Religious Iconoclasm!

(iconoclasm (countable and uncountable, pluraliconoclasms

The belief in, participation in, or sanction of destroying religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually with religious or political motives.)

Throughout history, Religious iconoclasm of destroying, usurping others religious iconography for the purpose of conversion and waging a religious war were committed by both Christianity and Islam (e.g. Hagia Sophia  in Istanbul, The Cordoba church in Spain, many temples including but not limited to Ayodia in India) .  But one would have thought that it was all part of history we read about in school and  today we all have matured and live in a  pluralistic and tolerant world with social norms of  decency.  Interestingly Muslims of the world with the exception of the Taliban’s destruction of the Bahamian Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, for the most part have given up on this vile practice,  particularly in India,. However, Christian evangelicals  still continue on this path through out this world and it has taken on a rabid and rapid pace in India. (Recent event in Malaysia where evangelicals hijacked the word “Allah” for the Christian god while emphatically stating the exclusivity of the Christian god which is supposedly superior  to all other “false gods” )

I am afraid this is not going to lead to some happy place.   This is going to rile up a lot of people and its eventually going to lead to religious riots. But I believe the evangelicals have  already taken  into account the potential riots and its cannon fodder casualties  into their calculus.. The Gora evangelicals could care less if two brown people kill one another..for these hateful blokes, it’s a net profit for Christianity. Every time  an innocent brown Christian dies in a riot, it’s a martyr for these “gora” Christians to use that to raise more money for funding more  religious wars in Africa, India and other third world countries.

Bottom line is they  still see these events as a net gain for the spread of Christianity.  We need a constitutional amendment to prevent evangelicals to do their deadly deeds


Besant Nagar, Chennai.










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As foretold “Ganeshji for Adoption” was only the beginning… 



The Saffron brigade?




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Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s patriotism and his message of patriotism to be the down trodden in India is very clear Conversion to non-Indic religions is undesirable and will be detrimental to the integrity of this nation and this country. The truth of this is borneout by facts – those areas where the majority Indian population has converted to the non- Indic religion, Islam had seceded from India( Pakistan and Bangladesh). In the north-east of India, most people were converted by missionaries to Christianity and therefore, they are also engaged in secessionist movements and insurgencies.

Christian Missionaries approached him to convert himself and his dalits to Christianity. They promised huge financial and other inducements . The Muslims also pleaded with him for conversion to Islam. In fact, the Nizam of Hyderabad offered him Rs. 75 mln if he and his flock converted to Islam.Dr. B.R.Ambedkar spurned the offers of Christins and Muslims . He said: if one converts to Christianity he ceases to be an Indian. The brotherhood in Islam is confined to the Believers; that is, only to Muslims. It cannot promote universal brother-hood. I will not convert to either of these religions . I will convert to one of the religions that are born here, in this country India. Of all the various Indic religions, Sanatan Dharma, Arya Samaj, Vaishnavism. Savaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Veerasevism, etc. Buddhism appeals to me most . It is all humanity embracing . It has no castes. I will therefore convert to Buddhism and advise all my Dalit brothers to convert to Buddhism and avoid conversion non-Indic religion.

This is not unique to India. This is also happening in other far east countries against Buddhists and other minority faiths of this world.

S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

WHY WOULD GOOD PEOPLE DO SUCH EVIL? They would if they were influenced by eviI!

God of Christianity exposed as evil

Biblical Evidence Proving That God is Evil (Part 1)

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Pope Gregory the Great instructed Abbot Mellitus that:

“I have come to the conclusion that the temples of the idols in England should not on any account be destroyed. Augustine must smash the idols, but the temples themselves should be sprinkled with holy water, and altars set up in them in which relics are to be enclosed. For we ought to take advantage of well-built temples by purifying them from devil-worship and dedicating them to the service of the true God.”

Christians Mimic Islamists in Attacks on Nigerian Culture


The Christian Caste System.


List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples

Keeping Judaism Jewish


Today I discovered that at least one and most likely two very nice young couples are in reality, the worst kind of Jew scammers.

A few weeks ago, during the Kiddush after Shabbos services, I met two couples that are so young, I was surprised they were married.  They were dressed as Orthodox Jews right down to the tzitzit on the men (although the women’s heads were uncovered) but there was something, “off” about them. During our conversation I discovered that they were Christians that were looking to connect with and eventually convert to Judaism. I asked them if along their path they had ever been involved with any messianic “Jewish” organizations such as, Hope of Israel. They said no but they had been members of Bella Torah. I must have looked askance because they quickly disavowed the group. They said that they discovered it was phony Judaism and that was why they were here.

The following Tuesday I was at the JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) at Chabad and one of the couples was there as well. We spoke again and they were such a nice young couple that I let my guard down.

During Kiddush a week ago, my husband overheard the men making irreverent comments about what one of the Rabbis was saying. He later told me that he got a bad vibe from them, even thinking that they might be Jew Scammers.

It was the last JLI class last night and the placards with our full names on them were clearly visible. I copied down the names of the one couple that was there. The next morning I started my investigation. Sadly, I quickly found out that they were still active members of Bella Torah. I have written about Bella Torah and their connection to First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ). FFOZ is a Torah centric, educational clearing house for groups of messianic “Jews”. They teach them to do everything they can to be more like the Jews. It is a slightly different form of Messianic  “Judaism” as they tell the Jews they do not want to convert them, just study Torah together. This Torah however is not our Torah. They  then take their time bringing in the Jesus centered conversations.

Once I had gathered all my evidence, I called Chabad and spoke to one of the Rabbis. He asked me to send the information to him which I did. It was a very sad moment for me and for the Rabbi as well. He told me that Joseph Squiccharini had assured him that they had no intentions of trying to convert any Jews.

The first thing Joseph told me when I was introduced to him was that he was Jewish. When I commented that his name was very Italian sounding and asked if he might be Sephardic, he quickly backpedaled and said that his whole family was studying to become Jewish. When I met his wife moments later and asked how she was doing in conversion classes, she looked at me as if I had two heads. She emphatically stated that she, Joseph and her children were all Christian and had no intention of ever becoming Jewish. Joseph heard me talking to her and after giving his wife one of those “looks” said that they hadn’t started conversion classes yet but were hoping to in the near future. Rule one; like Doctor Who, Joseph lies. In fact, they all lie, all these Christians who devote their lives to make themselves seem Jewish to lure Jews into becoming Christian.

As I write this post I can feel my sadness turning to anger. How could I have allowed myself to be duped by these people? Every other time I have met one of these Jew Scammers the hairs on the back of my neck have literally stood up. Not this time. I was fooled by the obvious warmth of these four young people and ignored my own early suspicions. That will never happen again.

Here is my biggest fear; if I can be fooled, even for a short time, how many others will be as well. The evangelical Christians are spending millions, possibly billions of dollars to do one thing; get Jews to accept Jesus as their savior.They are fanatics and they will not be stopped. The only answer is to keep educating Jews, not only about the multitudes of Jew Scammers out there but about their own religion. Judaism is full of beauty and spirituality. It is there for you to learn. Judaism is our beautiful heritage and why any Jew would look for that light elsewhere is a question for which I have no answer.

The political ideology of Christianity to Dominate others.


Title: The Antichrist

Author: Frederick. W. Nietzsche (Online book that talks precisely about the reasoning behind this behavior. This is a book that is available online for free. If you want to understand the nature of this business, its worth a read)


“hate the sin and not the sinner” – St. Augustine.

A cautionary note.  I would say, Majority  of the Christians of this world are wonderful, generous and kind.  In today’s world you do not see these kinds of things from the vast majority of Christians, either in the west nor in India. But the small activist minority  of Christians with the financial backing of some powerful evangelical organizations of the world are involved in this unkind behavior with the fervor and zeal of the new convert.

Dr. Koenraad Elst speaks about the Ayodhya verdict

For a while now I was trying to understand the whole Ayodhya issue.  And here in six short 10 minute clips, Dr. Koenraad Else explains it succinctly.  It’s very clear, left to  Indian Muslims and Indian Hindus, they could resolve most of the issues amicably. But the real villains in all this are the far left JNU types who use the Trojan horse of “secularism” to create religious tensions in India.

The enemy  in India re not the religious Muslims nor the religious Hindus..but the Marxist leftists self titled “Intellectuals” of India.

“And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

King Richard III (I, iii, 336-338)

Part 1/6 (10 min)

Part 2/6 (10 min)

Part 3/6 (10 min)

Part 4/6 (10 min)

Part 5/6 (10 min)

Part 6/6 (10 min)

List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples

Teaching of The Holocaust history should be mandatory in Indian schools.

I would wager, 90% of Indians do not have a clue about the Holocaust  however, they may be familiar with the word “Hitler”. Hitler is often associated with a disciplinarian and in a country that is closer to an anarchy, this is sometimes perceived as a positive role model.   “Hitler” is not known  for what he really antisemitic mass murderer but rather as an abstract notion of a strong leader.  I studied at a good Catholic school and yet, I was clueless about the Holocaust until I was close to 18 years old.  The first inkling of a people called “Jews” was during the reading of Shakespeare’s “The merchant of Venice”. The Shylock the Jew with a cartoon caricature of an evil man in black clothes with a crooked nose. Must be some small strange group in some strange part of the world I thought.   I slowly started learning about the Jews after I saw the movie “The Odessa File” ..but still I was no closer to finding out about the 6 million deaths of the Jews until much later in life after I left India. It was much later that I learned that there are Jews in India and India was one of the few places where Jews lived and were not persecuted.

What is the reason for such ignorance about the most horrific event in this world.  The Marxist influenced leaders of India want it that way. These Marxist influenced leadership, primarily the congress Party that has had a near total monopoly of power in India and the leftist “intellectuals” of India are sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause  and do not want Indians to have any sympathetic view towards Israel or Jews.  It’s understandable that India during the 40s was not favorable towards a country based on religion (Israel for Jews) since it opposed the idea of Pakistan as a country for Muslims. So the leadership of India was willing to throw Israel under the bus and voted against the formation of Israel in the UN. Please note, Turkey a modern secular Muslim country voted in favor of Israel in the UN.. But keeping the Indians ignorant of what happened to the Jews is unpardonable and this needs to be corrected.

There is a systematic history whitewashing going on in the west about the context for the Holocaust,  The Nazies and Hitler is often portrayed as Occult or some “Aryan” (Hinduism) influence with the Swastika symbol and what not (A recent program in “The History channel”). Associating the Nazies to Hinduism is often exciting for the Anti Hindu “secularists” of India.   The influence of Martin Luther and his antisemtic rhetoric has often been ignored in the west along with MArtin Luther being the impetus for Holocaust and the culture of antisemitism in Europe.

The Holocaust remains as a single most horrific historic epoch in recent times.. Holocaust denial, which its propagandists misrepresent as “historical revisionism,” has become one of the most important vehicles for contemporary anti-Semitism. It is the invention of a collection of long-time anti-Semites and apologists for Hitler. And India has its own version of this. And this needs to be mitigated in Indian schools ASAP with the formal teaching of this historical  epoch.

Martin Luther’s dirty little book:On the Jews and their liesA precursor to Nazism


Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust –  Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

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