the Muslims and convert  instead the entire Europe resorted to violence which this Donahue fella totally justifies as self defense.

The first biological germ warfare was committed by Amherst against native Indians to wipe them out. He gave the native small-pox tainted blankets and he boasted about it.

Amherst to Bouquet, dated 16 July 1763, [128k] approves this plan in a postscript and suggests as well as “to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race.” (This postcript spans two pages.)


  • Doctrine of Discovery (Google search this…I can’t make this shit up. The Christian Church of Europe pretty much made a universal law that all lands of the world unless discovered by the Christians does not belong to the natives… It is the right of Christians to take any land and property belonging to non Christians.  The doctrine has been cited by the US Supreme Court as recently as 2005, in City of Sherrill, NY v. Oneida Nation: “Under the ‘doctrine of discovery…’ fee title (ownership) to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign-first the discovering European nation and later the original states and the United States.”
  • Slavery: The horrible cruelty of slavery  was justified with the Biblical scriptures and practiced the most in the Bible Belt of the Americas.

There is no place in the New Testament where Jesus objects to the practice of slavery. St. Paul even admonishes slaves to serve their masters well—and to serve their Christian masters especially well:

Slaves, be obedient to those who are your earthly masters, with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as to Christ….

 “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”- Judge Leon M. Bazile, January 6, 1959
  • The Holocaust:  Anger against the Jews for the Jews did not want to convert to Christianity got 6 million Jews gassed to death. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement which  was the impetus for the Holocaust. (Google for “Nazi Vatican Photos”)
 footprint BW shoes
Shoes piled high at Stuffhof
hitleratchurch HitlerWithFan
  • Blood Libel.   OMG! What evil! In Christian Europe, false stories were planted  about Jews.. How Jews have to kill little Christian boys and use their blood to make Matzah balls for Jewish  Passover. In India today, a lighter version of the blood libel accusation on Hindus has started showing up. Recently a Church in N.Delhi was robbed (The  motive was robbery) but a blood libel accusation was made and documented by the Catholic Church as Christian persecution by the “evil Hindus”. In another incident a Nun was raped in Calcutta. The Catholic church put out an SOS ululating the Hindus are now reaping christian nuns.. The rape was allegedly commited by  Bangla Desh Muslims not Hindus.

Remember the war cry to persecute Jews.. “They killed Jesus”. The recent Blood libel against Hindus to persecute Hindus… “They killed St. Thomas”  Blood Libel accusation against Hindus. According to common Christian tradition, ‘doubting’ Thomas, a practicing Jew, was killed by jealous Hindu priests of Kali.?


  • Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt.: Even today, the most segregated time in America is Sunday Morning. The Bible belt is full of White Christian Caste Church and Black Christian Caste Church. When a black preacher preaches in a white church the white congregation over a period time,  abandon that church.
  • Rwanda ethnic Cleansing: The Belgian Christians made up a false history for the Rwandans.. Not unlike the India “Aryan Invasion Theory”  mythology dividing the Indians into Aryans and Dravidians, the Tutsi and Hutu were divided. The Belgian Christians basically doctored a theory that the Tutsi were closer to Europeans because of their long neck and lean angular features. And we all saw what happened there.  BTW In the Genocide of Rwanda, many Church clergy were arrested for their active participation in the Genocide.
 Even after over 300 years of living as Christians, Majority of the whites and Blacks do not fraternize and inter marry. There are more Inter caste marriages among Hindus today than black christian caste and white christian caste marrying.
I can go on with more cases…like the Dutch Church being the impetus for  the South African white Christian Supremacy and for the Lost Generation of Australian Aboriginals where the Church instigated kidnapping the children from Australian Aboriginal parents.  I have not even touched on South American history. But you get the point?
australia 2
Horrors in Congo:
Belgium by reading the Bible before the hanging of a 07-year-old child in the congo Because her father Has not Produced enough wheat

More Christian atrocities

IF Evangelical Christians go around saying that Hindus need to get away from Hinduism and convert to Christianity to become “moral”,  Would it not be more appropriate to  say we need to save the Christians and it’s the Christian who have to get away from their Jealous murdering god.
If the Hindus were perfect would the Christians leave them alone?  I don’t think so. Cause they don’t leave the Buddhists (who have no castes) alone either.
S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple


And It’s time Christians convert out of this Heathen religion of Christianity and become more like the egalitarian Dharmic folks of Asia by converting to  one Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism or at least to one of the few moral sects of Christianity called Quakers who consistently have stood on the side of Dharma/Righteousness) or Amish Christians, these two non evangelical sects of Christianity. That tells us something..Believing in Jesus or worshiping a different deity than Hinduism  does not make people immoral. What makes them immoral and cruel is the desire to convert and seek one world religion. The concept of a jealous god is the most vile doctrine devised by man.
If you think that it would be impossible to improve upon the Ten Commandments as a statement of morality, you really owe it to yourself to read some other scriptures. Once again, we need look no further than the Jains: Mahavira, the Jain patriarch, surpassed the morality of the Bible with a single sentence: “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” Imagine how different our world might be if the Bible contained this as its central precept. Christians have abused, oppressed, enslaved, insulted, tormented, tortured, and killed people in the name of God for centuries, on the basis of a theologically defensible reading of the Bible. It is impossible to behave this way by adhering to the principles of Jainism. How, then, can you argue that the Bible provides the clearest statement of morality the world has ever seen? –  Sam Harris in his “Letter to a Christian Nation”.
The ongoing scam of the various evangelicals and the Church is to go to foreign countries, study that society and find flaws, big and small and then prescribe Christianity as a cure for those social ills…  Like Christianity has any credibility. Pfffft! I mean..come on!  Look at the horror of Christianity  I have listed.. There is plenty more where that came from.  Please  note..If you are wondering why I have not  mentioned any good things done by Christians, Its because the Evangelicals and the various Church  do not talk about the good things of Hindus either. They simply urinate on Hindus at every opportunity they get to for the growth of  Christianity ! 
Why did so many Christians do so much evil?

Romans 5:8  (Get out of jail card)

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  1. (in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).
  2. Christianity. A religious doctrine based on Jesus the Scapegoat . Christians are not accountable for the evil as long as they believe in Jesus.. Jesus the scapegoat has already paid the price for all the evils Christians can do.


 Welcome to the website.  Get to know Christianity.. READ THE BIBLE.

This website is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.  For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes.  The so called God of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This  God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children.  I have included references to the Biblical passages, so grab your Bible and follow along.

NOTE:  A given religion’s right to be left alone by outsiders should be reciprocal and contingent upon its responsibility to leave outsiders alone. – Rajiv Malhotra! 


Top 11 Most Evil Christians! Religious Indoctrination & Christian Terrorism!


Show me where Upper castes murder Dalits so systematically? Are the majority of Dalits in Indian Prisons? Dalits were not tied, dragged and put into cargo ships…they were not enslaved …and they were not lynched like Africans were lynched…. and incarcerated today in prison and shot for minor infraction daily on the streets.

Why is Jesus a White man with blonde Hair and blue eyes in the Middle east? Why is it , that dark skinned people are asked to worship a white man? Especially the kind of people who lynched them and hung them and killed them?  The building of Uncle Toms and Gunga Dins? What a bunch of tools?

Most Hebrew Israelites believe that “The white men” or Europeans are descendants of Israel’s twin brother Esau, also known as Edom.(Genesis 25:25). They also believe that The Most High, at the end of days has a stern punishment reserved for Esau’s children for enslaving the Hebrew Israelites.

So why are Dark skinned Indian Evangelicals Christians carrying the cross for the  Esau who lynched and enslaved dark skinned Africans  rather than  bat for the Hebrew Israelites.

“This saintly anarchist, who aroused the people of the abyss, the outcasts and “sinners,” the Chandala of Judaism, to rise in revolt against the established order of things—and in language which, if the Gospels are to be credited, would get him sent to Siberia today—this man was certainly a political criminal, at least in so far as it was possible to be one in so absurdly unpolitical a community. This is what brought him to the cross: the proof thereof is to be found in the inscription that was put upon the cross. He died for his own sins—there is not the slightest ground for believing, no matter how often it is asserted, that he died for the sins of others.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

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