Christians are wonderful people!

So are Muslims,  Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Parsies, Voodoo worshipers  and Atheists. Human beings are wonderful for the most part.  The vast majority of people in this world are normal and charitable folks.  I’d say 80% of the people in this world, do no harm  for the most part.  That’s because, human beings are born divine.. Not born as sinners.  Yes,  we are all born with some selfish traits which are required for survival and that  is part of evolution. When a child is born, it’s not full of sin. Its full of innocence and curiosity.   It’s the responsibility of adults, starting with the child’s parents to bring them up well.   The child soaks up the environment it’s born in.  Garbage in, Garbage out.


The indoctrination of a jealous god is the last thing you want to pollute a child with. That is child abuse.

I love Christians… Christianity? Not so much!

If you read many of the religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran, they are horrible stuff. In an, even the broken clock is right twice a day kind of way, you may find some nuggets of wisdom here and there. But for the most part they are all rubbish. Human beings by nature are reasonable and tends to dust off the trash and imbibe the few morals from these writings.  In fact. the civic moral compass that we possess seem to aid in cherry picking what is good and what is wrong.  Unless one is a sociopath most of the folks tend to ignore the not so good parts of these “holy scriptures”. These sociopaths however tend to gravitate towards the evil  portions of these scriptures”.

I find Christians and Muslims who don’t seem so religious to be more moral than their cousins who tend to wear their religion on their sleeves.   Most Christians are social Christians…Christianity for weddings and funerals only.. These are the “good Christians”  we all come across.   The Born again types? Sheesh!  they gives me the creeps.     Which is in contrast to someone who is far more religious among the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs et. al.  A Buddhist or a Sikh “fundamentalist”  may tend to pray a lot more but are not harmful to society. I cannot say the same thing about the Christian or an Islamic “fundamentalist”.   A Hindu priest who is very devout do not go around abusing or preying on non believers either. I can attribute that to the “religious texts” of these faiths  alone. Yes, the Abrahamic religious texts are crude, unsophisticated and downright immoral.

Being a Christian does not make one any better than someone being a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Sikh or a Parsi or a Jew or a Voodoo believer. Its just another superstition.

But what about those non religious Atheists? Whelp! A spiritual atheists is also ok.. This is someone who muses about the things beyond our physical world and come to a logical conclusion that there there is no other power beyond us.. That is an honest position and he/she merely go away being moral using the civic moral compass. But then there is the political left and communists who are “fundamentalist” in their atheism.   These folks were the ones who once ran around (who continues to run around even now in India)  waving their little red book of absolute truth revealed to them by their Lord and Savior “Chairman Mao” or “Marx” who evangelize their “only revealed truth” and goes about converting people and nations into the ideology. In a bizarre way, the far left and the far right religious fanatics do find common grounds that impose their beliefs on others and in the process commit evil.  This is why these two have found common cause in places like India. The evangelical church and communists are butt buddies in India.


The above image does not include the number of people killed by the  Abrahamic religions except for Hitler who followed Martin Luther ‘s antisemitic hatred towards Jews..the founder of protestant christianity.

IF you have not seen this you tube video where this one Christian woman Brigitte Gabriel seems to have a “one up” on this young Muslim woman.  She does make a great point.  But Ms Gabriel is obviously not self aware… the same point could be made of  Christians too.

It’ not about the irrelevant majority Christians. Its the radical Christians who are warring with Hindus and Buddhists of Asia.

This is not about the irrelevant peaceful majority Christians.. It’s about the radical Christians who have done such evil in this world and tend to continue to do evil in Africa and in Asia.

A child is not born a sinner: A Child is born with innocence and curiosity.




Time for Africans and African Americans to save themselves from the mental Tyranny of Christianity!

I always wondered why Black Africans and African Americans in America.  in particular should  worship the god of their tyrants. The god of the very people who enslaved them. The very people who use the Bible to justify murdering them, lynching them and keep them in the Ghettos in a perpetual state of  slavery or near such condition as possible  today.  They have been asked to worship a  mythological blonde haired white person who somehow was  born in the middle east to two white people.  Even after 300 years of living as Christians, Black christian caste and white christian caste rarely fraternize and inter marry in America.  IF you notice, there are plenty of white Christian caste missionary running around in Africa, but rarely would you see the children of these Christian evangelicals actually fraternize with Africans.. They do not even live in the same compound..They do not date nor marry.,   The absurdity is not only comical, its downright cruel and  evil.


Even among the few Hindus in India who maintain social Endogamy of the caste,  99% of the temples are integrated.. People visit Temples all over India and no Indian cares about what the other persons caste is..  The worlds biggest gathering of Hindu faith is the Kumbha Mela, Hindus of all castes and creeds and economic persuasion meet without any violence or unpleasant encounters. 

Kumbh Mela (/ˌkʊm ˈmlə/ or /ˌkʊm məˈlɑː/) is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to bathe in a sacred river. It is considered to be the largest peaceful gathering in the world where around 100 million people were expected to visit during the Maha Kumbh Mela in 2013 in Allahabad.[3][4] It is held every third year at one of the four places by rotation: Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayaga), Nashik and Ujjain. Thus the Kumbh Mela is held at each of these four places every twelfth year. Ardha (“Half”) Kumbh Mela is held at only two places, Haridwar and Allahabad, every sixth year.

I once remembered reading an article in TIME magazine where a Jewish woman gives advice to a young angry black boy of 11 years old.. She takes him aside and tells him that he should channel his anger to benefit himself.. The best revenge is “Success” she advice him.  Not Violence, Not some destructive behavior to vent, but to look inwards and become a better person, Become successful in everything. That is the best revenge.  I  so loved that editorial.

IF you have not seen the movie Malcolm X or not haven seen many films on the real Malcolm X, please search You tube, there are plenty of documentary.

Malcolm X: Speeches and Interviews (1960-65)


It’s total insanity for African Americans to actually keep living in the Ghettos and keep worshiping a white mythological person and fraternizing and supporting Evangelical Christians who are waging wars on Hindus and Buddhists of Asia.

There is this Denver based white supremacist christian organization called Dalit “Freedom Network”. They have a front “charity” to disguise their real motive and agenda of stoking a religious war in India. (Nice name eh? (It’s like  Pedophiles calling themselves themselves “child lovers” ). These white supremacists who have been the cause of African American misery have the gall to say they want to save the Indian “Untouchables/Dalits”. In that pursuit they have roped in some good hearted African Americans to equate the Dalits of India and the African American experience.. Don’t buy it. Don’t drink that cool aid.. Do not dilute the African American experience.    African American experience stands on its own…its horrific… , what Y’all have gone through is not the same as what the Indian untouchables/Dalits  have gone through.. The Dalits of India were not put on a ship like a cargo and dragged in chains..ok?

On a African Slave Ship to AmericaThe Dalits were not enslaved for generations after generations over 300 years and sold as cattle..

slaveauction1 The families split, the child taken from the prying hands of the African American mother and sold like cattle… ok?

1fa5ac5bb358c9a1864936a2dd86421bThe Dalits of India were not systematically lynched like the white Christians have done to the African Americans..OK?  black-people-lynched16d568742c190015e7b59148d92b046a.600x407x1

 For the most part the Dalits of India were given slight..insulted and ignored..That’s not nice of course. .but to equate their experience with the African American experience by the white Christian evangelical evil is outrageous.  As outrageous as comparing the social endogamy practiced by the Amish Christians to the evil Christian Holocaust  by burning 6 million of Jews for rejecting Christianity.   Now ask yourself,. Why would any African American help these white evangelicals who are warring with Asians by using the same argument they have used  to culturally cleanse Native Americans and African Americans? Why do you African Americans,  help these same folks who used the same bible to wipe out the Native Indians and enslave Africans now do this to Asian Hindus and Buddhists?   This evil white trash evangelicals are hell bent on starting a  religious war in India.  They are spending enormous amount of money for this religious war where a group of brown skinned people are going to kill one another..these white trash evangelicals could care less…for them, establishing Christianity is what matters…a bunch of brown people dying as cannon fodder is collateral damage for Christ.  They have done this in Africa including Rwanda… and they are busy preparing for this in India.

  • Rwanda ethnic Cleansing: The Belgian Christians made up a false history for the Rwandans.. Not unlike the India “Aryan Invasion Theory”  mythology dividing the Indians into Aryans and Dravidians, the Tutsi and Hutu were divided. The Belgian Christians basically doctored a theory that the Tutsi were closer to Europeans because of their long neck and lean angular features. And we all saw what happened there.  BTW In the Genocide of Rwanda, many Church clergy were arrested for their active participation in the Genocide.

Do not trust the evangelical white trash..they are lying no good piece of garbage…  Remember, Martin Luther Jr  learned from Mahatma Gandhi a Hindu for his fight against white supremacy. He had to fight the church.

The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.  – Martin Luther King Jr (1929 – 1968)

An appeal to Africans Americans:  Please stand with the Hindus and the Buddhists and not with the Christian Evangelicals .. their enemies.

Most White Evangelicals Think Cops Treat Black Americans Fairly: PRRI Survey

80% of young African Americans in the US are incarcerated. You are being shot dead on in the streets of America by white Christians for the minor infractions.  Native Indians were wiped out of this land for they did not become slaves of White Christians.. And African Americans in spite of converting to Christianity, Christianity has not helped y’all.  It’s not going to help y’all in the future either.  Look at Hindus and Jews and Japanese..They are doing so well  in America without the benefit of “Jesus”  mythology.   Look what Christianity has done in HAiti and central America? The Catholics and the Southern Baptists are fighting a religious war  to predate  on those poor people. What do you see there? Poverty and Cross planting all over! All they are doing is planting cross all over like a dog pees to mark its territory.. No progress what soever!.

Horrors in Congo:
Belgium by reading the Bible before the hanging of a 07-year-old child in the congo Because her father Has not Produced enough wheat

It’s time to unchain yourself and find freedom from christianity and the culture of a jealous petulant little god.

 Famous African American who were brave enough to unchain themselves from the religion that kept them enslaved.  

Tina Turner who escaped her Tyranny by embracing Buddhism.


10410116_699677746836255_911230695731823074_n (1)

African American man with his two sons became Sikh .. He was very much inspired by Sikhism And decided to change his religion ..Good job !! Welcome him — with kulwant.

If Asian Faiths are a too much of a leap, At least consider converting to Judaism or even Quaker Christianity. Quakers Christianity have always stood on the side of Righteousness/Dharma.. It was the Quakers ( a non evangelical Christian sect that stood and fought against Slavery.. Why would any African American be a Baptist? It was the Baptists of the Bible Belt that used the Bible and Christianity to enslave  y’all! Sheesh! Get out while you can people!

Quote from Sam Harris in his “Letter to a Christian Nation”.

The only real restraint God counsels on the subject of slavery is that we not beat our slaves so severely that we injure their eyes or their teeth (Exodus 21). It should go without saying that is not the kind of moral insight that put an end to slavery in the United States.

There is no place in the New Testament where Jesus objects to the practice of slavery. St. Paul even admonishes slaves to serve their masters well—and to serve their Christian masters especially well:

Slaves, be obedient to those who are your earthly masters, with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as to Christ….


 The African World Under Siege! Electrifying speech! Loved it… What he says of Uncle Toms, applies to Indian Gunga Dins as well!


Apr 23, 2015 Murder of Mr Gray the christian “untouchable”!

Apr 7, 2015: Shot in the back in cold blood for being an untouchable christian!


Nov 23rd 2015: Chicago releases dashcam video of Laquan McDonald’s fatal shooting

Jesus Did Not Die For You…They Did…





First lady takes on discrimination in Tuskegee address
Racist Letter Tells Black Family To Leave Neighborhood
Christians Mimic Islamists in Attacks on Nigerian Culture
Texas Teacher Fired After Disturbingly Racist Post In Response To Pool Party Incident
On the Death of Sandra Bland and Our Vulnerable Bodies
Teacher Was Fired After School Found Out She Was With Black Man: Suit
Interracial Couples Share The Insults They’ve Experienced In Insightful Photo Series
Multiple Firings After Racially Charged Facebook Remarks Mocking a Black Child Go Viral




Jun 18, 2015. White christian shoots black christian caste for being an untouchable 

Aug 1st 2015. Yet another Black christian caste shot dead by white christian caste.

Sept 11 2015: Black caste being mistreated by white christian caste continues


13902660_942256655921202_1970445495897708628_n (1)

SEPT 22ND 2016 –  WTF? Another killing of an innocent African American man by a white Christian cops. CHRISTIANS GONE MAD!


SEPT 23rd 2016 – HEART BREAKING: MORE KILLING OF African Americans by White Christians:  When will White Christians stop killing Blacks?

Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Keith Scott Despite Wife’s Pleas

Rakeyia Scott filmed her husband’s last moments.


HERE IS THE HINDU GOOD NEWS: We are not born sinners…we are all born Divine! That’s the real good news people! 

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The Christian Caste System.



Two True Indian Heroes. Mahatma Gandhi And now, Narendra Modi

The whole world knows Mahatma Gandhi the Indian Hindu.  But Modi?  Not so much.   When Indian PM Narendra Modi Visited Europe, the US and most recently to Canada, many Canadians were surprised why Modi ji was given such a warm welcome.  Why was he treated like a Rock Star in Canada (similar situation in the US and Australia when he visited these countries).

He was treated like a Rock star in Canada by Hindu Indians Not by Canadians. not by Christian Indians..Not by Muslims Indians. Not by the far left communist Indians


1) Modi  ji was born  a “low caste” Hindu who was also  born poor..His father sold tea in Indian Railway station. He is like many Indians a good candidate for becoming a socialist, communist and anti Hindu leftist. Instead he managed to succeed by bootstrapping himself and helping others. He  is a true upper class gentleman. A model for all Indians.

2) Modi ji  is is such a patriot..  Modi ji  did not throw his fellow Hindus under the bus by supporting the anti Hindus of the world. Although he was born poor and born into “low caste” He did not limit himself with self pity and victimization. He made something of himself.. Not just something… He arose within the ranks of  a Hindu Organization (no different than many of the Christians church groups) and became the Governor of the state of Gujarat. He made this state in India one of the Richest state of India. This state’s economy grew bigger than China’s rate of Growth. He is an un apologist Hindu. When he was asked by the Prestttidudes of India, what he would do to Indian Christians and Muslims of India. He said, he would live by his Hindu values..that all religious paths lead to God.. and that he would defend and protect people of all faiths since the core of Hinduism is, diversity in religious beliefs has been the core of Hinduism for over 5000 years…”I am a Hindu I would live by my Hindu values”. Instead, the political left presstitudes, who really wanted  him to say what the anti Hindu Christian Rahul would have said,. “Don’t worry, I am not like those “evil Hindus”.. I am a secular leftist  who would protect non Hindus from the religious Hindus” ).   You may not realize this…but Hindus in India have been made to shrivel up and die of guilt  by many Christians,  Muslims and communists.  As though Hindus have committed the Holocaust, Enslaved the Africans or Lynched them or wiped out a country by ethnic cleansing.

After 65 years since Indians Independence and after 1000 years of foreign tyranny in India, we have an honest Indian who wears his Hindu religion on his sleeve.

Modi is India’s Ronald Reagan.. He may not be the brightest Harvard educated bloke…but we TRUST HIM!

Here is an anecdotal episode. One for the ages.

A train journey and two names to remember


A Re-Print!

Of two co-travellers who surprised the writer with their graciousness, 24 years ago

It was the summer of 1990. As Indian Railway (Traffic) Service probationers, my friend and I travelled by train from Lucknow to Delhi. Two MPs were also travelling in the same bogie. That was fine, but the behaviour of some 12 people who were travelling with them without reservation was terrifying. They forced us to vacate our reserved berths and sit on the luggage, and passed obscene and abusive comments. We cowered in fright and squirmed with rage. It was a harrowing night in the company of an unruly battalion; we were on edge, on the thin line between honour and dishonour. All other passengers seemed to have vanished, along with the Travelling Ticket Examiner.

We reached Delhi the next morning without being physically harmed by the goons, though we were emotionally wrecked. My friend was so traumatised she decided to skip the next phase of training in Ahmedabad and stayed back in Delhi. I decided to carry on since another batchmate was joining me. (She is Utpalparna Hazarika, now Executive Director, Railway Board.) We boarded an overnight train to Gujarat’s capital, this time without reservations as there wasn’t enough time to arrange for them. We had been wait-listed.

We met the TTE of the first class bogie, and told him how we had to get to Ahmedabad. The train was heavily booked, but he politely led us to a coupe to sit as he tried to help us. I looked at the two potential co-travellers, two politicians, as could be discerned from their white khadi attire, and panicked. “They’re decent people, regular travellers on this route, nothing to worry,” the TTE assured us. One of them was in his mid-forties with a normal, affectionate face, and the other in his late-thirties with a warm but somewhat impervious expression. They readily made space for us by almost squeezing themselves to one corner.

They introduced themselves: two BJP leaders from Gujarat. The names were told but quickly forgotten as names of co-passengers were inconsequential at that moment. We also introduced ourselves, two Railway service probationers from Assam. The conversation turned to different topics, particularly in the areas of History and the Polity. My friend, a post-graduate in History from Delhi University and very intelligent, took part. I too chipped in. The discussion veered around to the formation of the Hindu Mahasabha and the Muslim League.

The senior one was an enthusiastic participant. The younger one mostly remained quiet, but his body language conveyed his total mental involvement in what was being discussed, though he hardly contributed. Then I mentioned Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s death, why it was still considered a mystery by many. He suddenly asked: “How do you know about Syama Prasad Mookerjee?” I had to tell him that when my father was a post-graduate student in Calcutta University, as its Vice-Chancellor he had arranged a scholarship for the young man from Assam. My father often reminisced about that and regretted his untimely death [in June 1953 at the age of 51].

The younger man then almost looked away and spoke in a hushed tone almost to himself: “It’s good they know so many things …”

Suddenly the senior man proposed: “Why don’t you join our party in Gujarat?” We both laughed it off, saying we were not from Gujarat. The younger man then forcefully interjected: “So what? We don’t have any problem on that. We welcome talent in our State.” I could see a sudden spark in his calm demeanour.

The food arrived, four vegetarian thalis. We ate in silence. When the pantry-car manager came to take the payment, the younger man paid for all of us. I muttered a feeble ‘thank you’, but he almost dismissed that as something utterly trivial. I observed at that moment that he had a different kind of glow in his eyes, which one could hardly miss. He rarely spoke, mostly listened.

The TTE then came and informed us the train was packed and he couldn’t arrange berths for us. Both men immediately stood up and said: “It’s okay, we’ll manage.” They swiftly spread a cloth on the floor and went to sleep, while we occupied the berths.

What a contrast! The previous night we had felt very insecure travelling with a bunch of politicians, and here we were travelling with two politicians in a coupe, with no fear.

The next morning, when the train neared Ahmedabad, both of them asked us about our lodging arrangements in the city. The senior one told us that in case of any problem, the doors of his house were open for us. There was some kind of genuine concern in the voice or the facial contours of the otherwise apparently inscrutable younger one, and he told us: “I’m like a nomad, I don’t have a proper home to invite you but you can accept his offer of safe shelter in this new place.”

We thanked them for that invitation and assured them that accommodation was not going to be a problem for us.

Before the train came to a stop, I pulled out my diary and asked them for their names again. I didn’t want to forget the names of two large-hearted fellow passengers who almost forced me to revise my opinion about politicians in general. I scribbled down the names quickly as the train was about to stop:Shankersinh Vaghela and Narendra Modi.

I wrote on this episode in an Assamese newspaper in 1995. It was a tribute to two unknown politicians from Gujarat for giving up their comfort ungrudgingly for the sake of two bens from Assam. When I wrote that, I didn’t have the faintest idea that these two people were going to become so prominent, or that I would hear more about them later. When Mr. Vaghela became Chief Minister of Gujarat in 1996, I was glad. When Mr. Modi took office as Chief Minister in 2001, I felt elated. (A few months later, another Assamese daily reproduced my 1995 piece.) And now, he is the Prime Minister of India.

Every time I see him on TV, I remember that warm meal, that gentle courtesy, caring and sense of security that we got that night far from home in a train, and bow my head.

(The author is General Manager of the Centre for Railway Information System, Indian Railways, New Delhi.

 Modi ji in Canada (He is not ashamed of speaking in his Indian language of Hindi…  Many Uncle Tom Indians (Gunga Dins) are dying of shame that he is not speaking in English)

 Modi ji in Oz

 Modi Ji in the US.

Narendra Modi at SAP Center San Jose, California – Full Speech | Modi In USA



The Christian Caste system

I am often told, how horrible the Hindu caste system is.. Oh the horror of humanity, screams the political left of India, which is then carried forth by the right wing Christian evangelicals of the west and the Political left of the west (Wendy Doniger, Martha Nassbaum et al) who use it to portray the “egalitarian” nature of Christianity.  All those poor souls of India who have been tyrannized by the upper caste Hindus now have an opportunity to  escape the cruelty of  Hinduism if only they would convert to Christianity. They would all be saved. This myth is again supported by the political left in India.  The social engineering of the  leftist govt of India even give out tax payer money for Inter caste marriages.  (there would be a revolution if the US govt social engineers using tax payer money for inter racial marriages).  Although the caste thingi is nothing to “Jim Crowe” about,  is it really that  evil?  I once saw a headline “The Dalit Holocaust” by some “Dalit Christian Foundation” run by racist white Christian evangelicals from Denver, Colorado. It was about 5 men who died in some fight with another village over some property.  The fact that these 5 men (in addition to others) who died happen to be Dalits was not germane to the conflict.    Such “blood libel” accusation against Hindus  is not uncommon these days. In the recent accusation against Hindus vandalizing Church (A common robbery in a church does not make “christian persecution”). In another incident the Vatican sent out an SOS accusing Hindus raping a nun in Calcutta (The rape was allegedly committed by Bangladesi Muslims, not Hindus).   It got me thinking.  Is Christianity such an “egalitarian” religion compared to Hinduism? …I wanted to list and compare the evils of both these religions. I wanted an honest audit of Christianity and Hinduism.. An historical comparison and a comparison as it is today.

The Hindu “caste”  social norm was recent phenomena (recent as in Hindu’s 5000 year history).  And for the most part it  is one of giving offense.. an insult.   It basically says,  due to my social lifestyle, I am better than you and feel superior to you  and hence you are not worthy of my touch.    I will not drink from the same glass or eat off of the same plate. If you, a “carcass eater”  visit my place of worship or my house, I will wash my house and my place of worship clean,  as it is not “Kosher”/”Halal” any more.   We will also maintain social endogamy of marrying within our own social group for you and I have totally different life style and different value system.

There is nothing violent in any of that.  It’s a self seclusion and “social boycott” of the “other” and nothing more.   It does not force or prevent the folks they are boycotting to do bigger and better things on their own. Although these things are not nice things to say or do. It is rude behavior but this behavior certainly does NOT get into the category of “Tyranny”.    In the last 1000 years in India, there was no such govt that used caste to tyrannize, and murder people of “low” caste. India was ruled for 700 years by  Islamists and 300 years of Anglicans followed by 65 years by the illiberal  Nehruvian left.  During the 700 years  of Islamic rule, Hindus were slaughtered, their place worship destroyed..their temples razed and Mosques built over them.  Millions of Hindus were forcefully converted to Islam.  (Islamic Iconoclasm of destroying others place of worship and forcefully converting others to Islam is well know.  Even today, the Islamists peasants of the middle east (The ISIS) behave like this.  If one visits India and travel from the North to the South, one would immediately notice the landscape of the south dotted with amazing Hindu temples and the northern India dotted with Mosques.  Denying that is as grotesque as denying the Holocaust ever happened.

The Hindus never really got to rule all over India in the last 1000 years.  Prior to the 1000 years, the Kings of India were  not even from the upper castes. The upper most castes were mainly poor pundits (Teachers and priests) who did not have direct control of military or weapons. These social norms although was  not great was never imposed as a political writ.

IF you think about it, its not illegal to do any of the “caste” things  mentioned so far in the United states. The Amish Christians not unlike the upper castes of India, maintain social endogamy..They only marry within their own social groups. They maintain and guard jealously their lifestyle.  They  believe their lifestyle is superior. But the important thing to note is. the harm is not in believing you and your life style is superior.. but to use your sense of superiority to exert dominion over others.  As long as you do not exert that dominion over others, it is your fundamental right to do so.  In that regard,  with a few outlier/exceptions, the upper caste of Hindus did not exert dominion over others by force. This important distinction is often conveniently forgotten by the Political left and the Evangelical Christians.


Now lets look at the alleged “egalitarian” culture of Christianity.

  • Crusades:  Bill Donahue of the American Catholic church  justifies the  crusades saying, Christians defending Europe from the desire of the Muslims to convert them was totally justified. The Europeans did not want to surrender to the Muslims and convert  instead the entire Europe resorted to violence which this Donahue fella totally justifies as self defense.

The first biological germ warfare was committed by Amherst against native Indians to wipe them out. He gave the native small-pox tainted blankets and he boasted about it.

Amherst to Bouquet, dated 16 July 1763, [128k] approves this plan in a postscript and suggests as well as “to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race.” (This postcript spans two pages.)


  • Doctrine of Discovery (Google search this…I can’t make this shit up. The Christian Church of Europe pretty much made a universal law that all lands of the world unless discovered by the Christians does not belong to the natives… It is the right of Christians to take any land and property belonging to non Christians.  The doctrine has been cited by the US Supreme Court as recently as 2005, in City of Sherrill, NY v. Oneida Nation: “Under the ‘doctrine of discovery…’ fee title (ownership) to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign-first the discovering European nation and later the original states and the United States.”
  • Slavery: The horrible cruelty of slavery  was justified with the Biblical scriptures and practiced the most in the Bible Belt of the Americas.

There is no place in the New Testament where Jesus objects to the practice of slavery. St. Paul even admonishes slaves to serve their masters well—and to serve their Christian masters especially well:

Slaves, be obedient to those who are your earthly masters, with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as to Christ….

 “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”- Judge Leon M. Bazile, January 6, 1959
  • The Holocaust:  Anger against the Jews for the Jews did not want to convert to Christianity got 6 million Jews gassed to death. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement which  was the impetus for the Holocaust. (Google for “Nazi Vatican Photos”)
 footprint BW shoes
Shoes piled high at Stuffhof
hitleratchurch HitlerWithFan
  • Blood Libel.   OMG! What evil! In Christian Europe, false stories were planted  about Jews.. How Jews have to kill little Christian boys and use their blood to make Matzah balls for Jewish  Passover. In India today, a lighter version of the blood libel accusation on Hindus has started showing up. Recently a Church in N.Delhi was robbed (The  motive was robbery) but a blood libel accusation was made and documented by the Catholic Church as Christian persecution by the “evil Hindus”. In another incident a Nun was raped in Calcutta. The Catholic church put out an SOS ululating the Hindus are now reaping christian nuns.. The rape was allegedly commited by  Bangla Desh Muslims not Hindus.

Remember the war cry to persecute Jews.. “They killed Jesus”. The recent Blood libel against Hindus to persecute Hindus… “They killed St. Thomas”  Blood Libel accusation against Hindus. According to common Christian tradition, ‘doubting’ Thomas, a practicing Jew, was killed by jealous Hindu priests of Kali.?


  • Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt.: Even today, the most segregated time in America is Sunday Morning. The Bible belt is full of White Christian Caste Church and Black Christian Caste Church. When a black preacher preaches in a white church the white congregation over a period time,  abandon that church.
  • Rwanda ethnic Cleansing: The Belgian Christians made up a false history for the Rwandans.. Not unlike the India “Aryan Invasion Theory”  mythology dividing the Indians into Aryans and Dravidians, the Tutsi and Hutu were divided. The Belgian Christians basically doctored a theory that the Tutsi were closer to Europeans because of their long neck and lean angular features. And we all saw what happened there.  BTW In the Genocide of Rwanda, many Church clergy were arrested for their active participation in the Genocide.
 Even after over 300 years of living as Christians, Majority of the whites and Blacks do not fraternize and inter marry. There are more Inter caste marriages among Hindus today than black christian caste and white christian caste marrying.
I can go on with more cases…like the Dutch Church being the impetus for  the South African white Christian Supremacy and for the Lost Generation of Australian Aboriginals where the Church instigated kidnapping the children from Australian Aboriginal parents.  I have not even touched on South American history. But you get the point?
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Horrors in Congo:
Belgium by reading the Bible before the hanging of a 07-year-old child in the congo Because her father Has not Produced enough wheat

More Christian atrocities

IF Evangelical Christians go around saying that Hindus need to get away from Hinduism and convert to Christianity to become “moral”,  Would it not be more appropriate to  say we need to save the Christians and it’s the Christian who have to get away from their Jealous murdering god.
If the Hindus were perfect would the Christians leave them alone?  I don’t think so. Cause they don’t leave the Buddhists (who have no castes) alone either.
S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple


And It’s time Christians convert out of this Heathen religion of Christianity and become more like the egalitarian Dharmic folks of Asia by converting to  one Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism or at least to one of the few moral sects of Christianity called Quakers who consistently have stood on the side of Dharma/Righteousness) or Amish Christians, these two non evangelical sects of Christianity. That tells us something..Believing in Jesus or worshiping a different deity than Hinduism  does not make people immoral. What makes them immoral and cruel is the desire to convert and seek one world religion. The concept of a jealous god is the most vile doctrine devised by man.
If you think that it would be impossible to improve upon the Ten Commandments as a statement of morality, you really owe it to yourself to read some other scriptures. Once again, we need look no further than the Jains: Mahavira, the Jain patriarch, surpassed the morality of the Bible with a single sentence: “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” Imagine how different our world might be if the Bible contained this as its central precept. Christians have abused, oppressed, enslaved, insulted, tormented, tortured, and killed people in the name of God for centuries, on the basis of a theologically defensible reading of the Bible. It is impossible to behave this way by adhering to the principles of Jainism. How, then, can you argue that the Bible provides the clearest statement of morality the world has ever seen? –  Sam Harris in his “Letter to a Christian Nation”.
The ongoing scam of the various evangelicals and the Church is to go to foreign countries, study that society and find flaws, big and small and then prescribe Christianity as a cure for those social ills…  Like Christianity has any credibility. Pfffft! I mean..come on!  Look at the horror of Christianity  I have listed.. There is plenty more where that came from.  Please  note..If you are wondering why I have not  mentioned any good things done by Christians, Its because the Evangelicals and the various Church  do not talk about the good things of Hindus either. They simply urinate on Hindus at every opportunity they get to for the growth of  Christianity ! 
Why did so many Christians do so much evil?

Romans 5:8  (Get out of jail card)

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  1. (in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).
  2. Christianity. A religious doctrine based on Jesus the Scapegoat . Christians are not accountable for the evil as long as they believe in Jesus.. Jesus the scapegoat has already paid the price for all the evils Christians can do.


 Welcome to the website.  Get to know Christianity.. READ THE BIBLE.

This website is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.  For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes.  The so called God of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This  God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children.  I have included references to the Biblical passages, so grab your Bible and follow along.

NOTE:  A given religion’s right to be left alone by outsiders should be reciprocal and contingent upon its responsibility to leave outsiders alone. – Rajiv Malhotra! 


Top 11 Most Evil Christians! Religious Indoctrination & Christian Terrorism!


Show me where Upper castes murder Dalits so systematically? Are the majority of Dalits in Indian Prisons? Dalits were not tied, dragged and put into cargo ships…they were not enslaved …and they were not lynched like Africans were lynched…. and incarcerated today in prison and shot for minor infraction daily on the streets.

Why is Jesus a White man with blonde Hair and blue eyes in the Middle east? Why is it , that dark skinned people are asked to worship a white man? Especially the kind of people who lynched them and hung them and killed them?  The building of Uncle Toms and Gunga Dins? What a bunch of tools?

Most Hebrew Israelites believe that “The white men” or Europeans are descendants of Israel’s twin brother Esau, also known as Edom.(Genesis 25:25). They also believe that The Most High, at the end of days has a stern punishment reserved for Esau’s children for enslaving the Hebrew Israelites.

So why are Dark skinned Indian Evangelicals Christians carrying the cross for the  Esau who lynched and enslaved dark skinned Africans  rather than  bat for the Hebrew Israelites.

“This saintly anarchist, who aroused the people of the abyss, the outcasts and “sinners,” the Chandala of Judaism, to rise in revolt against the established order of things—and in language which, if the Gospels are to be credited, would get him sent to Siberia today—this man was certainly a political criminal, at least in so far as it was possible to be one in so absurdly unpolitical a community. This is what brought him to the cross: the proof thereof is to be found in the inscription that was put upon the cross. He died for his own sins—there is not the slightest ground for believing, no matter how often it is asserted, that he died for the sins of others.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

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 Religious Iconoclasm.

The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually with religious or political motives.)



Religious Apartheid – Modern Day Bigotry!

kurian joseph

Last Week when the PM of India hosted a conference for the serving Supreme Court Justices, that happened to fall on Good Friday. One particular christian Justice Kurian Joseph decided to protest the fact that he was asked to attended this on his religious holiday of Good Friday. He wanted to demonstrate the Tyranny of the Hindu PM Modiji.  This was the second such protest by christians of India.  During christmas last year, the Govt wanted to mark Dec 25th as “Good Governance Day”.  After all 98% of Indians are not christians. Why force the 98% of NON  christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus, instead why not do something useful that day. But that was not acceptable for the 2% christians in India who felt that they are being dissed by the Govt of India.  That got me thinking.. What about other countries around the world.. How do they handle religious Holidays of their minorities in their countries? How does the “United States of America” handle this? What about Europe? Australia? I did some research (Google naturally) and this is what I have found.

None of the christian majority countries in the world have a national holiday for non christianity..Not one. Not in the US, not in the UK, none of the European countries, Not Australia… Not even the  alleged liberal country of Canada.  No nationwide holiday for Eid, the most important holiday for the world second largest religion of Islam.    Not a single holiday for the third largest religion of Hinduism anywhere in the  christian majority country. No Holidays for Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsies.. Nada..None! Christianity is the only religion that is recognized nationwide in all these supposedly “Egalitarian” countries.

Then there are the country of Turkey, Israel and Japan with their own share of christian minorities but they do not have a holiday for Dec 25th (christmas).

Why is it that the christian majority countries do not recognize other religions of the world?  Should Indian christians demand that they get special treatment in India? Where is the reciprocity of respecting one another’s religion?

Isn’t it time non christians stand up and demand that they be respected? And these countries have a common decency  to accord basic respect for others religion as much as christians demand from others?

One of the popular term used in the west is “Tolerance”. Like in “We christians  merely tolerate others religion… A patronizing drivel. Rajiv Malhotra has repeated so many times, tolerance towards other non christians and non christinity is not good enough. Mutual Respect is required from Christians towards other faiths. You do not tolerate your friends and your family members, you respect them. Respect is contingent on mutual respect. Not one sided. If you are not willing to respect others religion, then christians have no business to expect anything from others.

So should Hindus in India merely tolerate christians or actually respect them? Whats the rule? Whats the norm?

Tolerance Isn’t Good Enough: The Need for Mutual Respect In Interfaith Relations – R. Malhotra


It is fashionable in interfaith discussions to advocate “tolerance” for other faiths. But we would find it patronizing, even downright insulting, to be “tolerated” at someone’s dinner table. No spouse would appreciate being told that his or her presence at home was being “tolerated.” No self-respecting worker accepts mere tolerance from colleagues. We tolerate those we consider inferior. In religious circles, tolerance, at best, is what the pious extend toward people they regard as heathens, idol worshippers or infidels. It is time we did away with tolerance and replaced it with “mutual respect.”

Religious tolerance was advocated in Europe after centuries of wars between opposing denominations of Christianity, each claiming to be “the one true church” and persecuting followers of “false religions.” Tolerance was a political “deal” arranged between enemies to quell the violence (a kind of cease-fire) without yielding any ground. Since it was not based on genuine respect for difference, it inevitably broke down.

My campaign against mere tolerance started in the late 1990s when I was invited to speak at a major interfaith initiative at Claremont Graduate University. Leaders of major faiths had gathered to propose a proclamation of “religious tolerance.” I argued that the word “tolerance” should be replaced with “mutual respect” in the resolution. The following day, Professor Karen Jo Torjesen, the organizer and head of religious studies at Claremont, told me I had caused a “sensation.” Not everyone present could easily accept such a radical idea, she said, but added that she herself was in agreement. Clearly, I had hit a raw nerve.

Lets face it, Religious supremacy not unlike Racial Supremacy has found a deep source from the bible belt of the US.

Holidays in United States in 2015

List of European festivals and holidays

Nationwide statutory holidays in Canada

Date English name French Name Remarks
January 1 New Year’s Day Jour de l’An Celebrates the first day of every year in the Gregorian calendar.
Friday beforeEaster Day Good Friday Vendredi saint Commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. In Quebec, non-federally regulated employers must give either Good Friday or Easter Monday as a statutory holiday, though some give both days.
July 1 (July 2 when July 1 is a Sunday) Canada Day Fête du Canada Celebrates Canada’s 1867 Confederation and establishment of dominion status.In Newfoundland and Labrador, observed as Memorial Day.
First Monday in September Labour Day Fête du travail Celebrates economic and social achievements of workers.
December 25 Christmas Day Noël Celebrates the Nativity of Jesus.






Why do Christians mock Scientology and Mormonism?

Yeah..whats up with these christians mocking and making fun of Scientology and the Mormon Church?  Its bizarre.

They use “reason” to explain why Scientology is a farce and how silly these Mormons are.  They ridicule the revelations of Joseph Smith.  They want every one to believe in the revelation of Jesus but not Joseph smith. As a third party unbiased witness, Why would I want to believe in one and not the other?

The vitriol in which the christians ridicule the Scientology and the Mormon church is very strange indeed.

The other day I saw these young men from the Mormon Church knock on my door.. I let them in and offered them water and we sat down to chat.,. I asked them how they were received in my neighborhood who are mostly  Southern Baptists.   They told me that Southern Baptists are the rudest folks..they slam the doors on these Mormon kids. Yeah thats right.. The evangelical christians don’t take kindly to evangelicals from other faiths.     I must confess, I have a soft corner for these Mormons..They have been persecuted by the evangelical Southern Bapitsts of America for a long time.. and you know what? These young men of the Mormon church openly proselytize..they don’t do this underground in stealth like Evangelical baptist  weasels. They put on this uniform and they even wear this name tag. Full disclosure. I can live with that.

It was an epiphany for me to realize, not all Christian denominations are the same. I have lived with the Lutherans and the Methodists and I know the Quakers are moral people…these Quakers are no different than the many Dharmic people of India.  Remember, it was the Quakers who have consistently lived a moral virtuous life..They have consistently  sided with righteousness.  They were the ones who fought against slavery..not the Southern Baptist evangelicals who fought tooth and nail FOR SLAVERY!  The Baptists used the Bible to justify and rationalize slavery. One important historical fact.. Not a single Founding father of the United States of America is a Baptist, let alone an Evangelical Baptist.  The Southern Baptists organization of the united states fought against the ratification of the American Constitution because the American founders refused to acknowledge Christianity and Jesus. Not a single word of Christianity nor Jesus is mentioned in either the declaration of independence nor on the American Constitution.

I usually ask my close African American friends of mine why they follow the Baptist denomination? The same group that enslaved them, that lynched them and worked so hard to keep the Jim Crowe laws in the US. Even today, the Bible belt, the home of the Southern Baptists and Pentecostal ministries are so segregated? There are the Black christian caste church and white christian caste church in the bible belt. Systematic segregation. Even after 350 years of living together and converting to christianity, Why white christian castes do not fraternize and marry black christian castes? I tell all my African American friends that they ought to quit christianity and convert to one of the Asian faiths. or at least to the Quaker christianity.

And they have the gall to criticize Scientology? WTF!

In America, I support the Scientology and the Mormons! At least these who are honest about their faiths!

Lets see how tolerant these christian evangelicals are to others evangelizing to them. ! HA HA HA!


And Finally Jesus vs Jesus! Total Lunacy! The BS we hear about “bringing the message of Jesus” to the unheard is such a farce. South America and Latin America is flooded with missionaries even though they are christians.  Cause there is a battle of flock stealing going on between Protestants and the Catholics.  It’s not about the message of Jesus at all.. It’s about predatory culture of christianity. It’s the establishment of religious supremacy not unlike racial supremacy.


We are all not born sinners…we are all born Divine! That’s the real good news people! 


The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying religiousicons and other symbols or monuments, usually with religious or political motives.)